Hello ! Here we meet today for the Just Acro Booggie We are in GER-LIT-ZEN in Austria For the first run of the day Again as you can see around, the landscape isn’t that ugly We are also here training for the upcoming competitions And, yeah, for sure to simply enjoy ! Hey you ! First morning under the tent here in Trasaghis (Italy) as you can see, the “survival mode” is activated Ooops, sorry, I forget to get dressed ! Today we are at “Lago Di Cavazzo” for the 3rd stop of the Acro World Tour named ACROMAX Which will probably decide who will be allowed to the “Super Finale” and those who wont We are the first day of the Italian Championships which precede Acromax of four days And I’m gonna do both, so 6 days in a raw So for sure that’s gonna be long With a pretty good forecast Let’s see what happen We are 7 pilots… for the Italian Champ I will try not to be under the 7th position Safest road ever… We are at the take-off right now I start to feel the pressure on my shoulders For this very high leveled competition The best italians pilots are here ! We are honored to be with the King Of Brenta’s speaker Dry landing baby ! Welcome to the gypsies camp Mario here will show you how to cook pasta for two in a baby pan I think that the main problem with Italian language is that it’s not very “foreign friendly” What a trip ! The main problem in acro comp is that you fly one minute and you have to wait five hours Even the windsurfers had to stop except to chill on the ground like homeless people Thunderstorms are coming they will probably close the Italian Champ right now because of bad weather conditions (flashback) “With a pretty good forecast” Ok, the forecast was wrong We have right now the perfect “italian weather” A wind able to remove horns from a cow And of course THE rain The windsurfers had to stop what a nice place ! The best in acro is those moments of pure friendship and sharing like a big family… having fun together Ok I’m lying, everybody is on his phone and nobody is talking to eachother What ? What ? What ? What ? What ?…. As you can see that’s not really a competition, more like hollydays like going to the see… but better (Hundreds of thousands of aplausing people) I’m now live from the italian jungle I had to build my tent quickly as I heard bears surrounding me and trying to kill me They smell my fear, I can feel it ! I have to be quiet ! I dont want to die right now I’ll have to survive in this wild hell during 6 days without water nor food… I really dont know how to do Im scared ! I’m so scared ! Oh please ! I told you a thousand times not to call when I’m filming… You ruined everything !

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