Game Recap: Harvard Women’s Ice Hockey vs. UNH

From the Bright-Landry Hockey Center on
the campus of Harvard University this is the Ivy League on ESPN… the production
for the Crimson so far this year here’s a quick chance right away and Reed makes the stop…this down the middle the ice for Brooke Jovanovich impasse right up the ice
going to Hughes and all the way on to Boutilier McManus wraps it around was on side sent it over to the
middle in the cold….an opportunity for Harvard all the way up the ice…SCORE!!! one on two heck of an effort here for
Gilmore kept the fog but…McDonald tried to take it away New Hampshire up the ice
Reed off her chest…center ice to three on two knots around Reed…advantage of a line changed Moy into the middle tries …looking to the middle again to the
point Della Rovere had a shot… …able to get tangled up and
keep the puck in it’s still loose in front turnaround shot blocked again
another attempt Boutilier keeps…New Hampshire with a 3-1 victory at
the Bright-Landry Hockey Center over number nine Harvard a great day for the
Wildcats and Harvard will have Thanksgiving it a hit to Nashville

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