Fußballfloskeln wörtlich genommen | WDR – Sendung mit der Maus

Welcome under [at] the sugarhat [sugarloaf] of Rio de Janeiro. The final of the FIFA World Cup 2014. Germany against Brazil. No surprises in Germany’s line-up. Miroslav Klose in the storm [playing striker] as usual.
Schweinsteiger as vacuum cleaner in front of the defense. Our national coach Jogi Löw is waiting
tensed up for the game to begin. And now the referee whistles,
the game begins. The teams pat down each other first. The spaces in midfield are tight.
They’re standing on each other’s feet. But all of the sudden Neymar appears,
grabs the round leather [ball] leaves Schweinsteiger lying on the left [ignores him].
He’s strolling easily goalwards. Well, is the whole German defense sleeping? In the very last second Kroos pulls the emergency brake but this leads to a free kick.
Jogi Löw still seems to be tensed. Neymar will take it.
Neuer conducts the German wall until it’s in the right position. Now the referee releases the ball.
and Neymar shoots. Bang! but Neuer keeps his box clean [keeps a clean sheet]. Corner for Brazil. Ramires starts… kicks the corner [takes the corner kick] and converts it immediately: 1:0 Brazil. Manuel Neuer has no other choice but to fish the ball out of the net. Jogi Löw appears calm on the outside,
but he’s got to be boiling inside. The Germans carry it off. But now they need to react. Schweinsteiger distributes the balls from the control centre. Marco Reus, who’s out-dancing his guard [fooling his opponent] Dante and downright playing knots in his legs. The Balls comes to Klose, but Paulinho sticks to him. Klose, Klose is able to come loose [free himself] from Paulinho and it’s ringing in Jefferson’s casing [there’s the goal]. Goooal! What a Goal!
And it must be said the Brazilian goalkeeper didn’t look good there. Relief is written all over the players faces. The German team thanks Reus the cross-god. 1:1 But here come the Brazilians. Neymar, there’s Paulinho and Ramires.
Naymar to Ramires. Ramires, still Ramires and and there is Dante. Dante! Lahm tries to stop him at the sideline, but Dante runs past him and sends a far passport [pass]to the front Neymar takes the passport [pass]. What a hammer-passport [an amazing pass]. But there was a hand in the game [a hand involved]. The referee must have seen that!? Where is he looking? Either he is blind or he has tomatoes on his eyes [can’t see] or both. Neymar now on position in front of the goal, but what is he doing there?
– abracadabra – He’s conjures the ball in Neuer’s goal
and the German keeper has to grab behind him agian.
2:1 Brazil. And the referee whistles [blows] for halftime. Jogi Löw washed the players heads properly [has given them a proper taking-to ] during the pause. If they whant to win, they have to put a shovel on top [step up their game]. Schweinsteiger now with Kross as double-sixes. But there’s no getting through for Germany, ‘cause the Brazilians are moving their defensive chain very deftly. But Reus finds gap.
Ramires leaves one leg standing [puts a leg out]. Reus falls on the ground and the referee whistles. The Brazilians believe in a swallow [diver]. But the penalty is awarded.
Müller pulls himself together and puts the thing in [puts it in]! It’s 2: 2 now and everything is open again shortly before the game ends. But the German players can’t get out of their box. It’s jinxed! And the Brazilians are throwing forward everything they have [attacking wildly]. Schmelzer is still tilling [working] the left side relentlessly. Awesome, what he has achieved there today. And here a flat [low] ball is passing through. That’s dangerous! Lahm get rid of the pill [ball]!
Chaos is reigning the German box. The German game is falling apart completely. Reus from way back. He’s trying.
But there is now coming through the leg-forest [defence] of the Brazilians.
Maybe now: Schmelzer on top of [to] Özil, he on top of [passes to] Götze, Schweini on top of [to] Müller. But it’s hopeless. Klose is sneaking up and drily dusts of the ball [steals the ball ]. and nails it under Jeffersons crossbar.
– Gooooal – Unbelievable!
Nothing moves anymore [That’s it]! The referee blows the final whistle. The Game is done! Germany is world champion. The national coach can’t be held back anymore. Müller is beside him self!
The Brazilians are leaving the field kinked [crestfallen]. Jogi Löw is put in the champagne shower and with these beautiful drawings [images] we say goodbye from the final of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil .

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  2. Jo, ich hab's auch schon zig-fach gesehen und find's immer noch Hammer-genial. Auch für Erwachsene. Das ist Kinderfernsehen mit echtem Mehrwert!

  3. Und da wundert man sich das es heißt die Deutschen hätten keinen Humor………und sie haben Recht🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Wenn sie das echte Spiel wörtlich nachgestellt hätten, hätten die einfach eine Schießbude aufstellen müssen und Deutschland hätte so oft Geschossen bis sie auseinander gefallen wäre

  5. Doch Neuer hält die Kiste sauber. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Unsere Grundschullehrerin hat uns das in der vierten Klasse mal gezeigt und das ist einfach schon fünf Jahre her und ich lache mich immer noch kaputt😂😂

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