Game Recap: Harvard Women’s Ice Hockey vs. Yale

From the Bright-Landry Hockey Center on
the campus of Harvard University, this is the Ivy League on ESPN. Today in an early
season ECAC battle, it is the game on ice Go to the front of the
net, you’re gonna have a great look here as Highland just skates backwards right
in front of Maloney takes away her eyesight. Great pass from Hughes, right in on Gilmore, on a
breakaway, and scores through the five hole. To the point holding there is
Glover, shot in, scores off the glove and in. Starting to push again Dalton coming in
backhand try and score oh what a shot by Claire Dalton. Still pushing it comes across. Pushes it on goal Foggia scores
power play goal Yale. Near side of the net back to Willoughby waiting on it, shot and scores With room it is coming in Becca Gilmore, what a save. Lee centering one. Reed got her stick. Here is Tresca
her shot on the ground deflected in front rebound try somehow didn’t go as it
slid across. Shot in another glove save by Reed. Still
working with it to the ground Gilmore scores falling to the ground and a 5-2
crimson lead.

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