[Full ver.] CIX(씨아이엑스) ‘Movie Star’ Debut Showcase 데뷔 쇼케이스 (BX, 승훈, 배진영, 용희, 현석) [통통TV]

Nice to meet you seeds, our CIX members! First of all, please say hi to reporters Who spared their precious time to come here 2, 3! Hello, we’re CIX! Nice to meet you! Next, please introduce yourself one by one Let’s start with maknae HyunSuk Hello! I’m Hyunsuk, the maknae of CIX I’m in charge of dancing and rap… Dancing, rapping, and singing too! I’m an all-rounder Our all-rounder entertainer, Hyunsuk! Next…? Hello, I’m BX of CIX I’m in charge of rap & attractive low tone of CIX Thank you! He was BX, ByoungGon Next, Jinyoung? Hello, I’m Bae Jin Young of CIX I’m the center of CIX And the sexy cutie guy of CIX Thank you From now on, don’t be shy when you say so Because it’s real! Next is Younghee Hello, I’m Younghee of CIX I’m in charge of CIX’s vocal and attractive mole in he eye His mole under the eye is so attractive Lastly, Seunghun? Hello~ I’m CIX Seunghun I’m the main vocalist of CIX I’m in charge of pretty smiles! Thank you Good You’ve just debuted It was yesterday When your album was released on 6pm So did your MV How do you feel? You must be nervous, your heart would be fluttering… Actually I still cannot realize it Seeing me in the MV feels awkward It still feels too surreal for me You’d be able to realize more after today Did you sleep well last night for today? You probably didn’t sleep well out of expectations… Did you dream of anything? Hyunsuk? As we really wanted to do well today All of our members didn’t sleep well But I didn’t dream anything Didn’t anyone out of five members dream anything? Though I didn’t dream it yesterday, I dreamed of us, CIX members. winning the rookie prize Oh, did you Seunghoon? You must’ve dreamt such way ’cause of your dire hope I think your assurance towards the album Along with your confidence made you dream such way I’d like to share some more in-depth talk with you But let’s have a photo time first! Our five CIX members Please look towards your left-hand side first Will look forward to your chemistry And tight bond you’ll show from now on What a cute, shy V sign! CIX, please look towards the center The center And show us a ‘Heart V sign’ Please look towards the center again From ability to charm CIX are all-rounders And please look towards your right-hand side Seunghun, look at your pure V sign Look far away, too CIX members, please look towards the center I believe you’ve prepared this ‘Movie Star’ pose Do you have any pose ready? Great! Please look towards the left Show us a pose that demonstrates the title pose Awesome Looks like it’s a part from the choreo of ‘Movie Star’ Cool Now look towards the center And pose in 1, 2, 3! Looks like you’re telling your fans to come to you Now look towards the lower side Good. Now towards the right, in 1, 2, 3! Movie Star! Good. Thank you. Was that enough for you, reporters? Now let’s move on to the individual photo time Other members please wait behind the stage

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  1. GonHun, I'm so proud of you. From mixnine journey to YGTB to CIX, I'm thankful that you two did not give up for your dreams. I will always support you and your group. Congratulations CIX 🎉🎉🎉🙏🙏🙏

  2. GonHun I'm so proud both of you 😍.also Jinyoung, Hyunsuk, Yonghee you
    all did well. Good job.
    CIX fighting!

  3. ThankYou so much for sharing the vid .#CIXdebutShowcase Fighting !.#CIX 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻 Fighting !

  4. honestly this grup is complete in aspects of personality

    baejin: mysterious 4d guy
    younghee: pure soft hearted guy
    bx: awkward bully-able mathyung
    hyunsuk: evil maknae
    seunghun: mood booster funny guy

  5. I am 180cm Dino Lee Byoung Gon fan since MixNine and finally you are BX of CIX. Fighting BX! Fighting CIX!

  6. #C9ThankYou .#BJYThank You for debuting in a group . #HelloStranger.#MovieStar 1st win . The best debut album . #CIX 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱is Rookie Of The Year !

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