Gamers Reactions to Bats Jumpscare | Getting Over It

Oh… OH… OH! (Mark pls) OHH IT FEELS GOOD. OH THAT’S- THAT’S ALOT OF DOPAMINE! AHH! AHHHhh! (All content here is brought to you by all various Youtubers and made to comp form by GRC) It’s not like they stopped making it… (pauses) …easy to slingshot yourself. All you gotta- All I got to do is bounce off this wall kind of wrong, and we’re going back. Way back! Because I’m pretty sure– shut your, your mouth. (gasp) There’s a thumb! Up there. There’s a thumbs-up up… …there. All right, if it would let go of this thumb. I’m stuck on this thumb. (How?) Okay. Right up the butt. (Whatever you say…) I’m gonna “po-ger”. (You mean Pogo?) Oh please. AHHHH! (massive Noise and bat jumpscare)
(falls away from chair) (zoom in; cauldron man looks to left) (Nope, I think he is not, dude.) (Bell tolls) x2 Truly…unnecessary. (Agreed.) (Bell tolls and in game sounds) (Bell tolls) x4 (Must be 4 o’clock) Come on… (easing down) Oh, dude. Oh dude, get over there. (Cool your jets, I’m on my way.) Bells tolls x4 again (Massive noise-n-bats from the belfry) (mouth wide open and eyes shut) [His heart must have stopped.] Whaa- ha- that’s such bullshit! Fuck! (inhale) Give me a goddamn heart attack, like that?! Are you kidding me?!!! (Nope) What in the world? (I don’t know, man.) (Absolute focus. Obverse the focus…OBSERVE IT!) Easy does it. (Target locked in) (attempt to go up followed by an absolute fail) (dejected) Alright, fair- fair play. (Don’t think so.) (game noise and thought change) No, I-I want to go down….a bit. (But going up is the point of the game right?) (pushes down) (then pushes up to land back on the same spot) Oh, fuck, how did I–? I did this like…(trails off) Oh shit. (going up) (shudder) (onward and upward) Oh, holy shit! …It’s that fucking thumb! (JUMPSCARE)
(screaming) NO! OH MY GOD– FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!
(The rage is all too real.) FUCK! FUCK! FUUUCK!
(The rage is all too real. And understandable.) (gasp) Whoa…!
(audience gasps with him) Okay, we made progress right there! That was very close, that was very, very close! Like this, and then I was able to grab onto the edge Like this, and then I was able to grab onto the edge– Okay, bad example, but the theory’s there. (Hear that? That’s Hobbit music. 😀 ) Wait, what? I just saw a gift come down; I guess– I’ve fallen, so I may as well check this thing out. (JUMPSCARE) (Why is life pain.) (insert “Fuck This Shit, I’m Out” song here) Should I take that as a mockery? The game knows I’m stuck here so long, it purposely dropped the present perfectly to land there, and it was just full of bats?
(Did someone just sneeze?) (gasp) Oh, wow! 😀 Wow, everybody! 😀 He did it! hee ded ey
(Translation: He did it!) Yatta! (insert happy Japanese emoticon here) (high-fives self) BAH! Ya thought I couldn’t do it!? EASY! EASY
(I’m sure it is…) Go, away Edgar.
(Edgar: oh ok :

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