Friendly Halloween Ghost Bat | Play Doh Modeling

Hey kids, today we have yet another surprise for you. Let’s meet another friend on Halloween this time, it’s a bat. First we need to take four balls of play doh. Two big ones – both grey and black and two small ones – White and Red. Now take the grey ball and pull enough play doh out to make more smaller and round ball from it. Great Now take the black play doh and do the same except that the ball you cut out from the black play doh should be smaller. Now take the little bit of the white clay and make two tiny balls. Next, take the black play doh and make some tiny balls. You can see, they were making out bat’s eyes. Take the red play doh and make small red ball as well. Now we are going to take the big play doh ball from before and put together the face of our friendly bat. Look at it, wide eyes and that cute little red nose. Take some more red play doh and put a big smile on bat’s face. Okay? Take a few more pieces of white clay and use a screw driver to make small fans just like Uncle Sudheer is doing. This is going to place right under the bat’s bright red smile. Great So now we are done with head of our Halloween bat. Let’s move to the torso. Attach the torso to the head with a toothpick. Now use the toothpick to carve out two legs with two small black play doh balls. Attach these to the main torso. Now take two big blocks of black play doh. Flatten this out properly and start carving out wings from them. First make the outline on the surface and then cut it out with a screw-driver. Use the first wing to trace the other wing on another block of flattened black play doh. So that the both wings are of the same size. Wonderful, look out how pretty those wings look. But we are not done yet. Now take some red play doh and roll out some thin stamps of clay from this. We are going to use these to decorate the edges of the wings and get them ready for Halloween. Once you done decorating the wings You can attach them onto the both sides of the torso with toothpicks. We are almost done. We are going to take two black balls now. And two red balls and carve out pretty ears and ear holes for our bat. Wonderful, take a look. Our Friendly Halloween bat is here now. Thanks for watching and don’t subscribe the KIDU KIDU channel on YouTube.

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