Franklin – Franklin’s Father / Franklin Plays Hockey – Ep. 44

♪ ♪ Hey it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming over to play ♪ ♪ Growing a little ♪ ♪ Every day ♪ ♪ Here he comes with all his friends ♪ ♪ They’ve got stories got time to spend with you ♪ ♪ Hey it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming to your house ♪ ♪ Hey it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming to my house ♪ ♪ Hey it’s Franklin ♪>>NARRATOR: Franklin’s father. Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could walk across a log without falling. And he could make lemonade without spills. But one day, Franklin learned that little mishaps happen to everyone.>>DAD: I spy with my little eye, something that is… round.>>Uh… that doorknob?>>Nope, that’s not it!>>Uh… the wheel on that cart over there?>>Nice try, but wrong again. One more guess!>>Better be a good one… Hmm… the clock?>>That’s it!>>Yes, six in a row! Do you wanna play again?>>You know what, Franklin? I think I’ll take a little break.>>Oh, okay. Do you think mom’s train will be here soon?>>Well, it’s going to be a little late, according to the station master. (Sighing) ♪ (Ripping)>>When you’re a spy, there’s nothing more important than a good disguise! I have to be on the lookout for enemy agents. Ah-ha! There he is, and he’s got the secret plans with him, too! I’m going to follow every move he makes– (Screaming) (Gasping) Oops… I tripped. Sorry, dad.>>It happens to everyone. Even spies! ♪ (Banging)>>Uh-oh. Uh-oh, dad… I don’t think this happens to everyone! (Laughing)>>Only if they throw things indoors! (Grunting) Got it!>>Thanks, dad. You can relax. I’ll just sit here and think until mom’s train comes.>>Well, that sounds safe. What are you going to think about?>>Um… that I’m thirsty?>>All right, let’s see if I have enough change here for a Fruit Fizzy!>>Thanks, dad. (Gasping) On, no! Sorry, dad.>>That’s all right. This happens to everyone, too. I think you’d better get your drink before something else happens!>>Good idea. Oops! I got it!>>Hold it, Franklin, you should wait a minute– (Screaming) Put your hand over it! I doubt that the train station has ever had this much excitement in one day! Franklin? (Sighing)>>Everything keeps going wrong!>>It’s all right, Franklin. These things…>>ALL: …happen to everyone!>>I know, but they mostly happen to me. (Door chime ringing) (Sighing) (Laughing)>>Hey, look who’s here!>>Hi, Mr. Mole! Mr. Mole!>>Well, hello there! I’m just off to visit relatives! I wasn’t expecting to see my friends on the way.>>Oh, I’m sorry, my hands are sticky, we had a little encounter with some Fruit Fizzy!>>It was my fault.>>Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us!>>Yes, that’s what I’ve been telling Franklin.>>You know, I can remember a time when your father made quite a big mess in your granny’s living room!>>He did? What happened?>>Yes, which mess are you talking about? (Laughing)>>Well, one day I came over to your dad’s house to play. We would’ve been about six or seven.>>Aren’t you supposed to fly that outside?>>I’m going to be really careful. I’ll just fly it in a little circle! (Whirring) (Crashing) (Gasping) (Screaming) (Gasping) (Crashing)>>Whoa, that was a close one! (Gasping) (Laughing)>>Did that really happen, dad?>>I do have a faint memory of that little incident.>>Ha, we had to play outdoors after that!>>Yes, that’s right, so we decided to go camping!>>You went camping alone when you were my age?>>Oh, yes, it was quite an adventure! (Laughing)>>Or perhaps you should call it a misadventure!>>You found a great campsite!>>Well, thanks! Camping is way more fun than being at home, isn’t it?>>It sure is!>>Mom’s just about got supper ready, so I’ve gotta hurry and get this set up.>>Do you want me to help you?>>No, that’s okay, I can do it. (Grunting)>>Are you sure you don’t want me to help you?>>No… I’ve almost got it! (Tearing) This doesn’t happen when dad puts it together. (Thunder rumbling)>>This isn’t a very good time to be in a tent that has a hole in the roof! (Screaming) Let’s skedaddle! (Screaming (Laughing)>>So, we made a tent out of blankets and chairs and camped out in the living room. (Laughing)>>Then I rolled over in my sleep and knocked one of the chairs over!>>Yes, I remember that! And the whole tent fell down on top of us! (Laughing)>>Gee, dad, you had the same kind of day as me!>>Yes, I suppose I did!>>Did you spill any Fruit Fizzy?>>They didn’t Fruit Fizzy when I was little. I had to spill other things. (Laughing)>>Oh, remember the strawberry ice cream surprise?>>Oh no, not that story! (Gasping)>>Tell me, Mr. Mole, tell me! I wanna hear it, please!>>All right, then, I’ll tell you. (Train whistle blowing) Oh, it looks like my train is here!>>Aww, now I won’t get to hear the story.>>Well, there are still folks getting off. I think I’ve got time for a quick story.>>Great! (Laughing)>>All right, then. One day, we went to the ice cream shop, and your father bumped into someone that he was quite fond of. The problem was, he was too shy to tell her! Anyway, the two of us were enjoying our ice cream…>>Hey, there she is! (Gasping) Why don’t you go over and talk to her?>>I… I… I don’t think so.>>Why not? You think she’s nice, don’t you?>>Yes, but I won’t know what to say!>>Ask her if she’d like some ice cream! Go ahead.>>Okay, here goes. Um… hi…>>Oh… hi!>>Would you like some ice cr– Whoa! (Gasping)>>You wouldn’t happen to have a handkerchief I could borrow? (Gasping) ♪>>MR. MOLE: Your father put his best foot forward that day. (Laughing) Too bad there was a stick in front of it! (Laughing)>>Did that really happen, dad?>>Yes, I’m afraid it did, but believe it or not, there were lots of days when everything went right!>>Yes, indeed, and next time we get together, we’ll share some of those stories, too!>>Great! Huh? (Train whistle blowing)>>CONDUCTOR: All aboard!>>Oh, I’d better skedaddle! It was so nice seeing you both! Bye bye!>>It was nice seeing you, too. Have a good trip!>>Bye! Thanks for all the stories, Mr. Mole! Dad, tell me what happened to that girl you liked? Did she ever talk to you again? (Door bell jingling) (Laughing)>>Well, as a matter of fact… There she is.>>Huh? Mom!>>Franklin!>>Did you have a nice visit with Aunt Tortoise?>>Yes, but I missed you both so much!>>And we missed you, too!>>Let me carry that for you, mom.>>All right. Did you have a long wait?>>Yeah, but it was fun. We were talking to Mr. Mole.>>You saw Mr. Mole?>>Yes, you just missed him! (Laughing)>>He told me some funny stories! My favourite was the one about the strawberry ice cream surprise! (Laughing)>>I remember that! It certainly was a surprise, one of the best surprises I’ve ever had.>>But that kind of thing happens to everyone, right, dad?>>Yes… if you’re lucky?>>Huh? If you’re lucky…? Hey, wait up, this thing’s heavy!>>NARRATOR: Franklin plays hockey. Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could play soccer in the summer and hockey in the winter. But one day, Franklin learned that a winning team has players who give everyone a chance. Even if they’re beginners. (Laughing)>>BEAR: Got it!>>FRANKLIN: Wait!>>BEAVER: Nice pass!>>FRANKLIN: Go, Bear! (Laughing)>>Get in goal, Beaver, he’s got the puck! (Groaning)>>Yay!>>BEAR: Yahoo! Woo, great goal, Franklin!>>Yes, another goal by Franklin! His third goal of the game! And the crowd is going wild!>>Can we get on with the game? (Laughing)>>That’s four to two for us!>>But not for long!>>That’s right, it’ll soon be five to two for us! (Laughing)>>Whoa, stop it, Bear!>>Get in net, quick!>>Go Rabbit, go!>>RABBIT: Get it, Beaver!>>FRANKLIN: Over here, over here!>>BEAVER: And red takes it away from blue again!>>RABBIT: Look out! Nice one!>>FRANKLIN: Over here!>>BEAR: I’ve got it!>>I’ve got it!>>I’ve got it!>>I’ve got it!>>Rabbit to the rescue!>>I’m coming, Bear! (Grunting)>>Give it here!>>I want it!>>FRANKLIN: The puck’s mine!>>RABBIT: Move over, Bear!>>BEAR: No, I want it!>>Can we play?>>FRANKLIN: Move your stick!>>BEAVER: No… I was here first!>>BEAR: Give me some room, will ya?>>Can we play?>>Get it, Bear!>>Get it from him, Rabbit!>>Okay!>>I’m trying to, Franklin!>>SKUNK AND RACOON: Can we play!?>>Oh… hi!>>Hi, guys!>>Do you wanna play? Great!>>Sure, join the fun!>>Yeah, grab a stick!>>BEAR: More players, more fun!>>It looks like fun!>>Thanks, guys! Whoa!>>Are you all right, Racoon?>>Yeah, I’m okay. Ugh… I don’t know what happened!>>Can I be on your team? It looks like you’re winning!>>Sure, Bear and I are in the lead!>>Yeah, we’re the best! (Screaming) (Laughing)>>Hey, Racoon, you forgot to take your skate guards off!>>Huh? Oh, no wonder! I thought something must be wrong, ’cause I’m a really good skater! See? Ta-da!>>Hmm…>>RABBIT: Get ‘im, Beaver! (Gasping)>>Whoa! (Grunting)>>He shoots, he scores!>>Yay!>>Yippee! Yahoo!>>Get it, Bear!>>Hey! (Groaning) (Gasping) (Gasping)>>SKUNK: Huh?>>RACOON: Scores!>>Yay!>>Yay!>>Yeah… woo-hoo! (Laughing)>>RABBIT: Yes!>>RACOON: I scored!>>BEAVER: Yahoo! (Cheering)>>RACOON: Yeah!>>BEAVER: Yippee!>>RABBIT: Good one! (Screaming) (Crashing)>>Yeah, woo-hoo! (Cheering) (Gasping) (Groaning)>>Ooh… (Pecking)>>RACOON: And did you see how we scored that last goal?>>Yeah, it was amazing!>>Wow, twelve to four! That’s our best game ever!>>It sure wasn’t ours.>>You can say that again.>>See ya, guys! Don’t forget about Saturday’s game!>>I won’t forget.>>I can hardly wait!>>Red team is the best!>>RABBIT: Yay for red team!>>RACOON: Red team is the best! (Laughing)>>And blue team has a better chance of winning… without me. ♪>>I know we should’ve said something. I don’t want Skunk’s feelings to be hurt, Bear. >>I don’t either.>>She needs more practise. We can’t help it if she’s not ready to join our team.>>But she was trying hard, and she was having fun, too! (Sighing)>>Yeah, she was having fun. Even if the red team was clobbering us!>>Remember when we had Jackrabbit on our team?>>How could I forget? He was like a team all by himself!>>And red team had Coyote.>>He was great, too. Boy, there’s nothing like playing hockey with the county champs!>>I know, those guys taught us a lot! They were the best!>>Hmm… and we were the beginners, and they never said we weren’t good enough to play hockey with them!>>And her mom told you she went skating?>>That’s what she said! (Sighing)>>Let’s check the pond one last time, and then we’ll go to Beaver’s to see if she’s there.>>Okay.>>Hey, listen!>>FRANKLIN: Hi, Skunk!>>BEAR: How’s it going, Skunk? (Screaming)>>Oof! (Screaming)>>Sorry, Skunk!>>Are you okay?>>Yes, I’m all right. I didn’t think anyone would see me practising here. I know I’ve got a lot to learn.>>I think you’re doing really well!>>Me too!>>Thanks! I hope maybe by next winter I’ll be better.>>You will be for sure, and there’s still lots of time left this season to get better!>>Yeah, like right now! Let’s get our skates on, Bear.>>You can do it!>>Whoa! (Gasping)>>Nice going! Now pass the puck to me. (Grunting)>>Hey, good pass!>>Yeah! Even if it wasn’t the puck!>>Oops! (Laughing)>>Now, pretend Bear and I are on the other team. You skate through, and take the puck when we’re trying to pass it to each other.>>I’ll try… (Gasping)>>Oof!>>Thanks, Bear!>>You’re welcome.>>Hey, Skunk, you got the puck away!>>Yeah, I did, didn’t I? Where did it go?>>Right here… Ooh… I’m glad these things aren’t pointy. (Hockey stick cracking) That’s better, Skunk!>>Better? It wasn’t even close! It’s no use, I’ll never get it in the net.>>Sure you will! This time don’t look down at the puck, look at where you want the puck to go. Try it! (Sighing)>>I want it to go right between those boots! (Grunting) Yay! I did it! I did it! (Laughing)>>You did it!>>Way to go, Skunk!>>I just looked where I wanted it to go, and it went there! (Laughing)>>Great! Now remember that for tomorrow’s game!>>To-tomorrow’s game? You mean… I don’t have to wait until next season?>>No way!>>You’re on our team.>>And if you’re not there, it’ll be three against two! And that’s no fair!>>C’mon, let’s keep practising! We’ve got a game tomorrow. (Laughing)>>FRANKLIN: Go, Bear!>>RABBIT: Look out, he’s got the puck, Beaver!>>RACOON: Get him, get him! (Laughing)>>FRANKLIN: Nice try, Bear!>>RABBIT: Yay!>>RACOON: Great save!>>Go, Skunk!>>Nice one, Skunk!>>FRANKLIN: Over here!>>Get in net, Beaver!>>Watch out, Franklin!>>Bear!>>Whoa! (Screaming)>>Yay!>>Woo, she scored!>>I scored…!>>You did it!>>Nice goal!>>Thanks for giving me a chance, guys!>>Hey, are you guys gonna hug or play hockey? (Laughing) ♪

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