Frankie MacKay – Magicians Cricket Captain

to be out there as a player I probably
never thought I’d get to play domestic games on TV so that’s special in itself
and then to have the opportunity to kind of share your views in the comm box as
well like it really is kind of dream comes true stuff you your honesty I sit
back and just like man this is this is life now this is pretty cool to be a
part of and just looking at our young players and particular and thinking are
these these girls that are 15 16 and our squad that come through the training and
you just think it’s gonna be your life for the next ten years you’re going to
have all of us afforded to you their games and you’re going to keep growing
and growing the money’s gonna only going to come into it and into that as well so
it’s kind of I guess a shame on one hand being the old girl and thinking I
probably not going to get to reap the benefits for too many more years but at
the same time it’s nice to see both sides of it and really appreciate I
guess what’s happening for the game

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