FULL MATCH – Kane vs. The Great Khali: SummerSlam 2009

[MUSIC] [SOUND] This contest is set for one fall. Making his way to the ring
weighing 323 pounds, Kane. [MUSIC]>>Well, lately when Kane has had the
opportunity to stare down the Great Khali, Kane has opted to back away,
which is very un-Kane-like.>>Kane’s working on a four-match
winning streak here at Summer Slam, but it was a few weeks ago on Friday
night SmackDown after the break, Khali had won a match up. We see the diverse eminent
Kane from behind what a so, the Great Khali, Khali momentarily
took him out of the picture. But Khali’s family would be affected.>>Khali would turn his attention, or Kane would turn his attention to Khali’s
brother and interpreter, Ranjin Singh.>>Ranjin Singh, a defenseless man, battered, beaten and
dragged out of the arena. And the last Friday night,
the Great Khali came to confront Kane, and Kane barely, barely escaped disaster. There’ll be no escaping tonight. [NOISE]>>I don’t think we’ve ever seen the Great Khali as angry as he
was on Friday Night SmackDown. [MUSIC]>>And his opponent, by Ranjin Singh. From India,
standing at seven feet three inches tall, weighing 420 pounds, The Great Khali.>>When a city known for
earthquakes, get ready for another seismic shift as these
two behemoths prepare to collide. [MUSIC]>>As can see that Ranjin Singh
is back to the side his rather large brother, the Great Khali. [MUSIC] I think you can take the word
rather out that sense. [MUSIC]>>Now this is up,
the match section by would choose on. It will be physical,
it will be intense, it won’t be pretty.>>[SOUND]
>>About the mass of humanity in the ring right now, over 14 feet and 700 pounds.>>Kane see he’s a true giant
of Friday Night SmackDown.>>So unusual for me to see Kane
retreat here in the early go. It was kind of strange. Maybe it was good reason. Is Kane trying to cover in the corner? Khali being aggressive right now. And very rarely does Kane have to look up
to another human being like he does Khali.>>An uppercut from Khali looking up. And Khali taking some huge shots there. And then bracing himself. He’s seven three, 420-pound man who just
manhandled Kane right over the top rope, and there’s very few men that can ever
say that they’ve accomplished that. I’m trying to think of one or two.>>Kane told Khali you
should be afraid of me. Right now, Khali’s showing
that he is not afraid at all. [NOISE]
>>Khali misses that leg drop after that.>>Made a foot well, and
Kane taking advantage, and Kane trying to end this early,
as Khali kicks out.>>Kane, one of the great enduring
superstars of WWE with 15 championships to his credit.>>And those elbows are evil. Kane sees evil and likes it.>>These two men,
way back in Wrestlemania 23, the Great Khali won that match, and
you know Kane has not forgotten.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>This may be the biggest choke slam in the history of the WWE.>>Kane looking to belting choke slam.>>Khali is thinking not tonight. [SOUND]
>>Now Khali, perhaps setting up for the Punjabi Plunge,
but Kane able to get out.>>That was a good counter by Kane. He got countered back with nothing but
a freely [INAUDIBLE] closeline.>>And now Khali has Kane’s leg hooked.>>Two. [NOISE]
>>And you can see the anger just flowing
through the veins down Khali. Nothing steers up emotions like someone
who targets a family member like Kane did. [NOISE] And again Khali, hook in the leg.>>Kane recovering up wisely. [NOISE]
>>In fact, that’s where we learned that Khali and Ranjin Singh were brothers when
Kane was holding Khali’s brother captive.>>Come on, out of the corner.>>There’s Ranjin Singh. You can kind of see the family
resemblance when you think about it.>>Sideburns?>>Yeah. [SOUND]
>>Men, wow, that would restart a dead heart. If Kane has a heart. And now Khali, what demonic plan
does he have in mind right now? From the top rope, and
down goes the seven footer.>>One, two!>>Shoulders down, two.>>Two! Two.>>That was a really an unusual
series of offensive maneuvers, Kane quickly goes to the outside. Tries to and just can’t hold Khali down.>>Hold Khali down.>>And I don’t think at this point in
time, with this reverse chin lock, Kane’s thinking of strategy. What do I got to do to beat this guy?>>Does Kane think strategy?>>I think so. Friday night, two nights ago. I thought his words in the ring,
they’re very articulate. They’re a little eerie,
but they were articulate.>>Well,
Kane takes pleasure in other’s suffering.>>Come on, Khali?>>That’s exactly what
Khali is doing right now.>>What do you say, Khali?>>Go, Khali. Khali, come on!>>If Khali said I quit in his language,
would the referee understand?>>Come on, Khali.>>Ranjin Singh would be
there to translate it. [NOISE]
>>Aah!>>Khali trying to get to a vertical base,
but that’s a long way to go. [SOUND]
>>Khali, are you trying to talk? [SOUND] Come on, Khali.>>Fantastic job of keeping
Khali off his feet thus far.>>Go, Khali.>>And he got Khali in a chin lock,
you’ve done something.>>Khali finally works his way back up. Let’s see if Khali can cradle lock
once now he’s got back up to his feet. [SOUND]
>>Sharp elbow sends Kane down, and now a boot. Good flexibility there by Khali to
get that boot seven feet in the air. We got a rear chop.>>Man, this chop could do it here.>>One, two, no.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Khali knocking Kane down, and Khali might have been
able to get a little bit more of body on body up there,
and the chest on chest.>>Aah!>>And another this times, the Khali
vise grip, not gonna bode well for Kane, I can promise. Look at the size of Khali’s hands.>>Two, three.>>Kane driving Khali’s own brother there,
Ranjin Singh, who’s gotta be, he’s holding him
hostage like a human shield right now. And Kane taking advantage.>>Right in the with a low drop kick,
and Kane->>DDT.>>With a 300-pound DDT, Kane with a DDT,
Kane with a victory at SummerSlam. [MUSIC]>>The winner of this match, Kane.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And again, Kane perhaps taking the easy way out,
targeting Ranjin Singh.>>Well, it’s obvious that
the Great Khali has a great deal of compassion as he should for
his brother Ranjin Singh. And when Ranjin Singh was dragged in the
ring with such an intimidating passion, it really gave Kane the opportunity that
Kane was looking for this entire match. [MUSIC]>>Kane known as a bully, but
tonight was manhandled by Khali until Kane grabbed
his brother Ranjin Singh. [MUSIC]

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  3. What an awesome running DDT by Kane. There are many who can deliver it that good and safe while making it look very effective such as Undertaker for example but Kane's version looked it really would take you out.

  4. This is probably khali at his best in this match. Because ive never seen khali wrestle this serious before like khali really stepped his game up in this match.

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