Game Master Network Hide and Seek at Cabin to Trap GMI Agents!

in the house Haigh a master Network
right now the G my agents are in our cabin and it’s turned into a height
NCUA’s or whether all of you do okay it’s good here we’ll see we didn’t
last leave the pool challenge and what they revealed is that the gamemaster
have a new math and the Halloween hacker is the new villain I forgot to show you
guys this look past when the database is on D – agh so when we made the deal with
the agents they didn’t know that we could figure this out we heard them say
put it to the lights we found that out which is probably why they’re chasing us
we’re not supposed to know that information
so the GMI is out there we want to stay in this room but her dogs are out there
so we need to rescue them and make sure they’re okay in the kitchen blue kitchen wherever you are you back didn’t play
fair you tricked us should you know who
couldn’t read the message okay I gotta say we do I don’t know okay
here we need to come up with a frame we hold it oh no I’m an idea okay that’s
what I just got new update on it there’s so many feature I can actually make it
look like somebody else’s dragon you tricked him with the Tesla to test the
trick Frank so when the camera three we’re gonna run outside they’re gonna
chase it lets the go out okay okay let me get back okay I got the keys here we
go get max to network smash the thumbs up right now continues good work exactly
we’re gonna let you get that but we gotta go Mac let’s get to the test lab
okay it worked okay so now I usually need to
see what Daniel is up to wait sit down and let’s go through all the information
with you guys in the gamemaster Network about what just happened and all the
information we found out the guy okay where did you send the Tesla by the way
I’m sending it to the tree house the tree house
yeah so the GM I agents are gonna go to the tree house right now okay after
after we talk to them we need to go back and spy on them and then we have to get
the Tesla back okay so much has happened since we saw you guys last so we want to
catch you up as you guys saw we finally figured out what each H means it’s the
Halloween hacker yeah we had been tracking different pumpkins and inside
the pumpkins were notes and we put them together like you guys saw and it said
that the password for the database is ND – yeah is this on D – on dt82 and then
it said – each H which we learned after winning the last Sofia the pool
challenge is the Halloween hacker and it’s the GM eyes new villain Rebecca
when I was in the prison with Daniel yeah we’re in the other room I saw the
key on the card and it said D – on it – you actually unlocked Daniels handcuff D
2 is also Daniels Club maybe Oh has something to do with Daniel you guys
let us know what you think right now I think we need to check in with Daniel
right now who’s been trying to hack into the reactivate er we’re in hey Game
Master Network good to see you again this is the real Daniel not this d2 that
they’re talking about do you believe that I have a clone I know what’s going
on do you think d2 is my clone okay you saw this device right r:z twin told me
that in between the cerebral analysis sessions the GMI agents will carry this
around they’ll hold this up to your face shine the light that comes out of here
into your eyes and it helps kind of keep the cerebral analysis process going
until you can go back in for more cerebral analysis that’s why they call
it the reactivate ER after the big guest who game Matt came up with a great idea
on how we were able to trap the GMI agents he was able to handcuff them and
then we took him back to the safe house back at the safe house you saw that we
did a lie-detector test on them even though we gave him the lie-detector
potion they were able to still tell us different things especially about the
mirror initiative one of them said that guess who was the Mariner’s what am I
said that guess who was the beta test of the mirror initiative so we need to
figure out what’s going on luckily while we were giving them a lie-detector test
this fell out of their pocket so now I’m gonna be able to plug this in back in
and see what is really going on with this okay dad is coming in right now
this device has a lot of information on it it’s not only just a reactive ATAR
it seems as though it’s almost like a data stick like it carries all this
different information on it maybe if they need to refer to it maybe do what
I’m doing plug it into their computer I’m getting a lot of details about
gamemaster incorporated main thing that we’re trying to find out is what’s going
on with the real Game Master so I’m going to do a quick search something’s
coming up something’s coming up about the game masters a new mask it looks
like I might be finding image alright guys I’m gonna show you
some of these images let me know what you think of these do you see this I
mean it’s kind of broken up but this might have something to do with the game
masters new mask it looks really neat whatever it is I mean I don’t know if
it’s the new mass or if it’s some sort of other device comment down below what
do you think this device is this green just kind of took over guy I’m not
controlling this guys this is more information about how this works it
looks like the light travels inside your pupils in your eyes all the electrodes
in your brain absorb that light and the information and resets the programming
that the GMI is giving the people that work for them there’s a protective way
if you get into a situation will they have a reactive ater and they try to
shine the light sunglasses that’s why it’s so important for the GMI agents to
wear their sunglasses I wonder if that even work it seemed like when matte
shining light that something happened to them but back to the mass the gamemaster
mask is really important right because we need to know what’s going on with the
real game master is the game master returning what do you guys think I’m
getting a location the game masters mask is back in Los Angeles tell Matt Rebecca
that they need to trap the GMI agent if they trap the GMI agents and leave them
in Big Bear it’ll give them a head start and maybe we can go and find out where
the gamemaster mask is I’m gonna keep looking around digging in in here maybe
I’ll be able to pinpoint an exact location of where this mask is we got to
find this mask we got to figure out what’s going on with the real game
master alright so we know that the new mass for the game master is in lossing
yeah and we’re in Big Bear right now which means the agents are too so I
think we need to go back get the Tesla from the tree house and tried to trap
them so that we can get back before they do and if we can get the game masters
that’s you guys the game master is coming back this is crazy let us know
what you think the game masters new mask is going to look like to get over there they don’t know we’re here
Brooke obliphica they came up I don’t know does it GM I have a youtube channel
it’s my camera Melissa happened when we were doing I
can see they’re going up we need to get closer you guys they have a youtube
channel do you guys might be able to help us
find information guys comment down below if you found that YouTube’s you know they said gee my channel here my youtube
channel they put a tracking device in my car I
see one on the bottom you see it I can see it right there
now it’s actually smart that you drove the Tesla to the tree house because we
can trap them again it’s a really good idea with the bridge try to get under I
can’t let them see us there whenever Daniels gonna be so proud of us plan is
we’re gonna trap them in the tree house getting the Tesla try and get to La like
Daniel said you said the mask is there none of this we make sure you are
subscribed to have notifications on and check out the video right here
shut up to you guys in the gamemaster network that got our merch and tagged us
on Instagram okay we gotta go the keymod says a new Mass I know

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  1. The GMI’s YouTube Channel is called Game Master Incorporated 31.5k subscribes and one video called “Trapped in the tree house”

  2. Yup it's called ################# I'm not telling you it's private and they said not to tell enyone exspeciely you guys!

  3. Does anybody else ever wonder who looks after peanut and blackjack because they always shift between the safe house,LA and big bear

  4. Actually what i was saying that the gmi agents have a youtube channel it's game master incoprated and when you went to the tree house the gmi agents were recoding i am trying to help you

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