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1; 2; 3…. 28;29;30 …..teasing….. Ahhh, there’s a BEE Hey Guys, today we play…. Hide and Seek Yeah, we will play hide and seek in the corn maze Can’t go under Sun Flower Maze Make sure don’t go too far out And if you are caught you will be lose You want to go hide first? I will count to 30 ok?!! 1;2;3;4…. …30. Ok, Here we go! Please give us a Thump Up! If you like our efforts! 🙂 Where are you, Philip??? Where are you? Philip! Where are you? I don’t see you anywhere! 🙂 Philip…. I will pretend I can’t see him! as you see, he is right there! I don’t know where you are! I saw you in the first second I can see you from over there What place? Overthere! Now your turns! OK. 30 seconds?? 1;2;3;4…. 28; 29; 30 OK, You’re loose! Philip is very good! No He found right the way! You’re loose! I Win! You’re loose! OK Go! 1;2;3;4;5;6… 30. OK What did you do? I don’t know. I was just…there! I went over there, then I I was there and like…this I can’t see you anywhere! I was right there, then I came there, and I followed you! all the way to here Ok, so we’re gonna play Hide and Seek one more time. But… We’re gonna play instead of here. We will go to Sun Flower Maze Philip doesn’t want to cause there are a lot of BEE But we’re still gonna go! That’s Okey with him! What did you do? What you did for? No, Don’t Don’t kill the plant I just saw 1 bee already! Aaaaa, I see a Bug I can’t even wait to die OK, I will count. Run! 1; 2; 3; 4….. 28; 29; 30 I heard he went this way because he screamed out over there So Philip, there’s a Bee behind you! Where did he go?? He is over there! Just right next to the corn maze! He is kind of cheating! …..teasing….. Aaaaaaaaa There’s a BEE There’s a Bee is trying to kill me! So, Thank you for watching Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel And Pls Like our Video! 5 Likes? Don’t go over 5 Likes! I like 5! Hey, any 5 is good! As 505, that is good You don’t like the number 5! I love number 5 Ok, Next video (On the Top Right), we will play Picking up those Vegy! So funny, check it out! Goodbye! See you on next Video Philip Chloe Justin

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