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Bro, corona virus is speading very fast itseems You go & get masks fast! Okay I will order masks online! Oh okay then order 20 nice colorful masks bro But why 20 masks? We are just 2 in our house right? It should match all the dresses right? ** Conversing over phone ** Come, lets go Will go, but I am confused due to something! What is that? People are coming & not giving money to those 2 beggers but giving money only to this one Can you tell me why? Just look up once There is CCTV camera No one will donate without publicity dude! Has your cough not reduced still? No What did the doctors say? Turn off the AC & open the windows while sleeping & it will reduce said the doctor! Even then it did not reduce? One day laptop, one day Tv, one day phone all of them vanished but… This cough did not reduce Don’t know for how many more days will have to open the window & sleep! Wait, let me call the doctor & ask!! What are you doing hubby? Are you not able to see that I am watering the plants? After this go & wash the utencils too! It is my daily routine right, will do it! Hubby, I have a doubt What is that? Everywhere people are speaking about Corona But is Corona male or female? It is female How can you so confidently tell it is female? Corona virus is creating havoc in the universe Such things cannot be done by us dear It can be done only by ladies Thus I can cofidently tell that the virus is female! Sis Feeling bored, can we go to coffee day & drink coffee? No, I am feeling tired have to go & sleep! Will not feel sleepy if I drink coffee. Really but why does it happen completely opposite with me? Do you feel sleepy as soon as you drink coffee>I am unble to drink coffee while sleeping! Hey you got married in the morning & instead of enjoying you are crying outside? Idiot don’t irritate by crying like this What should I tell you? Everyone knows that I got married in the morning But no one knows that first night did not happen It is exactly like the bowler has bowled to the wicket directly! Tel me what happened clearly My wife is a teacher right? Since I went 1 minute late to the room, she told me to get out because I was not there on time! Why do you want to get married when Corona virus is dancing like Kareena Kapoor? If all the ladies come together, they will come closer & start apeaking And if I come to your wedding, I am gone & thus will not come to your marriage That is why we are supplying masks at the entrance! Really Then how should we eat food with mask? No food since virus will spread if you remove masks! Oh God, corona virus is also obeing used so comercially!! Hubby I have booked 2 tickets for both of us for a cinema. Why did you book the tickets without asking me? You took me somewhere for Baahubali 2, RRR is also getting completed Take me know please I am not having that mood Not having mood? Please hubby Let me play with her now! I will come but I have some demands What demands? I was just asking what are those demands What did you cook for breakfast today? I made Chapathi hubby Chapathi was as bad as your face I was cashnew nut upma Do you want it with cashnew nut or without cashew nut? Will you go alone or with your huband to watch the movie? I understood, will make cashew nut upma Just upma is not giving me any thrill That is the reason why I added cashew nuts in the upma right? Was that a punch? My grandmother used to praise my grandpa while he used to eat upma! So do you want me to praise you now? You don’t want me to come for the movie? I used to be normal before marriage After marriage I am okay feeling good! I feel you are feeling sad to praise me Praise me happily! Idiot! Before marriage I was like an idiot! After wedding I look good infront of you!! It was just awesome, continue ** Praises husband ** Enough? Not enough, but remaining can be discussed during the movie Don’t get dressed heavily, dress up simply & come! Are you scolding me? Get me some water! Hey Today is my birthday & I am giving party, come soon! Idiot you are telling me now? I promised my wife to take her for a movie I am making her do everything for me If I don’t take her for movie, she will perform that jatra She will do that for me I want you to come thats all Hey listen… Hey not like that listen… You are so sweet! I am mad & make you crazy always Do you know one thing I decided to be like your dog after our wedding you know! Okay, you get ready! Will go for the movie! Hey Come to office soon! Why office on a sunday, planning to go for movie with my wife now! Who was that? Rahul was telling there is some urgent work in office Go you get ready for the movie! Sir Why office sir on a sunday? I have to go for a movie with my wife sir I will not come & thats for sure Who was that? My boss says I should only do that work! But why are you thinking all that, you go & get ready! My boss See how I handle him! Sir Sir I will not come & I have to go for movie with my wife! Even if you remove me from office I will not come! I can’t.. What? Is movie important that work, we can go for it tomorrow also! Even if you tell me… Listen to me… Hello, my husband is coming! Go dear You are so nice Just for you I am going to office! You complete the remaining upma!! Drink slowly!! Hey how can you start drinking without dusk? You think we will wait for you? See already filled your glass Thats like my bro Bro You are great, you control your wife very well You think I get promotions simply? I am from East Godavari And how can you drink without stuff? We already told you to get stuff while coming right? Me? Btw, where is my phone? It is here How can we help you sir If I slp you tight, then you will understand! Who is caughing while my wife is calling, you? And my wife is scolding me telling I am smoking! We have kept that for corona virus sir! Who are you to keep about corona virus in my phone? Just because my wife likes I spend 30rs in Allu Arjun song ringtone You will remove that & cough? That was kept so that there is awareness among people regarding corona virus Government? Who is this government? People form the government & government is by the people When did I tell you to keep this? Sir Download tink app & then you can get rid of that sir What should I do idiot? I use a normal phone & not apple or something, you only set it now! But if I dont get my song, I will come to your office & show you my power! We cannot cut the phone call, you only cut please!

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  1. Meeru lastlo mee video cheyyavalasinivi chepparu kada adi superrrgaa vundi.Nice creativity.Goppa style gaa chepparu

  2. ఫన్ బకెట్ లో ఫన్ తగ్గి బకెట్ మాత్రమే మిగులుతోంది ఫన్ కాస్త పెంచండి plz

  3. Corona virus mida jokes vese nakodkulni mundu jail lo veyali. Fun bucket valaki Corona virus mida jokes thapthe leka pothe copied jokes thapthe inkem dorkatle. U lost respect. Better don't makes jokes on disasters.

  4. సినిమా ప్రోగ్రామ్ – మందు పార్టీ జోక్ బాగుంది, 😜😜😜😜

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