GCU & Coyotes Dek Hockey Rink Grand Opening

(techno music) – When you look at the marriage of GCU and the Coyotes organization, having this kind of an
amenity for its purposes, it doesn’t get much better than that. These amenities are just added to a long list that rival every other university across the country. We take great pride in this relationship and look forward to some
wonderful years together. – The most exciting thing
that I’ve heard today was when the Coyotes said we were so happy to do this
in partnership with you and primarily because of your students. We don’t find students
that have the passion that GCU students have to work,
to play, to be in community. We just haven’t seen that other places. – I knew that the GCU students
are gonna do a phenomenal job of programming this and playing hockey every single day on it. I told Brian I came out
of a GCU basketball game a couple of years ago. Tuesday night, 11 o’clock, and the beach volleyball courts are packed with students playing. I know it’s going to do
the exact same thing here playing hockey, so thank you to everybody being here,
all the students and staff. ‘Lopes Nation everywhere, ‘Lopes up. We’re so happy to be here
and let’s play some hockey. (applause)

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