100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Fallout Bottle Caps are Worth HOW MUCH?!?

  1. hah. The game: Day R Survival (A Post-Apocalyptic game) set in environment at U.S.S.R will set outside. No underground shelter. (Except Cellar, and dugouts for making wine and beer) Just house to search.

  2. $1.67 (as of 1961) is NOT expensive! It means that inflation has devalued our currency; meaning the U.S. dollar had more purchasing power than it does today. Do you even Econ-101, MatPat?

  3. this comes from a time when todd howard was good at making announcements without ticking Bethesda fans off

  4. Theres also the question of value/situation: you could have the first copy of fallout4 fresh off the press and your mama wouldnt spent a buck on it….. or a situation where you had to save your own life in exchange for a gold bar

  5. Back in high school, this one class spent 5 years collecting bottlecaps in order to get into the Guiness book of records (which was still a thing at that point). As far as I know, they were a little short by the time they graduated.
    I do recall coming across one of their stashes, which consisted of several large bags. It would probably have taken a van to move the things, but now I see how valuable such a heist would have been.

  6. You can't actually say that naturebox snacks are radiation-free. There's at least traces of radioactive carbon, potassium, and a few others!

  7. Mat but wouldn't the value of gold change person to person like for Mr.house could use it for robotics but like you said a person like a tribal would have no use for it. Like it depends where you are who you are talking to and how much they need it so the amount of money you said caps where in fallout nv maybe worth something else in fallout 3

  8. Idk if I didn’t listen but I think matpat wasted his time.Both games have Pre-war money so he would have just had to convert the value of an American dollar before the Divergence to nowadays American dollars.Criticise me if I’m wrong

  9. MatPat said in the beginning of the video that World War II hasn't really ended but the nukes fall during Fallout's version of the Cold War.

    Also World War II did end in the Fallout universe because it says in the beginning of Fallout 4 that the US ended WWII and started using atomic energy as a "Nearly Limitless Fuel Source".

  10. yeah but thing, there s no ather way for him to get thous bottle caps exept from buying the hole bottle sooo if one bottle worths 1 us dollar then he gave 2,240 dollars! sorry for the spelling

  11. Matpat I have to tell you at one point in this video you were kinda wrong,in fallout 3 there is a bottle cap press for when you find a sunset sarsaparilla machine and the press was used by raiders to counterfeit their own caps

  12. The internet says 1 cap is 2 bullets (dont know which) and 2 bullets are like 40 cents so its like 1 cap for 40 cents

  13. I mean you cannot compare that really thats a whole diffrent econemy. Most people who compare really old currencies with todays money, mostly used food, houses and etc.

  14. The gold bars in Dead Money are underprised. The massege behind this DLC was letting go, the developers didn't wanted you to take the gold bars, you had to let go, but it was still possible to take a few of them and if they would have the real world prise this would be to op and giving them a reasonable prise and make them heavier wasn't an option either because the game is glitched so gamers would find ways to take all gold bars with them.

  15. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’m not gonna make one of those comments
    That say “why is my like blue?”

  16. It was the cold war that never ended after the fall of the Soviet union Communist China continoud the vol war whit USA

  17. Cigarettes were also the currency of Berlin after WWII, because the “reichmark” was so worthless that you needed even more money for just a bread than you needed before WWII in Weimar Republic.

  18. Hey Mat, I came across a theory you should take a look in to. There's a theory that the "Rogue Knight" in FO4's Nuka Wolrd DLC is the player character from Fallout 3. Think you could prove or disprove that one?

  19. 4:10 Groceries are also used a lot, it's a way to basically by drugs with an EBT card (food stamps). smh The detergent thing is true to, that's why it's one of the most commonly stolen items in retail.

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