Fortnite BOX FORT Vs DEADPOOL! Breaking Into DeadPools Vault – Nerf Battle IRL

time to get eliminated to trouble again
or temple in a team suddenly a team we need now all right filter Logan oh not again you need to
get here or night could be doomed all right I’ll be right there all right
listen up ladies and gentlemen as the general for tonight I have called you
here today on your receivers because fortnight is in a serious picture ain’t
talking about the sweet-savory times you put on your hamburgers I’m talking about
the serious kind now we have reason to believe that fortnight has been
infiltrated by a man known as Deadpool picture here now Deadpool has created a
balton within that vault he is holding what our scientists have confirmed to be
the single handedly most deadly weapon we have ever seen sir I don’t mean to be
rude but why is your face gold currently I’m trying something new I’m going for a
gold look I’ve dipped my face and solid gold that’s why I can’t move her smile
we were I thought we were the ones to say four name what do you have all these
guys here I mean who was this guy it’s literally a cat that is cat man he is
very good at what he does being a cat what about him
that is mr. blob he is a smartest of our Academy and a leader in protecting
fortnight and you’re gonna tell me that this is someone who’s gonna stay for
tonight it’s literally a tree if you’re
referring to plant man he has more stars of accommodations than this whole room
put together now listen here our objective is simple I need you to
infiltrate Deadpool’s hideout get the vault access card and get inside his
boat in there you will then use this package there deliverable ordnance data
of Jack doot-doot-doot for sure now you will put
this in the vault and press the button in which case you will have 50 seconds
to get out of there it will destroy the weapon and save for now no beat posse
will not be going on this mission your objective is to sweep those floors and
make us hamburgers now Papa Jake and Logan we have some new tech for you for
now headquarters have invented two new items Jake you will be receiving this it
is an advanced pornographer system with the ability to completely clone yourself
there you go wool fancy now Logan for you the boys in the lab have been
working extra hard on this one you will be receiving a cardboard box we he gets
a cloning device and I get a box now this box wants to put on the ground with
a large you can hide in it you can put stuff in it
heck you can even recycle it it’s completely recyclable now for us
you can’t family on this one Deadpool it’s sneaky you need to take them down
well it’s all the format is going down with it all right well Logan looks like we got a
gear up and drop we got a safe for tonight
oh we’re back you for tonight oh dude this place has changed a lot all right
we got to say on objective guys our objective is to get into Deadpool’s
layer behind his vault and destroy whatever’s in there honestly I thought
Deadpool was a good guy but apparently not so we’re gonna have to take him down
but first things first Jake we need some materials first thing you always do when
you drop in for a night is gather as much materials as possible good thing we
got a lot of trees around here Jake was tree man he literally just came with us
we are literally in the same room as him and we literally got on the battle bus
with him any other tree oh man now we got tree man’s wood little worried yes
so much wood on him are you able the only respectful thing to do Logan is to
use this wood wisely all right we got to make nice buildings out of that wood
that was premium I was like mahogany stop talking about tree man like that
Logan right tree man’s gone okay is eliminated in the field the battle that
happens well there was because I pickaxe them for what or he got taken down by
the enemy but we still need to stay calm look sugar not bad all right let’s
gather some weapons and resources the map the general gave us chose the
Deadpool’s base is not too far from here but our main objective is to get to that
bolt all right well come on let’s go get your
resources to your weapons we gotta move dick I actually don’t need any resources
because every life equals one piece of wood you can’t get all the wood from the
likes you are you’re fine fine I know I already got 400 wood from that good luck
getting 400 wood from likes see how much wood Logan gets okay all right let’s load them up pistol
not bad all right should we check the space out yes shoot around everyone’s
gonna know where we are in the game right off the bat guys looks like our
luck in for Knight is looking up namo chess Jake nice shotgun ammo an RPG ammo we got a porta for it all right well
that could definitely come in handy when we’re infiltrating Deadpool’s base but
now that we got the gold scar we got some amo I think it’s time we make our
way over there follow me we got a guy in the tower
he’s got shotgun sit down sit down
hold on your buildings a wall Oh looks like we broke down your little
bass buddy let’s try getting eliminated how’s the close one all right we need to
keep moving so we can get into Deadpool’s bass yeah it doesn’t make it
easy that there’s so many players on this game should just be over there
right I got this trying to eat yourself in the face with
your gun fine I saw you’re driving a spinal meet on spine now you’re on the
ground all right well Logan’s plan didn’t work
so I said we’d go the old-fashioned way done uh well head in their scars blazing
all right come on we need to head out now let’s go more spices you got we’re
just we’re just the friendly players let’s go put playing fortnight what
faction faction right we are I didn’t say anything about factions
change your party Deadpool’s faction or no you know what imma be completely
honest with you in the main menu and they made it very difficult to
understand factions I tried my best but the main menu just made it extremely get
fired and do something right trying to bend and move it up this is the part where we shake it out
shake him down that’s the shake him down it tells you
all the information about Deadpool’s base no you gotta shake him down it’s an info card it tells us where
everything is in Ted pools hideout looks like it should be updating okay wait it
looks like we got multiple guards on the entrance it looks like there’s a back
entrance we can use some sort of ventilation shaft but never also got
visual on the vault wait a second this says the Deadpool is coming right Logan
watch out wow wow wow look who the cat dragged in
looks like you two up and trying to get my key card well now it’s time for you
to be eliminated oh no no no no hold on stay right there Deadpool let’s try this
on I’m out of ammo time to get eliminated it’s all right
I’ll do this the old-fashioned way let’s go Deadpool wait a second I got an idea my box I
don’t know exactly what it does but but they said it’s the latest Tekken for
tonight looks like we’re in the box maybe I can use this to sneak around
Deadpool and get him from the back well it looks like it’s time for you to
be eliminated say goodbye Papa Jake that’s definitely
why they gave it to you all right look that pool vault like any other character
unlike any other character he can respawn himself we gotta get the key
card off of him fast like this perfect okay now we just need to get inside his
base and find the vault shouldn’t be too hard come on Jake you said there was a
vent yeah so this is Deadpool’s compound but there’s no way we’re getting through
the front door especially not with authentication you need to go through
the vet come on follow me all right smoothly like a spy it’s not
the best way to get in it’s not the prettiest way to get in arguably there’s
probably much better way to get in but this is the way we’re going okay looks
like there’s cobwebs and some mold it doesn’t smell too good I guess I’ll go
first then oh I got it in my mouth see what guns are trapped in this thing
ah okay well the schematics show that it should just be through here are you
coming okay I can’t see with all these cobwebs wait it’s working so pretty the door
Oh looks like we found our way in and it’s locked
great well we came this far Logan you know we really gave it a good try and it
looks like we’re gonna have to head out there’s a nice care here oh no no no
okay so we’re not going that way this could be another way I mean they
wouldn’t just have a pastors leaving at nothing until they enter here Cranky’s
my pickaxe to gets through here I’m not liking this place Jake
now get through that massive spiderweb wall and open that door spider webs
already just open it I am gonna go through this door nice shot
score death we’ll really knows that slouching stay on task we have a mission
right okay well I got a scar you’ve got your thing
let’s figure out how to get to the vault okay wait behind you the door it’s
locked I might be able to bypass it this should
be the security panel box pull the safety pins ah okay now I need to open
the store without setting off an alarm or electrocuting myself should be easy
enough now Logan the trick to this is extreme patience plus ten years of
electrical wiring knowledge I’m gonna pull not good
doors open will ship you me into the next room perfect a gold scarf and a can
of slut oh dude he’s helping my blue anyways all right now this is for me the
mission we’re almost there putting my mouth why is this man I’m gonna get low
and stick you’ve done something what oh no no no that’s poison gas quickly that
way that way go go go go go close the door Jake it’s the vault we actually did
it we actually made it where’s the key card all right should
just activate it here ah perfect it’s opening sit this what he’s talking about the
weapon that could destroy it all for tonight no no no don’t look at the
weapon Logan just looking at it could be too much for you to handle we’re gonna
place the bomb the general gave us and get out of here he says we have 60
seconds to get out this isn’t a bomb what is it this is some sort of copying
device a transmitter I’m not trying to blow up the weapon they’re trying to
transmit it back to base so they can use it mr. cat nice to see you
looks like the cops out of the dog on this one I was told by the general to
follow you case you two got into some trouble you know that they’re not trying
to pull this up you can’t serious you’re evil you’re bill Murphy’s absolutely

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