we are back in today as you can see we
use the nerf guns because Logan what are we doing on this magical day oh that’s a
big nerf goes today it is a little different because do not do that go hide
in this dark corner here scared me over there it is nerve hiding go seek but
there is a twist it is the nerf hide-and-go-seek
fortnight edition that’s right guys we’re doing nerve hide-and-go-seek but
it is the 4/9 edition we are using four night items from our fort night series
as well as four night weapons such as this the pistol look look look look what
this is that’s not that’s not for playing basketball look that’s an
impulse grenade that is very dangerous Logan stop playing with that if that
goes off you will literally fly across the room but guys of course if you are
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button as well as tap that Bell button if you don’t tap the Bell buttons right
it’s right down there you guys will not get notified of our brand new videos and
trust me you guys don’t want to miss out on these videos cuz we’re having a bunch
of fun Papaji channel because we’re kicking it
off today with our magnetic hide-and-go-seek nerve challenge for
tonight’s edition and if you guys never seen this before I’ll explain how it
works it’s fairly simple I’m sure all of you guys to play able to see but maybe
not with a nerve twist to it we have our awesome nerve Arsenal now every single
one of these Nerf blasters has been picked out to mimic 11 from before night
for example this is the burst rifle got nice and long-range accuracy or perhaps
you might answer yourself for the golden star and how do you think is this blue
with this the first thing we have your golden scar anything is our best nerf
gun that we own and the gold star is probably the best weapon in the game
we’ve got other weapons such as the SMG which is one of my personal favors I
think small highly under use and all these shotgun shotgun
it’ll be very tactical for our nerf hide-and-go-seek not the way that this
works guys is we each take turns one person being the seeker and one person
being the hider now the seeker gets to choose his nerve
blaster and is the twist one four nine items so for example we’ll get into all
the items later when we start picking them but you might choose the porter
court now the porter fort is a great item because if you carry this with you
you toss it on the ground and wilbear you’ve got yourself a port afford to
hide in against the seeker and now the secret is to choose any gun that he
wants that is left over from the hider and if you tired into one minute to go
ahead and hide and set itself up now the other catch of this guy’s is if
the hider is able to tag the secret before the secret tags him then they can
win so this is a near-normal hide-and-seek be higher can actually win
the game but that’s before we jump into this awesome video I want to let you
guys know that tomorrow we are launching our music video it is gonna be a hard
summer music video and we’re gonna be dropping in at 11 a.m. tomorrow morning
nuts that’s awesome Eastern time with you
guys or anywhere else trust me you guys you do not want to
miss it but we need to pick who is gonna be going first which means which means
oh it’s time for a game of rock-paper-scissors and you guys know no
one is ever beaten Papa Jake at rock-paper-scissors should I beat you
all the time ever been done before I’m the rocket booster all right champ let’s
do it rock paper scissors rock paper scissors
guys I told you all right Papa G is the number one of best rock paper scissors
player in the world in fact you have to play well all right let’s do this with
all of you and I want you guys to be honest in the comments if I beat you or
if I won against you ready rock paper scissors oh all right let me
know let me know the comments of I beat you or if you beat me I might’ve beaten
everyone I’m just I’m just saying I’m me on the radio champion the odds of you
beating everyone is very unlike you when you’re the pro of rock paper scissors
you’d be that one but all right I think it’s time to start this off which means
I’m gonna be hiding first but I think it’s time for you to go hide in the
Seekers quarters while I choose my gear for the first round of hide and go seek
for tactician okay guys so Logan is heading into the
room where he has to wait for two minutes okay okay two minutes and now I
have to go downstairs in hi but for this round we got to pick our inventory items
now guys remember I can only use these items once after this one I got a really
cool idea I want to catch Logan off guard so the fortnight pickaxe which
will allow us to build and we’re going big on this one guys we are taking the
minigun check this out I gotta load this up with ammo and I’m gonna use the four
net pickaxe to build us a little bunker and we’re gonna use that to surprise
Logan right so one thing I didn’t really realize is this thing is massive
extremely hard to move around I was a pic the second biggest four nine items
so the pickaxe a little bit big for us now guys remember I have to mine wood
with this if I’m gonna be able to build a structure that’s part of the rules so
let’s see if we can find some all right there should be some wood in here let’s
check it out oh there we go perfect we got some wood
over here alright guys gonna – some woods we can make our base scrap
the minigun and get over here where we’re gonna build their base they can
right here for our base we’ve only got a little bit of time left but if you use
the what we have to make a little structure here
once the looking comes down I’m thinking he’s gonna be going that way and catch
him off guard all right I’ve waited for over two
minutes now he should be ready to go I think I’m gonna have to go with my
favorite the scar we get inside our little base now I don’t have a lot of
resources so I couldn’t make it super big but it’s enough to hide us and get
us back in here while Logan runs downstairs and I know what you probably
think of Papaji disease camping well I am inside a box for tent and I am
sitting here with my nerves blaster so yes it is a little bit camping that’s
not the point guys we gotta win this challenge
she’s now we just gotta wait for Logan to come down ready or not here I come so
Jake’s right down there I don’t know if he realizes how easy it is for me to see
him but I’m gonna do a little sneak attack oh it was hit did you get hit it was
like the most obvious place you could go at the end of the stairs really I guess
yeah it does look kind of obvious i think i dominated that alright though
you won the first round but guys that does not mean this game is over okay I
gotta go back upstairs because this time I’m the seeker and I
have a chance to still win this game alright guys it’s my time to hide and my
turn to choose my four night items so I think for this round I’m gonna go with
the tack shotgun and some awesome looking slurp juice guys check out how
awesome this slurp juices so the rule with this is if you take the slurp juice
jakey’s gonna have to get me twice in order to win all right guys let’s go and
hide I think for this one I’m gonna hide in this massive box for it alright guys
I’m gonna take the slip juice now it’s gonna take Jake two shots to get me out
let’s do this for this round it looks like it’s gonna be super close quarters
alright guys so it looks like Logan’s going to hide and I’ve gotta give him a
few minutes to get down there and actually find this position I mean I can
give them as much time as he wants it’s not gonna win this challenge
one minute 59 seconds two minutes it’s not enough time to go ahead and hide
it’s time for us to go seeking alright so I think for this round
I want to go lightweight I don’t want to bring too much equipment but there is
one thing I do want to break check this out guys this is the brand new stink
bomb if you guys haven’t tried the new for net update this is in it and this is
gonna be extremely important to use against Logan if I throw this anywhere
in the vicinity where he’s hiding he’s instantly gonna have to come out because
the smell is so bad all right next up for my blaster I think I’m gonna go for
the burst assault rifle this is probably gonna be the best for taking Logan out
because not only is this super lightweight but it’s
also very accurate all right now that we got our gear let’s go downstairs and
start searching for okay so I can hear Jake you coming downstairs but I set up
this little barrier here I think it’s gonna give us some nice cover Logan I’m
coming could you be yeah maybe you’re it here are you in yep
Logan I know where you are there’s no sense in hiding and where you’re hiding
because I know where you are cuz I think I get two shots to get me oh-hoh use the
searches oh no no he’s got two shots all right I already got one on which piece
he’s got one leg hey Logan do you like rotten eggs oh no the state bulb actually could not
find jobs look at all of them no II went in this scary rules quarters it is 1:1
now which means we need to go to the final round and see who is the victor we
need to get ready and grab her fear so for this run I’m thinking we take the
gold scar check it out guys this is the final round if we win this thing we need
to take out all the stops that we can use which also means I think it’s time
to break out the Porta for I think we’re gonna use this to hide him but maybe if
it’s a later on the round I mean if I just put up a paw report
and soon he’s gonna know we’re in there so maybe we draw him out get him
distracted and then we set up a port for defensive measures but you take him out
but let’s go downstairs and start hiding I don’t want to go back in there because
he’s definitely gonna think we’re in there so behind here there’s this entire
open area and not only this is a great place to hide but it also gives us an
advantage at firing at him as it comes down here peek up over here see when
he’s coming he walks by us we just duck down here and then if he goes in that
room we can take him out or if he goes over there we can think him out perfect
spot alright guys two minutes has passed and it is time to go and choose our nerf
guns Oh Jake where are you buddy that is how we use the port for make a
run for upstairs behind there yes I’m sort of a more happy few bullets
left I think this is how many major defensive stand in the porter fortune a booty bomb
Oh guys this is awesome kind of got distracted by the Lambo but I think Jake
ran upstairs all right guys it’s now or never
we’ve kind of used the porter for now got a little bit of ammo left
well guys it’s a good thing we had this extra ammo clip now we’re ready to go
and we got ourselves a boogie bo here upstairs oh you better not come up your
super suppress guys I think we’re gonna have to rework our strategy you on this one fans man with a bookie
bomb take let’s see your best for tonight dance
it looks like Logan won this challenge but guys if you think we should do
another nerve hide-and-seek challenge video like this if you guys enjoyed this
smack that like button down below let’s try crush yeah thousand likes on this
video will of course and do another one for you guys do not forget tomorrow we
are dropping our music video and if you have to be brand new to the Papa Jake
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