FREESTYLE PARAGLIDING STORIES – VLOG 7# – PART 2 : “…one giant leap (into the water) for mankind”

Hi ! Have you seen my new tent ? That’s the Weasley’s tent from Harry Potter’s story Which means spacious inside but looking small from outside As you can see we have a bathroom here, a second room for equipment drying… …and of course a big bedroom with double bed We can affirm that’s a big tent ! A very big tent ! Let’s go for the first run ! “This for shit widio” “Shitty widio” Here we are on the take-off for the first run of ACROMAX Waiting for the condition’s improvement With some local specialties like ground handling or some stretching and the rest of us are just chillin’ Hello and welcome to this amazing tv broadcast about Swiss people Here we have Fabien who can talk a bit about his region “Le Valais” FAB – “Yes” Can you explain for us ? In “Le Valais” we have some “vines” for wine some good cheese and also some figs The next one is “Baptiste” who comes from “La Gruyère” which is widely famous thanks to its “pipe weed” production B- “Yes exactly, the weed is produced using ancestral methods hand-harvested, dried and handthinned Of course, the use is severely prohibited to young childrens under 4-5 years-old passed this age it’s totally ok We are thankful to those guys who nicely accepted to participate in this show watched as you know by millions of people worldwide we are glad to have them among us Let’s go for this first run ! With a simple T-shirt, ’cause I forgot my shirt I’m a bit scared about flying without shirt… usually a shirt helps me a lot “always be sure to have a shirt with you when you go flying” It’s a safety matter Oh dear, what a bad run… The next one have to be better or I’m done… Welcome we are live here from the take-off for the second run the second run “per lui” facing a sun which is getting lower and lower and a wind which is getting stronger and stronger down the valley I can say that now “we are in deep shit !” and we know it “You want to say something for the kids in your country or maybe the old people ?” “It’s ok no one watches this anyway!” (forced laughs) A big up for the safety guys ! Here we are (again) for the third run I think i’m more tired than never right now I’m so tired that I can’t make jokes anymore Ah yes, maybe this good one ! What’s the difference between a duck ? I let you sleep on it (flash back) “With a pretty good forecast for the next days” As you can see right now conditions looks improving soon we’ll be able to do some ground-handling on the beach passing from “no wind” and sun to 60km/h and thunderstorms in five minutes this is actually P.E.R.F.E.C.T Finally here we are for the fourth run before this competition ends hoping not to die today and stay where we are in the overall standing how are you Axel ? “I’m really good right now !” A last word Baptiste before leaving ? “john-shirt” like-it ! Let’s go for ten minutes of speach the mayor have an issue with his microphone we dont understand neither hear something so imagine people behind us… and he’s speaking about “bugs”… It’s OVER for ACROMAX with a “not that bad” spot in the overall ranking so if everything goes well I should go to the “Sonchaux Acro Show” the great finale and this is really cool ! we expect to come back next year by then take care and see you soon ! the difference is that both legs are equal in length but mainly the left one “I expected this one !”

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