Fortnite Hide & Seek Nerf Battle Royale! | SuperHeroKids

– Fortnite Battle Royale! – Take this, Noah! (Yelling) – [Noah] I got you! I got you. I got you. – Hey Super Hero Kids, we’re right now in the middle of the most epic
Fortnite Battle Royale ever! – I’m gonna build the best fort ever Noah, you can’t because you– (Laughing) – The point of the game is
to build the biggest box fort and then try to win the battle royale. (vocalizing) – [Eden] Hey! (Laughing) – But we all know who’s really
going to win this battle. – Haha gotcha, Hope. – Wait! What happened? – I got Hope. She’s outta the game. (Shocking gasp) – Foul! – [Both] What! – Yes, foul. No shooting your opponents
while they’re filming. – You just made that up. – Nuh uh. It’s rule number two. (Groaning) (boxes falling) (Laughing) – Foul! Rule nine! – Oh! Oh! – Foul! Rule four. – Haha. – Foul! Rule three. (Sighing) – Foul! – Ughh – Foul! Foul baby! (Grunting) Foul! Rule 349. – The rules only go up to 50. – Hope, you’re ruining the game. We can’t even have fun. – Yeah! – Well, rules are rules. It’s not my fault. Restart. Oops, excuse me. Sorry. (Laughing) – Eden, we have to do something. Hope’s too bossy and annoying. – I know, but I don’t wanna quit Fortnite. I’m having so much fun. – Yeah, we gotta find a
way to get rid of Hope. _ I have the perfect idea. Hope! – Are you guys ready for round two? – Well, actually I had an
idea to make it more exciting. Instead of just playing Fornite, we’ll play Fortnite hide-and-seek. Yeah? – Ohhhh. I don’t get it. – Whoa! That sounds like a lot of fun! – She goes and hides, while
we play regular Fortnite. – Oh, okay. – [Hope] Perfect! I’m gonna go hide, count
to twenty and come find me. Don’t count too fast. (excited yelling) – [Both] Yes! – I still don’t know why you’re excited. (sighing) (evil laughing) – My siblings have no idea what
they got themselves into. (evil laughing) They think they’re just
playing hide-and-go-seek, but they have no chance of winning because of my secret weapon. (evil laughing) My power ring! If they find me, I can
just turn invisible. (ring activates) Unless, they’re trying to trick me, and they’re playing Fortnite
just by themselves without me. Nah, they wouldn’t do that. (upbeat music) – Run! – Woooo! – [Noah] Gotcha! – Good game, Noah. This is so much fun. – Oh yeah! – I wonder what Hope’s doing. – Hmmm? (Snoring) – Fortnite! – [Noah] Do you think
we should go find her? – Yeah, but first let’s
play one more game. Then we’ll go find her. Deal? – Deal. (Laughing) (Chips crunching) – Whoa! No, no, wait. They, they wouldn’t do that. Oh my gosh! Darn it! Lost. Watch out, watch out! – Yoop and zoop. Wait, I haven’t seen Eden or
Noah in a really long time. What if they’re tricking me! Nah, they would never do that. One more game! (upbeat music) – I’m gonna get you Eden! – Okay Super Hero Kids, this time I really out did myself. My brother and sister don’t
have what it takes to find me. That means I’m the winner! Now it’s time to go find them
and rub it in their face. Noah! Eden! Noah and Eden, I won hide-and-seek. (Arguing) They tricked me. All bets are off. – [Noah] Building time! – Yeah! (booming) – Eden! Look it’s so tall. Eden? (booming) (dramatic music) – Get your blasters ready! – You two tricked me! – Take cover! (Yelling) – We give up Hope. We just wanted to play Fortnite, but you had so many rules it wasn’t fun. – Yeah, Hope. You were being pretty annoying. – Yeah, I guess so. I’m sorry guys. – Truce. I’m sorry for tricking you, Hope. – And what about you, Noah. – Yeah, me too. But that attempt was
pretty awesome, though. – Hmm, yeah it was though, wasn’t it. – How about we play seize the fort. – That sounds awesome! – Yeah! – Wait, no tricks? – No rules? – Deal. – Now let’s go play! – Let’s go! – [All] Yeah! – Make sure to check out our SHK store for awesome hats like this! – We have a bunch of cool stuff
on there like power rings, and T-shirts. – Make sure to hit that subscribe button and click right here to watch more of our awesome adventures. – We’ll see you there! – [All] Yee haw! (upbeat music) (laughing) (upbeat music)

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