GCU Beach Volleyball 2019 Season Preview

– You know, last year we were young and we had a lot of talent. I would say last year, up until the three years that I was here, probably one of the most
talented teams we had, but we just couldn’t perform
under pressure at times. I think that 50% of our losses were in a 3-2 decision and I’m hoping that those experiences that our freshmen had and our sophomores will really
propel us into this season. Based on our win-loss record, it didn’t really show
what we were as a team. I scheduled really tough for a reason hoping that that would be
growing experiences for us. I knew that we would have to
have a really solid season to pull out some of those w’s. I think that was a really
good growing year for us. We have Jamie, who’s our one true senior. We brought in three fifth years in August and added another fifth year this January. We’re still relatively young and we do have a decent
sized junior class. We’ll definitely be a lot
more experienced this year and bringing in those fifth
years will help with that. Last year, we had Hannah
Towne that played with Molly Turner and we expect big
things out of her this year. Molly was a great partner and role model and so her being the junior and looking to be in that one spot again, it’s gonna be a role reversal for her ’cause right now we have
her playing with a freshman, so she’s gonna to have to
be that leader and mentor, and Anaya, who’s just a
dynamic athletic defender, and then Hannah, having that
experience in the one spot, I think that’ll bring
a great duo for them. I’m super excited about this season just because as a talent, not only that we continued on from our last couple years, but our schedule this year allows us to get a little more
comfortable in who we are, and kind of build up
to the competitiveness. For us to be able to get to nationals, it’s going to be us taking down one of those top California schools like USC, Pepperdine, Long
Beach, Cal Poly, Hawaii, one of those west schools that have been successful in the past. I don’t think there’s anything
like it in the country. Every year, we’ve had somewhere around a thousand to 1,400 fans, and I don’t expect anything less with us opening with
LMU, New Mexico, and ASU. It’ll be a really exciting
opening weekend for us. (tranquil electronic music)

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