Frequent Flyers Project #1 – Paragliding in New-Zealand

More six minutes… Six minutes ??
Let’s go !! When we decided to travel the world
with our paragliders on our backs everyone kept saying :
“It’s going to be pain, you won’t be able to fit anything
but your paraglider in your bag.” They were pretty much right, not much more than a paraglider
fit in my bag… But by bringing a paraglider, it opened us up to a new world
of opportunities and encounters, since the paragliding
community is a small one, it is easy to meet someone
who can introduce you to someone else, who then introduces you to
someone else, and so on. Paragliding really is a terrific way
to see a country from within, and in the end a wing in your pack
makes for truly incredible encounters. The sun just set,
and it’s just getting better. Today it was just
“WOW…” And yesterday it was
“WOW-WOW-WOW !!!” You’re soaring above the ocean,
flying along the coastline… But best not land during high tide,
because you might find yourself stranded. And if you’re up high enough
while the sun is setting, you get to enjoy the sunset for
10min longer than everyone else! Bye for now everyone,
until next time. See you in Nepal !

24 thoughts on “Frequent Flyers Project #1 – Paragliding in New-Zealand

  1. Super video. i miss NZ. vous utilisez quoi pour filmer en aerien? je trouve ca tres propre et tres stable pour de la gopro.. reflex sur le casque? encore bravo

  2. you got an impressive sponsorship portfolio. could be the reason i don't really a appreciate your stuff.

  3. New-zealand avec une voile de speed , trop fort ! En plus une belle vidéo et pleins d'émotions dans les images ! Continuer à voler et à distiller de belles images , et plein d'émotions ! Merci à vous tous et toutes pour tout cela ! 😊😊😊

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