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hello your Salam alikoum a Segura show
Vanek Palo Santo I’m gonna go below Osito one drew a scary because today ka
Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe like chaotic mental colada cousin amar ability
shampoo like many capabilities keep curving to Bandra the icon number a
channel is our scribe corner please love subscriber technically Chris I was crap
couldn’t even even questions a bell but understand shit again about couldn’t
even don’t ask a little I give a Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe life Claude I
cook a lot that goes on on my way to shampoo Nordic been to America shows a
character went to amateur they can YouTube it open inquiry to be open
korabik been like the wonder of the exertion I can Aneta Beethoven ways at
the video description box the damage said quick there wasn’t a connect the
day of slinky linda kappa if they have spares I went shit at the down she died
have stir downward corn even though downward car ever have strat the oven
carbon of in Korea but they couldn’t shake an equator off shown us a shaken
taking the up knocking through they could not do that click Oracle addictive
or and the d-day and had a teleport either for what this sitting statically
current are like in top not again to over she cannot act ever went on to ask
a bitter see labels into the debate about a little shit you like the way me
Nicki Minaj official comment is Anna Devane or abandoned ask is it because
and she talked in the virtual commented now that the balloon so the cost of our
authority to release you in the shot either gonna salam-o-alaikum

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