GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL in Real Life! (GM Rescue after 24 hours at Quadrant Headquarters)

hey zamfam it’s Rebecca and early this
morning when it was still dark outside we escaped with the gamemaster from the
quadrants top-secret headquarters we were there overnight for over 24 hours
it was close but we did escape and now we’re gonna take the gamemaster inside
to where it’s a lot safer and we’re gonna do a face reveal this is crazy
alright let’s go zamfam it seems no one’s here zamfam smash that thumbs
up button right now if you are excited to finally do a face reveal in the real
game master we’re good we’re good yes we need to make sure the game master
sees safe and away from the what’s crazy is that we didn’t cr-z
Toinette all at the quadrants headquarters Matt just check around the corner make
sure that’s okay okay all right game master here you want to
see right here cool okay do you want to water anything okay
just tell you here there’s a long day weeks I can imagine if you forgive
reciting getting me off here you go okay so why don’t you have a drink Matt I are
just gonna go in the back real quick get changed for a seconds we’ve been in
these clothes for a while so have you I guess we’re really excited though to see
your true identity so we’ll be right back okay Matt zamfam
I cannot believe that we are about to do a face reveal on the gamemaster we’ve
been waiting for this since what like last August what do you want to ask him
there’s so many questions that we need to ask him zamfam comment below some
questions you think we should ask him I want to ask him why he chose us yeah out
of all the different youtubers he chose us to try to defeat the quadrant so I
want to ask him that let’s get changed real quick and then we can go out there
and ask him some questions we have him do a lie detector test no I trust him we
don’t need to make him do a lie detector test what do you think he’s gonna try to
escape no I think we’re good just change quickly just in case okay
feels good to be changed after 24 hours tell me about it Oh Matt he’s gone no
wait what are you doing even a good partner
oh okay do you mind if we ask you a few
questions people do you want to have a seat
I prefer to stand oh okay man I have so many questions for you I I don’t know
where to start I guess my first question is Matt and I received a private message
that was from you before you went missing and it required a facial
recognition and Matt and I watched it and it glitched out at the end but us
said don’t trust RZ twin and your my Zamfam commented a ton of comments
saying that it might be our cameraman Daniel is that true no no I completely
trust Daniel besides you see he’s my top operative oh
well that’s good Matt because huge relief we’ve trusted Daniel too and we
were worried that maybe for some reason we couldn’t trust him if you actually
call and check on him you’re right we haven’t checked on him okay here call
him went straight to voicemail you saw him last right do you master yeah I did
but remember I told him to create a distraction I’m sure he’s safe okay
human so the next question I have is what’s gonna be happening at e2
you know as much as I know but I do know that the device I created is key to
kick-starting their plan for e2 so the quadrant needs your device that you
created exactly do we know anything about e 2 we know that it is an enable
yeah yeah we heard that in the interrogation room when we were spying
on you why did you choose Matt and I out of all the youtubers you’ve picked us
defeat the quadrant like we didn’t have any spy ninja training before this why
us you seem to be the most limited
I believed in your success to be successful for the training that they
gave okay thanks yeah yeah thank you that means a lot we’ve been through a
lot well Matt and I have done everything
that you’ve asked I think it’s only fair that you do a face reveal now yes no I
don’t think it’s the right time for me to reveal my face no of course it is
we’re we’re safe we’re in this safe house we’re totally fine we escaped the
quadrant the zafmam they have helped us solve clues and they deserve a face
reveal just like you deserve a face reveal are you going to be going no no
we’re doing a face reveal today it’s going to be different than what you’re
not it’s not what you’re expecting Mac and I cannot trust you and move forward
with you if you do not do a face reveal right now Daniel Daniel you’ve had us do spying
injured trainee you’ve had to escape room solve puzzle broke into her house
you set up cameras everywhere surveillance and you were in our control
room the zamfam but it with you yeah you’re the game app I am NOT the game
master that’s a game master voice it has to be
you this whole time this whole time what are you doing
what is that what did you do what I should be back to normal
what know what just your voice just changed what what is that
CPM comment below what that is Daniel we trusted you I can’t believe you are the
game I am NOT the game master this has been going on with everything I’ve got
the game master okay wait how of course you are well let me do know you a little
bit of footage it’ll prove to you what’s going on okay clues like in riddles now
makes sense it was you the whole time it was not me do all those 24-hour
challenges Battle Royale if we stayed overnight it’s not me it’s not me I am
NOT the game master I promise you if you just allow me to show you some footage
from our 24 hour break in into the quadrant I will show you what happened
comment below if you think that Daniel is the game master and you knew it the
whole time or if you think there’s something else going on
can we trust him obviously not that makes no sense we just went into the
headquarters to rescue the game master which turns out to be Daniel I don’t
know how it could not make sense it sounds just like the game master so we
would human in with us does he work for the quadrant what if he is what if that
whole thing was a trap are you sdcard why would it be on here from the camera
honestly even if it shows something on there I don’t know if I can trust you I
don’t know what would be on there that would convince us that you
the game master at this point just way too easy laptop okay this will prove and
show that I am NOT the game master okay I just don’t see how it’s possible that
you’re not I was in quadrant HQ with you guys we broke in all together and the
game master was locked away right no point he was filming with us that’s
right the game master but that could just been a quadrant member dressing
that business yeah I mean there’s a million ways that it could go liam famil
comment if you have any ideas on how that happened what the game master is
still part of the quadrant the game master is not a part of the quadrant I
can guarantee you that all right you’re breaking in making part of the plan all
right lit up this is right after Matt shut down the power
so I’m busting in to this yeah there’s the game master I’m filming I setting
the camera down you see me you see if you didn’t master but now watch I switch
masks with him what good wine down here wine okay okay there I am busting in huh
I set the camera down yeah see I’m talking to him and then right there
exchanging masks so I exchanged masks with the game master why why would you
do that it was the only way to guarantee that he could get out there safely
because if he was with you guys the quadrant might have caught up to you we
don’t know but when he was by himself you don’t see you space so do you know
who the game master is they do yeah you saw his face his true
identity yes who is it who is it I haven’t been given clearance to tell you
what Daniel don’t like I kind of trust you now then it’s hard well the game
master hasn’t given me clearance let you know his true identity so you lied to us
you’re a liar you told us that we were helping the gamemaster escape but we
were just helping you escape we had to draw attention away from the gamemaster
and put it onto us just in case the quadrant was following after us okay
well then where is the real game master now I would got a message I’m in a full
wall right she made it out see why it’s when the game master we haven’t got a
message on your Apple watch in a long time I’m not even wearing mine I’m glad
you had yours mad you can’t it’s a turnaround on your TV with your help I
was able to escape the department’s headquarters however I must stay at a
top-secret location so they can’t find me I cannot reveal where this location
is but just know I am safe there are still two objectives left to fully stop
e to number one is the date we know now it is in April but it is imperative you
help find in the exact date while you were helping me escape RZ twin was
able to help department moves to Phase two of eat even without all the device
needs I’m confident she will be trying to get
those back from you next in order to find RZ twins next target look for a
clue that you’ve had in your possession for a while now so go see your most
secure location and a light will guide the way wait so you’re not the game I’m
not seeing you just got a message from them okay well I guess we can kind of
trust you I want to stop e to as much as you guys do okay well then we need to
figure this out the game master gave us a riddle that we need to figure
it was something about my secure location
yeah and following the light so what’s our most secure location right the
control room okay well let’s head to the control room
and figure out the clue because we need to stop each you as soon as possible yes
right Matt do you need some justice we have spy gadgets in the car you sure
yeah yeah yeah it’s okay I hope everything’s here still here
yeah okay so what the what the message say sit follow the light and then and
then it also said that we had the clue all along okay yeah okay I brought spy
gadgets from the car that we have we don’t think it the movies like a
backlight last light whoa whoa let me see em fan pictures the YouTube play
button it’s like only the top of it there’s something with the top of a play
button and we don’t see it you guys and we need to figure out who the next
target is for the quadrant maybe there’s a message at one here is the last thing
right that’s the only thing that we haven’t checked yet game master did give
these to us right that’s why we hung them up in their view that we have
schematics of drones no we’re gay I need to figure this out
what you want something yeah what’s it say it says KK uh-huh
KH okay so KH s you guys let me know what you think that stands for its
initials maybe right the next target the next target
you did say maybe it could be another youtuber right initials initials okay k
HS HS Katy peas Keith Keith crisp a training of waters theme but that’s like
with a CH okay Kurt Kurt drumset drumset Kurt Hugo Schneider they were cloning
him at the doll house maybe he is the next target
we have to warn him you guys got these clues a while ago do you think we had
that on there the whole time or do you think somebody might have just put it on
there I think we need to go to Kurt’s snatch the thumbs up button if you can your question are they bad that’s it
that’s the alarm signal I think we need to go to Kurt’s house right now did the
quadrant still following us they can’t know that we’re going to Kurt’s right
now because Curtis music but what was the
part with the curse that’s what car you back there yes right there so let behind
it their biggest past they just passed
where his place is right up here we received an you it’s up white banner we need to get into Kurt’s place too
soon I don’t see any drugs okay so this is Kurt’s place Hey oh my gosh great see
you guys again what judy thinner oh yeah I don’t know I mean how about your your
this here your just yesterday just Rebecca yeah sure it came out like great
why is that yeah this was just yesterday you’re you’re right over here you’re
looking around tonight can I take this really quickly yeah what is it
Jamie you guys it’s our z twin

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