Funny Baseball Bloopers of 2015, Volume Two

We welcome you to Camden Yards in Baltimore, and baseball history will be made here today As the Chicago White Sox & Baltimore Orioles will play the only game that they will play in what was supposed to be a three-game set Hi everybody I’m Gary Thorne, and welcome. Circumstances all of us wish were different. Because of what has gone on here in Baltimore, the civil disruption outside, and for the safety of individuals, this ballpark today is going to be empty. For the first time in Major League history, a regular season game will be played with no fans in attendance. We wish that were otherwise today, and as Adam Jones said, all of us thinking about this great city and its chance to recover. I just want to say, can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it horrible for the older people and the kids? (Unofficial subtitles by Adam J Duncan) (“Inside” the yellow foul posts=Home Run.) (The first song here doesn’t really contain a lot of difficult-to-understand plays, I was just aiming for a juxtaposition) This is a Spring Training ballpark… teams move to Florida & Arizona in March and play exhibition games to smaller crowds Ballgirl. Her job is to recover “foul” balls and give them to fans. Baseball has two masked men behind the plate: the catcher, who is on the same team as the pitcher, and, in black, the “umpire”, who enforces the rules. (I’ll probably get dislikes on this video for inserting a political message in the first song but, like on all my videos, I just consider the whingers to be outside my target audience) The general rule is that you’re not “on the field” (and therefore kicked out) so long as you keep your feet in the stands… this is why he doesn’t simply roll forward. That’s not the question I have for you… the question is You’ve got some lyrics; I know you’re doing your musical thing. What you got? Well, I’ve got something coming out on Saturday, I do in the offseason the video’s going to be out in two weeks, but the song’s going to be out on Saturday Well give us a preview! Check it out. Saturday, Saturday it’s coming out! Jose Reyes! It’s fair to call the (green) Phillies Phanatic the most beloved mascot in baseball. This was not necessarily unintentional… when the Umpire calls “Time Out”, the pitcher often completes his motion to avoid risk of injury. Defensive “shifts” have become popular in baseball the past few years… but they’re still learning. Here, they moved the Third Baseman to the Middle Infield. But once the runner was at second he realized he could “steal” Third Base without being “tagged out” by the fielder/ball. The umpire has called Time Out. Though the batter has “struck out” (has to sit down after three strikes), he can still technically run to First Base, so the catcher has to “tag” him (touch him with the ball). Because fielders have to keep their eye on the ball, they often become oblivious to each other when facing a play on the borders of their zones. San Francisco’s ballpark is on the shore, and features boaters hoping to catch a ball If the First Baseman “tags” (touches) the runner when the runner is not touching a base, he is out. Here, the runner somehow got back to the base safely. The ball is stuck in the glove’s webbing. The runner is prodding the fielder to throw the ball to the base, saying “Look how far I am! If you throw it, maybe you can ‘tag’ me before I have the time to run back!” Wow, there’s a towel that loose in the outfield That’s amazing, it’s a flying towel, it’s like Aladdin out there! Yeah, looks like a kite. It’s coming back to him. That towel was on the berm when the wind kicked up. I thought that was a giant bird when it came up. I’m telling you, that thing was all the way out in Centre Field, and it blew right back, and it looked like it was going to go back to where it was Like a boomerang That was… very strange. Never know what you’re going to see at the ballpark! This is what happens when fielders don’t hear the other calling for the ball (or they do at the same time). Here, there were most likely two outs and a full count (3 balls, 2 strikes), so the runners go no matter what. This is the Third Base coach… his job is to watch the ball’s trajectory and tell the runners whether or not to go. This is more serious than it looks. It is believed that this pitcher has “the yips” — he has forgotten how to throw to First Base. The runner decides to take advantage of this, but gets greedy when he tries to “steal” another base, and is “tagged” by the ball before he reaches safety on Third. Unlike 2nd & 3rd, you can run past 1st Base and be considered safe as long as you’ve already touched it. It’s therefore considered strange to slide into the base as there’s no reason to slow down your momentum. Note how the runner is out because he is not touching the base, despite having already reached it. This wouldn’t occur at 1st. (He “overslid” the base) Depending on the ballpark, these fans may be kicked out of the game for touching the field with their feet. The fielder caught the ball. The batter is out. The Kansas City Royals have long been the butt end of jokes, but have recently found success, largely due to impeccable fielding capability. “Vin Scully”, mentioned in the song here, is the announcer speaking at the beginning of my 2015 Volume One video. He began broadcasting in 1950, when the Dodgers were still based in Brooklyn. Many consider him “The Voice of Baseball”. Despite the ball not going outside the ballpark, this is still a Home Run, as the batter manages to work his way around the bases while the fielders are goofing everything up. This guy knows the rules. Thanks everyone, I was explaining these plays to my friend last night and he suggested I write it down in the captioning. I’ll try to do this for the complete 2015 series. This is what you really wish you had Everybody wants to play on grass like this That’s outta here That’s a home run Wow, he hit that a long ways.

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  1. That's the thing I love about baseball:Every time you go to a game,you always feel good about yourself and you're always in a good mood if your home side wins or loses and you always meet people who share your love for the home side and unites community as one.Baseball is so much fun!!

  2. I wish there hadn't been music playing during the clips of the Sox-O's game. Would've been cool to see the atmosphere of a homerun with no fans cheering. Great video though, you certainly make some of the better highlight vids on this site. I just personally don't like music in sports videos in general, though I know it's a popular thing to do and probably helps avoids copyright shit.

  3. I was at the game when Beltre made the home run on errors. When he was on third they threw it over there and Beltre hit the third baseman's arm causing him to miss the ball.

  4. Thanks, for the captions it, I really enjoyed it, havent seen a basebll games since my NY Yankee days.  Tell your friend that was a great idea. 🙂 Loved it!

  5. Hey Adam there is a guy who was at a royals game and he had a cardinals shirt and a black hawks hat

  6. 2:49, I'm disappointed in TAYLOR because she was being being racist. Comment on this comment what you would've done. I would have given the ball to the Dark Skin Color Kid.

  7. Just a tip for your videos….. No music? I think watching baseball highlights or bloopers ect, Is better without music, just so you can hear the announcers reactions and stuff.

  8. These videos are awesome boss, shows the great side of baseball. Makes me love this sport! Keep doing what your doing!

  9. What I love about baseball is that I find myself constantly saying "wow I've never seen that before in my life!" despite having watched baseball for as long as I can remember. These videos contain so many of those moments (including many I missed!) so I thank you for a job well done collecting these.

  10. Omg… 6:21… Can't stop replaying that.  Bahahahaha! Not only were THEY synchronized but it was also synchronized with the music.

  11. Great video! Very entertaining. I'm a little surprised though of all the clips you used from the Orioles/White Sox game at the empty Camden Yards, that you didn't include the part in the 7th inning where Gary Thorne commentates during Adam Jones' at bat as though he was commentator for The Masters at Augusta. It was just a hilarious scene that oddly enough mirrored rather well what you would normally hear during a golf tournament, from the solid strike of the ball all the way down to the distant cheering of the few fans that were cheering from outside the ball park. I guess you can't use them all though.

  12. Oh, gj man! Great videos, i live in brazil and here baseball is a smaller sport, and now i can see funny plays because your videos, thank you so much! +1sub

  13. If you want to avoid negative comments and votes, try not putting segments which don't feature ANY bloopers and thus an NOT relavent to the video. If you want to political statements and show the atmosphere of the empty stadium – which in and of itself might make for an interesting asthetic, do it in a separate video.

  14. 2:44 thats sexist and racist, first goes for the girl, ignores the boy, then ignores the colored kid and goes for the white kid.

  15. this white lady at 2:50 is just racist. she didn't give the ball to the white girl because she turned around and looked at the little black boy and walked over to give it to the white kid.

  16. A game shutout to the fans? I don’t recall that but as a player I would have refused to play. The fans pay their salaries! And Rodney King had nothing to do with anything 2015. Someone playing the race card out of turn!

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