Games To Play With Dogs Inside – HIDE and SEEK

If you want to know how powerful a dog’s
nose is, then watch this video. Hi, I’m Julie. I’m a Tellington TTouch practitioner for companion
animals, a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and a certified dog trainer specialized in
behaviorism. I’m here to help you enhance the relationship
you share with your animal companion! Today’s video is about playing a simple
and fun game for you and your dog. It’s such a simple game that you’ll be happy to play it on days when long walks are not possible. And best yet, you’ll discover what this
game will bring to your dog. The core of this game is Nosework, which incorporates
the sense of smell into learning activities. One eighth of a dog’s brain is dedicated
to the sense of smell, and it’s why they are incredibly good at it. Dogs get information
about the whole world around them through their nose – it’s a little like their radar. Nosework stimulates the brain, and that’s what makes this game so enjoyable for them. It’s fun for them because they get to use their main skill, which is by itself rewarding
because smelling is connected to the limbic system – the emotional part of the brain – and
it produces endorphins. Note that there are different types of nosework
exercises and this one is the most simple to start with. It’s about going after the
smell of a treat, which the dog gets to eat when he finds it. To start the game, you’ll have your dog
sit and stay, and praise him for that. Then, because you want to set up your dog for success,
have him see where you are putting the first treats in a relatively small area nearby. Then, quite quickly, release him to go find these treats. He’s already engaging (working)
by using his sense of smell more than his sense of sight while going for the treats. As you and your dog play this game longer, you can begin to make it a little more difficult
for him by gradually extending the area where you place the treats, before releasing him
to search for them. Remember to encourage your dog while searching and praise using
Bravo, Good Dog or Yes, etc. Also, you may help to guide him by pointing
in the direction to some of the treats when he may be struggling to find them. The more they
play, the better they get. You’ll see. The point is to play together, spend some nice
time together, have fun and repeat. This is hide and seek, using treats. This game is more tiring, more educational, more interesting for dogs than just running
back and forth fetching a ball. Playing fetch is fun, and physical, but it also increases
the level of adrenaline, while nosework teaches concentration, auto-control, and also results
in increasing the dog’s self-confidence. So there it is, a simple idea of a game you
can play that consists of some light physical exercise and good nosework to stimulate the
brain, while having fun and enhancing the relationship that you have with your dog. Enjoy.

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