7 thoughts on “Gear vs belt reduction drive. Paramotor geometry part 31.4

  1. Miro, Thanks for the vid, helpful to understand the design choices manufacturers make.
    What is your thought on the offset 4 blade propellors we see more and more? Does it really reduce vibrations, aid in more thrust and does the additional spinning weight cancel out the gains?

  2. I'm definitely anxious to hear the new and improved discussion of 2-stroke versus 4-stroke that we first heard about 2 years ago (seems like). Introduction of the promised 4-stoke engine never happened, so eventually I gave up and bought a real airplane instead of a paramotor. Nonetheless, I still enjoy all these analysis videos.

  3. What is the difference between the 2.68 red and the 2.87 red in the Vittorazi engines and why do they make two options?

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