13 thoughts on “Gary Carter on ‘The Baseball Bunch’

  1. Gary Carter was a class act. When he was with the Giants in 1990, they came to Phoenix to play their AAA affiliate in an exhibition game. Will Clark acted like a complete  jerk to the kids who came up to him and signed for only 3 minutes. Kevin Mitchell and Matt Williams signed for only a few minutes as well. Gary Carter signed for everyone and did it with a smile on his face. RIP to a true gentleman.

  2. Lucky for me I am from Montreal, where Gary played his best years. He ALWAYS signed anything you wanted, talked to you and gave great advice about baseball. Was fortunate to see him play from 1974-1985 & 1992 his last season. Gary was commemorated with a ballpark and a street name in Montreal. Bring back the Expos!

  3. After watching this clip, you can easily see why he was "The Kid". Gary genuinely loved the game and loved life…no acting going on in this clip. Plus, that baby blue road Expos jersey was one of the best in baseball history: so unique and sharp! RIP Gary Carter and the Montreal Expos.

  4. I know you were goofing around johnny……but do you think its a good idea of having a baseball instructional show and run the most incorrect pickle play ever known to mankind

  5. I miss this show, I loved it as a kid. They were better times back then. Bench was just about my fav player, but I liked Gary Carter a lot. RIP.

  6. the 2 greatest catchers of the all time one a legend they other would be a legend if not for #5 the way u judge catchers is by studying Johnny Bench!!

  7. The implication with the chicken is that he is willfully lackadaisical in a way that threatens the children's well being. Hence the abuse is justified. In fact, any responsible adult would not let the chicken's antics slide. He must be held accountable!

  8. Hey, anyone from the MLB network watching this?!…Stop playing the same goddamn baseball movies over & over to the point where us baseball fans hate them! I mean, how many times can you watch Major League II ??!…Start playing old episodes of The Baseball Bunch!

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