Frequent Flyers Project #2 – Paragliding in Nepal

Pokhara is like Annecy,
located along the shores of a lake. At 800m elevation,
several 8000m peaks just 25km away block any serious weather, such as Annapurna, Machapuchare,
Dhaulagiri and Manaslu. We are located at
low altitude along a lake. So our local area enjoys
a nice micro-climate. We never have any meteo wind in fact, we never pay attention
to the forecast. The Himalaya… This is a real adventure for paragliding. If you fly only from Sarangkot down to Phewa Lake 100 times in your life, this is not really an adventure ! I think they’re great,
I’m really fond of vultures. The Scooby Doos of the sky… Obviously great fliers,
but so are we ! A paraglider flies really well, but only if conditions are right… When conditions aren’t right, the vultures being somewhat dimwitted,
don’t even try to fly. Sometimes they hang out on the ground,
and they see a paraglider pass by, so they take off ! And if a vulture flies by,
we go for it as well! Sometimes we both just sit around
waiting for the other to take off first, and once one takes off,
the others follow suit… Adventure never ends,
and never has a final destination. Keep looking, even if
you never find anything. Go where you like,
enjoy total freedom like a bird. That’s paragliding
in the Himalaya. We just skyed out
at the last transition ! And then glided nice
and easy back to Pokhara. When I’m flying
on top of the cumulus, I look down at everything below
and feel so free. No one to disturb me,
no one can touch me, I have so much energy,
I can do just about anything ! I would like to stay
in the Himalaya because of the people
who live here. They choose to follow
their own culture and traditions, and that is why I would like
to remain here with them. In Europe, we never would have
opened our packs, let alone fly, But here, Cumulonimbus clouds
form so quickly, that between the time you wake up,
and the time you decide to fly, the thunderstorm has already started. But often when we’re flying,
Congestus clouds form, or rather “Congesto-Mulus”… They’re more like
tiny Congestus clouds, and you can fly underneath,
they’re rarely threatening, or you can circle up close,
yesterday we flew right to the base, it was more of a “Mellow-Mulus”…

21 thoughts on “Frequent Flyers Project #2 – Paragliding in Nepal

  1. Guillaume Broust, amazing video !! Both the episodes of 'Frequent Flyers' were great … eagerly waiting for the 3rd one πŸ™‚

  2. Superbe!!! Β J'adore!!!!! Ahahah, trop rigolo le coup de "C'est qui qui fait le fusible, le parapente ou le vautour?" (Ca me rappelle la blague de l'indien et du cowboy qui se demandent si l'hiver va etre rude…) et puis moi aussi je veux voler dans des gentimulus πŸ˜‰
    Tres beau message de Scott Mason.
    J'espere vraiment que le Nepal va se relever vite.
    Merci Merci XXXXXXX

  3. 8:28 … the memories … we have to trying to protect the birds that we flying with … we should understand more about the sky …not just at the clouds … the weather … but the birds flying with .. all senses … focused on the point … 8:39 the birds that we flying with …

  4. Awesome video guys, super inspiring! Does anyone know where I can find the track "Hail to the sunrise"?

  5. Brother bird love your channel,
    Thank you so much for your work!
    You are inspiring me for my own paragliding adventures and channel πŸ˜‰
    NamastΓ© & Love
    Nama & Robin (Nama is my Bordercollie)

  6. Trop fort ! On a pas de vent mΓ©tΓ©o… d'ailleurs on regarde jamais la mΓ©tΓ©o ! 😊😊😊 ! Les vautours c'est les rantanplan du ciel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚

  7. I’ve probably watched over a thousand paragliding videos and for me, nobody does them better than Guillaume Broust!! The filming, editing and the music combined with the locations make these videos superb. Bravo Guillaume, you genius!

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