Gallaudet Women’s Volleyball Enters NCAA Playoffs for 5th Straight Year

For the 5th straight year Gallaudet University’s
Women’s volleyball team has won the North Eastern Athletics Conference. I caught up
with the team as they head into the first game of the NCAA Division 3 playoffs. (Team cheering) Julia: “With a great coach and a great team
we always manage to find a way into the playoffs. “ They will face Christopher Newport University
for their first game. Lynn Ray: “We’ve learned so much from
where we originally started at the beginning of the season and now we’ll just give it
our all.” Gallaudet is seeded number 8 while CNU is
seeded number 1 in the region. Coach Lynn Ray says they may not win… Lynn Ray: “But we know we are the underdogs
so we’ll give it our best shot and not go down easy. “ In the 5 years they’ve managed to enter
the playoffs they’ve never been able to make it past the first game and everyone’s
expecting CNU to win… Kali: “Our goal is to at least win one set
or hopefully we can win enough to upset them. “ TraciAnn: “This is just a good challenge
for us… to really give it our best shot and just see how the results work out after
the match. “ The team has been strong on a regional level
for years and continuing to play for NCAA championships has kept the program alive. Lynn Ray: “It’s everyone’s dream to
make it into the NCAA playoffs. By winning for so many years we’ve set high standards
for ourselves to keep it up and make it into the NCAA every year. “ We will see how they do tonight. The match
starts at 8 p.m. eastern standard time.

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