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As we go into this second overtime. Gretzky had it, lost it. Yzerman picks it up Yzerman moving, blueline chance SCORE! Steve Yzerman! Detroit wins! On the power play Sakic fakes it, takes it SCORES! Joe Sakic! Power play goal! 3-0 Colorado! Elias centers, shot, SCORE! The New Jersey Devils have won the Stanley Cup! Jason Arnott with the game winning overtime goal! Still held in, Uwe Krupp shot, SCORE!!! The Colorado Avalanche have won the Stanley Cup! Here’s Holmstrom, dropped it Larionov in Larionov for the game winner Larionov shot SCORE! Igor Larionov! The Detroit Red Wings 3, the Hurricanes 2 Back to the point Desjardins Mario blocked it Lemieux heading up ice here he comes x2 Mario Lemieux hang on He SCORES! Ya gotta love it! trailing Gretzky looking, Jari Kurri; McSorley to Gretzky… SCORES! He did it! x2 Th greatest goal scorer in NHL history is Wayne Gretzky! And after 22 years, RAYMOND BOURQUE!! Do you believe it?! x2 He said we will win game 6 He has just picked up the hat trick Richards shot Save, rebound SCORE! Ruslan Fedotenko! back up and into the zone is Erat, shot SCORE! and that will count! Recchi in, Recchi drops it, in the middle bouncing tipped, SCORE! There is Eric Lindros following it up on the left wing side There’s Lindros It’s cleared out of the zone by Recchi poked away, Lindros Lindros Recchi ??? Lindros! OH take the roof off baby! Eric Lindros! Back it comes Robitaille a chance; that got deflected to the point shot, SCORE! Detroit changing behind the play, Sergei Fedorov a shot SCORES! Fedorov! the power play for the Lightning 0-3 Calgary St. Louis puts the hit on, Leopold in the corner got it out of there moved it up the wall, Cullimore went down Taylor the shot redirected SCORE! Game 7! Martin St. Louis! We are going back to Tampa Bay! 33 seconds into the double overtime! Here’s Rucchin, Steve Rucchin a little room Rucchin a shot Save made Joseph, rebound not centered In front Rucchin SCORE! SCORES! x2 The Mighty Ducks have knocked off the defending Stanley Cup Champions! Back into the middle, McCarty shot SCORE! Trying to get there, in the middle is Maltby Shot, SCORE! Darren McCarty! Roy had to play that; empty net for a moment Maltby shot, save Roy, rebound Do you believe it!!! Hat trick! Hat trick Darren McCarty! Finals, as good as they thought he would be Darren McCarty comes back with Niinimaa in front of him McCarty draws, McCarty in, McCarty.. SCORES! A magnificent goal! Darren McCarty! and they didn’t in that house either shot, SCORE! power play goal Andy Delmore! Oh my gosh; here comes LeClair on a 3 on 1 Recchi Centered, shot SCORE! Delmore! Unbelievable! Kasparaitis got caught again certainly planning to play physical hockey Skudra knocked it away from Tocchet Delmore! He’s got a trick! They’ve brought out the wheelbarrow One of the largest collections of hats for a hat trick I’ve seen in a long time Bill Clement: This is amazing! All those circumstances not alone Nicklas Lidstrom shot hit the post SCORE! It went in! Detroit wins in overtime Nicklas Lidstrom! 1:01 into the overtime Nicklas Lidstrom Primeau got it away to Timander; a shot Save Rebound, SCORE!!! Primeau has tied the game! Gagne; Gagne for Roenick; lets it go. Primeau. Primeau draws it side of the net Roenick; shot and SCORE!!!! Simon Gagne!!! We’ve got a game 7!!! 3rd of the game; Tverdovsky a shot In front SCORE! Patrik Elias! blocked; came to the point Tverdovsky a chance, SCORE! Deflected; deflected in front! Grant Marshall! about two many men on the ice for the Devils Ozolinsh chance, SCORE! low; Sauer knocked it down Shot Marshall, SCORE! No; overtime’s not been kind to him so far in his career SCORE! Right off the faceoff! side boards Rafalski centered it shot SCORE! for him; Stevens got a shoulder in Shot, SCORE! Over to get it Gionta looking for Madden in front Madden, SCORE! Madden; came to the blueline chance SCORE! what the (Anaheim) Angels did Here’s Rucchin SCORES! White shot, blocked by Niedermayer Scott Niedermayer SCORES! Into the zone Sykora kicked it out got it back nearside Kariya Kariya; the fans want one SCORE!!!! Off the floor, on the board!!! Paul Kariya!!! time; not a bad guy to phone up and say “listen what do you think?” In the middle SCORE!! Salei! Ovetime game winner! The Ducks are back in it! Back comes Thomas; Thomas with Pahlsson cutting Here’s Ozolinsh in; Ozolinsh centered shot Oh my gosh! Rebound shot SCORE!! This series is tied! Thomas, has waited 19 years to be in the Finals; He scores the game winner! (a lot of) people stopped breathing on the Ducks bench Sent in Davidson and Clement: OH! Gary Thorne: SCORE!!! He got tied up and lost his stick! Hasek; cleared around by Barnes and out of the zone on a bounce J.P. Dumont Bob Boughner ties him up; makes sure he can’t get to it Still loose, Barnes SCORES! Buffalo 3 Pittsburgh 2! (not) cleared out though, held in Roenick looking shot SCORE! Oh mercy! He’ll say he planned that and I’m not gonna buy it 2 to 1 Flyers Another big hit; and down low Handzus Save Blackburn Penalty coming up A penalty shot! A penalty shot in overtime! With 36 seconds left! This is for the game obviously Here we go; Handzus We’re in overtime; if he gets it, Flyers win Blackburn, Handzus. Handzus SCORES!! Back it comes to Fedorov; Fedorov great read Wide side shot SCORE! Larionov looking for help; finds Lapointe Shot SCORE! Oates knocked it away; backhand shot never got through Osgood SCORE! Adam Oates created the chance for Brian Bellows! Kozlov with Brown; Kozlov, Brown shot SCORE! Dougie Brown! Onside Fedorov; Fedorov’s got help Fedorov shot, he SCORES! That’s why you pay him a billion dollars! Sergei Fedorov! and Detroit takes a 2-1 lead! then set 2 shifts here to start this overtime comes back nearside to Renberg Renberg moving it in Renberg; leaves it Here’s Lindros; open shot SCORE! The Philadelphia Flyers have won it in overtime! Eric Lindros the game winning goal! Jari Lehtonen; Hull loose puck Hull shot SCORE! x3 The Dallas Stars, Brett Hull, they’ve won the Stanley Cup! Deep in the heart of Texas, the Stars are shining Eddie Johnston getting Jagr and Lemieux together Fitzgerald a shot SCORE! Through a screen 3-0 Panthers! and tipped it; never got it in on net centered it Lemieux; SCORES! Jaromir Jagr makes it 2-0 Here’s a 2 on 1; 3 on 1 chance dropped off left side shot SCORE! Cutting Jagr, shot; rolled to the middle Lemieux dropped it; shot SCORE! Petr Nedved! We’re 1-1; shots 30-20 in favor of the Pens SCORE!! A run-and-gun shot from the top of the circle by Tom Fitzgerald! right out of nowhere! and it is 2-1 Panthers moving it back; still a 2 on 1 Lindsay drops it; shot and SCORE!! It is 3-1; the Panthers take the lead! and Garpenlov deserved it he has played a great game and in the 2 on 1 he bangs it home Fetisov shot blocked; shot SCORE! Martin Lapointe! old-time hockey right here Puck’s all over the place here’s the intercept; here comes tikkanen Osgood down and he missed the net! Esa Tikkanen BLEW IT!!! Calle Johansson knocked it away; Juneau blocking the pass by Brown Oates does not get it out Brown shot SCORE! x2 He’s tied the game! Dougie Brown! Unbelievable! playing the puck here around the wall Richards shot Save, rebound SCORE! Ruslan Fedotenko! Trying to drop it off; brings it in himself Left it in the middle Shot, SCORE! He’s got another one! Fedotenko!!! For the Calgary Flames On the power play; Conroy Conroy winds up; shot SCORE! We’re not done yet! Conroy a power play goal! It is 2-1! Khabibulin The Tampa Bay Lightning have won their first Stanley Cup!

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  1. It would be an honor for me if he ever returned….. but I have to winder if he’d almost need to get Bill Clement to do it with him, Those two were one of THE great announcing teams in the history of sports.

  2. great video here. especially gary's 90's work. great calls and memories with the red wings 96-97-98 years. that TB gm 7 in 2004 was a big deal too. i wish gary was calling games here in canada. bob cole was good IN HIS TIME but it's like having a reliable car, until you look around and realize there were better options available.

    CBC personally i felt had the best overall tv production with HNIC compared to the American broadcasts. again bob cole was good in his prime, but sam rosen,and gary thorne would have been better options. also tip of the cap to deceased dave strader.

  3. I mean I’m an orioles fan but I wish he wouldn’t have started commentating them. He was so much better with the nhl

  4. I only started watching hockey a few years ago, so Doc Emrick is who I'm most familiar with. But man, Thorne makes Doc sound like he's below average.

  5. Gary Thorne is no doubt the greatest American Hockey commentator of all time. Who should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame

  6. McCarty draws! McCarty in! McCarty! SCORES!!!! A MAGNIFICENT GOAL!!! Darren McCarty!!! One of the best calls ever

  7. Watchin the NHL playoffs last night w/my kid and started telling her how great it was when ESPN carried the NHL games, Everything was better ,from the opening to the music but most of all because of this man…How I miss Thornes play by play commentary and passion for this game we all love!!


  9. Fantastic compilation. In particular I like that you have his calls from some of the same games and series and showing the same enthusiasm for both teams when they score. He just wanted a good game he could make better.

  10. Need to add Blues/Wings 1998 game 3. Some great calls by Thorne in that game, “Al MacINNIS from center ice has tied the game”. Classic

  11. What a sad denouemont to see him callig Oriole's games. I like Doc Emrick, but I LOVED Gary Thorne. His calls, as an Avs fan, was all I remember about my high school years in Hockey. He was so cool. My spine tingles when I hear his Paul Kariya call, I got tears in my eyes when hear him call Ray Bourque's final game, and time has healed the wounds so I can even appreciate his amazing call of Steve Yzerman, a billion dollars for Federov, and McCarty's amazing goal. I am miss his powerful voice and his passion.

  12. Awesome post thanks!!! Probably one of the greatest and most underrated of all time esp in his nhl days. Gary was the absolute man!!! He gave me goosebumps even when my most hated team scored esp if it was a big game winner. "Scores!"

  13. I miss the real roaring fans in the playoffs while Thorne and Clemente we’re calling games! Now half the commentators are boring, and hardly have a pulse.

  14. I’m thinking about possibly doing a part 3, but I need more suggestions of clips to use. Please reply to this with calls, saves, or goals I could put into a part 3!

  15. Okay, I'm that guy.  Thorne sucks.  He was a one-trick pony, in his case it involved screaming "SCORE!" as loud as he could, and then offering the most obvious observation possible.  It got annoying very quickly.

  16. Fuck that dirty ass bum Scott Stevens forever and ever, learn to lay a check when a man has the puck on his stick for once you walking goatee piece of shit

  17. Do you believe it….DO YOU BELIEVE IT??? Or GAME 7, MARTIN ST. LOUIS!!! After 22 years, RAYMOND BOURQUE ok you get the point lol. Voice of god baby!!!

  18. Could you imagine if he was the commentator for the 2010 Gold Medal on the Olympic Ice Hockey game between the 🇺🇸 and 🇨🇦 even though 🇨🇦 scored the game winning goal I would love to hear this passion when Crosby score the goal.

  19. Why is the greatest hockey commentator of all time calling Baltimore Oriole games? Bring him back where he belongs

  20. Most of these have to do with the red wings, avalanche, and devils; the powerhouses of the late 90s and early 2000’s

  21. I just skip to 4:25. Bc that goal by my favorite player of all time Keith Primeau, and that call by Gary, is one of the great moments of my young life. I’ll never forget Gary’s call. That guy is a legend. He gave that moment the call it deserved. And he always would. No one is better than Gary. That includes doc.

  22. Not sure if OP is a Detroit fan or if they were just THAT dominant in the years the NHL was on ABC and ESPN.

  23. it's completely fucking ridiculous that we have to suffer doc emrick sounding like an elf-like thesaurus instead of a voice like thorne, fuck nbc and fuck the nhl

  24. 1:28 Freeze it there. Ray Bourque – The ultimate PASSENGER toward a CUP. This guy did NOTHING to help the AVS win. He was useless, did not score, did not do much of anything aside from taking up space.

    It's the most UNDESERVED CUP win I've ever seen a player get. Which is also why I am bitter that the Devils lost to the Avs here.

  25. Gretzky had it, lost it. Yzerman picks it up. Yzerman moving, blue line chance SCORES! STEVE YZERMAN! DETROIT WINS!

  26. DMac's GWG is my most favorite Gary Thorne call of them all. And I"m lucky enough to have seen it and heard it live from Mr. Thorne.

  27. The best ones are the ones of Lemieux and Gretzky. The way he announced them just made it seem like they are the greatest ever just like they are.

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