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To finally win a championship, that was surreal and to realize that my future in hockey, less than a week later… was a big question mark it was a pretty scary and disappointing moment. It goes way beyond hockey, it’s for women. You know, especially little girls wanting to dream the same dream that little boys do. You know we are so grateful for what we get but we do deserve better. You can really tell that we are fighting for our lives out there, we’re trying to put on the best show that we can. We were at the world championship, getting ready to play for Team Canada. To be honest with you, I thought they were going to tell us that the league was finally going to pay all the players. But in the end, overnight, we had nothing left. We thought that it had been the best year in the history of the league. We had people in the stands, we had viewership on TV and everywhere… a record year. It was a slap in the face to be honest. We are definitely not here for the money because we have none. The fight is not over. We decided to say “enough is enough”,
we will not put any effort in something that seems to be a temporary fix. On the other side, you have the players
who are working 40 hours a week, which is my case, and after that, going to practice and training during breaks and lunch hours. I don’t think people really understand what really goes into being a woman hockey player. We are paid 2000 dollars and somebody told me “2000 per month is not bad”. It’s 2000 for the whole year. The decision for the Gap Year is super important. We stand together, not only for each other, but for future generations.

8 thoughts on “Gap Year – Teaser – Kevin Raphael Docu-Serie

  1. WOW!!! J'ai tellement hâte de regarder la série!!!
    On fait de notre mieux en tant que bénévoles pour les soutenir, mais on leur souhaite le meilleure!!! Elles le mérite et travaillent très fort pour aboutir a quelque chose de concret…

  2. Look forward to seeing it 👍. The womens game is stuffed full with talent, a very dedicated group. They deserve all the recognition they can get

  3. Fière de jouer au hockey et de combattre tous les préjugés par rapport au hockey féminin ! Ces femmes sont déterminées à améliorer les conditions qu’elles n’ont pas eu pour la génération futur ! Tellement inspirant pour nous, les joueuses d’hockey qui avons nos rêves comme eux elles avaient! Bravo à toute ces femmes qui n’ont jamais arrêter de se battre même avec le travail, la famille et les entraînements ! Hâte de voir le reste du documentaire !#thewomensmouvementneverstop 💪

  4. Oh mon dieu! Kevin Raphael sur YouTube avec 127 abonnés! C’est presque autant que moi! Pour une fois que j’égalise une célébrité québécoise!

  5. Looking forward to seeing it! Thank you for shedding light on a topic that is so overlooked by our society but that needs to be talk about so that our future generations can benefit of a better future in women hockey! 🙏🏻❤️

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