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– What is up, my clan? Welcome to Friday! Whoop, whoop! – Whoop, whoop! – Whoop, whoop! – Yeah! – Yeah! Bryce and I are up and out of the house. We’re on some errands. First order of business, though, I was craving coffee last night, I’m not going to lie, guys. Being around it day, smelling it. At about 11 o’ clock
last night, 12 o’ clock, I was like,”Oh, coffee smells so good!” Of course, I didn’t drink it because I needed to go to bed, but I was like I got to do
Dutch Brothers in the morning. Plus I’m going to grab some K cups for the Keurig machine at home because their K cups are solid. Then what are we doing, Bryce? – We’re going to go to the bank right by Dutch Bros to
return my piggy bank. – We’re going to take his piggy bank in and see how much coin he has got saved up for his Playstation. He might have almost enough, but I don’t think he does but he says he has got a lot of dollars, a lot of quarters in there, so we’ll see. – Sierra, saw, let’s see. Sierra said she, I meant mommy. She said she saw a dollar bill in there. – There’s a couple of dollar
bills, yeah, yeah, yeah. Then we’re going to do
some other errand running and then I’m going to meet someone special a little later for lunch. So stay tuned, guys! Fun Friday is in full effect! Alrighty, so how’s your Dutch Frost? – Awesome. – [Clintus] What kind do you get? – Orange Creamsicle. – [Clintus] Does it taste like it? – A little bit, at the end. – [Clintus] A little bit, yeah. So they just put orange syrup in it and it’s vanilla already, so boo yeah. And I got a cookie, para
their recommendation. So white chocolate macadamia nut. (laughs) Do the cookie
dance, do the cookie dance. Alrighty, so we’re going
to go in the bank, right? – Mhmm. – [Clintus] What do you think? Give me a number, how much
money do you think is in there? – Brain freeze and I’m thinking. (Clintus laughs) – [Clintus] Brain freeze and I’m thinking. – 50! – [Clintus] 50 bucks? Alright, I’m going to say 65. I’m going high, 65. I’ll tell you right now, if you’re higher, or if you’re closer than to me, then I’ll give you 10 bucks, alright? So you say 50, I say 65. (coins falling) Okay guys, we just made it back home and before we reveal how much money was in Bryce’s piggy bank, we’re
going to ask the girls to have their predictions
because me and Bryce gave predictions, now they’re
going to do predictions. And if you guys want to, you
can leave a comment down below what you think you’re prediction is too. But we’re about to tell
you, so here we go. Alright girls, so how much money do you think was in Bryce’s piggy bank? It was pretty heavy and
you know there were some dollar bills in there. How much money do you think was in there? – Like 80 to 100? – [Clintus] 80 to 100, that’s a big range, pick a number, one number. – 85. – [Clintus] 85. – I’ll go with 60. – [Clintus] 60, okay, I said 65. Bryce said 50. – [Bryce] I’m the lowest. – [Clintus] And how much money was in your piggy bank, Bryce? – 76 dollars! – [Clintus] 76 dollars! So that means he now has
$176 saved up, right? – Mhmm. – [Clintus] Mhmm. Alright, so I dropped Bryce off home with Tiff and Sierra and I am on my way to Chipotle to meet a
little special friend. My, one of my mentors from college, it’s his daughter from Florida. And we’re going to talk Youtube. And so, I don’t know
yet, if she’s going to be on the vlog or not. If she wants to be, I’ll
totally introduce her, if she doesn’t, no big deal. But she watches, so I
know eventually you’re going to watch this, so hello Sam! Okay guys, so I just wrapped
up a nice little lunch with Sam and, though,
didn’t get a chance to vlog with her. I did post a nice little picture. Yeah, we talked Youtube, we talked shop, mostly Youtube, she’s a big Youtube fan. We talked about all
the different Youtubers she likes to watch and who
some of her favorites are and more to come with Sam for sure. But now, I met up back
with Tiffany and the kids and we are heading to Uptown
Alley for a little fun. We’re supposed to be doing some bowling, but we don’t know if bowling
is going to be open or not because, of course, they’re busy, busy and well there might not be an open lane, so we’ll see. Otherwise, we’ll maybe do some laser tag and some arcade games. Either way it’s going to be fun and you get to come along with us. Are you guys ready for some bowling? – Yeah! – [Clintus] Yeah, do a
couple of regular games, then our third game, get a little crazy? A little creative? (dance music playing) – [Sierra] Did you get it, oh, he misses. – [Clintus] Oh, oh! Alright so, first game, Bryce smoked us. 106, Tiffany got 89, I
got 87, Sierra got 76. Second game, no bumpers,
no bumpers for the kids. Bryce smoked us, he didn’t
even need the bumpers. Sierra hit the bumpers a couple times, but their scores were
good enough we’re going to take the bumpers away. So now it’s a fair game. – [Bryce] Dang it, oh! – [Clintus] Oh, he got
his first gutter ball! First gutter ball, first gutter ball! Alright, Sierra, you got no bumpers! Let’s see if you can get it,
keep it out of the gutter! – Bryce? – [Clintus] He got a gutter ball. – Oh, he did? – [Clintus] Yeah. Oh! Right down the middle! – Oh, strike! – [Clintus] Strike, what? Oh! I missed it, it didn’t happen. You got to do it again,
do it again, do over. – Oh, it’s time to get our grub on! We got some nachos with pork and that’s some good pork, right Sierra? Yeah, they got it right! We got some pretzels with oh, this cheese dip is amazing. Sauce is amazing, everything is amazing! Amazing, amazing, amazing! – In the bowling place. – [Clintus] You’re bowling is amazing. You’re kicking our butts, dude. (hip hop music playing) – Strike! – Ah, Ah! – Alright, end of the second game. Mommy has taken the lead. She went from third place
to first place with 210. Bryce is in second with 176. I’m in third with 160 and
Sierra is on the end with 132. It’s our third and final
game and we thought we’d mix it up a little bit. And we’re going to do, we
have to do trick shots. Each, I don’t know, each round, someone has to pick a special way to bowl and we all have to follow it, too. So Bryce is the first
one and what’d you say? – Through the legs. – [Clintus] You got to
throw it through the legs. That’s how we’re going
to do the first round. Here we go. Yeah, there you go, you did it! Hey, hey, look! – I cracked my back, I went like! You have to either go this or backwards. – [Clintus] You got to throw it backwards? – [Sierra] You can’t
spin your body, Bryce. – [Clintus] Hey, nice one, dude! – [Bryce] I did that without even looking! (Clintus laughs) – It almost got all my pins. What the heck? – [Clintus] Alright, so what
do you have to do on this one? – You have to do normal
bowling but sideways. – [Clintus] Sideways? – Like this. You got to put it sideways. (Clintus laughs) – Alright guys, it’s time for
a little laser tag action! We are team blue. Four of us versus four
others over on the red team. Blue versus red, it’s going to go down. Oh, here comes one, here comes! – Get it Tiffany, get it Tiffany! Right there Tiffany! How’d you do? – Good. – [Clintus] You feel good? – Yeah. – [Clintus] That was fun, huh? – [Tiffany] It was fun. – [Clintus] Mommy was killing it! (laughs) Laser tag for the win! I love this stuff, you guys! I could play laser tag every day all day. If I could, I would. Well guys, we made our way back home after a couple of games of laser tag. Had a great time bowling. Kids played some arcade games. Now we’re back home, kids
are watching Spy Kids on the couch and we’re
going to call it a night. Hope you enjoyed the video. Be sure to give it a thumbs up! Tap the eye in the sky for
the last three year’s videos. Stay tuned tomorrow. Until then, vlog on!

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