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Alright, Pakistan! You’ve probably heard of this guy: Maybe the news, maybe in litterature, maybe in movies. Pakistan is sort of a societal paradox. It’s only a little over half of a century old yet it retains history that predates the pyramids of Egypt. There’s so much to discover so, Pak your bags and stan-d on this bus ride to Pakistan! (piano jingle)
Sheep: NOW!!! Hey everyone I’m your host Barbs Pakistan is kind of like the bridge between the Middle-East and the rest of Asia It is the only nation on the world known to have been established on the basis of religion alone. Bangladesh: What about me?? I mean originally kind of yes, but you were like one unit with Pakistan and then you got a second independence based on
you. not. liking. Pakistan Bangladesh: Oh yeah that’s right! Btw you should really re-do my episode. It’s completely outdated and you totally stole that map from JayForeman. Oh I met up with Jay in London. We had a jolly live stream chat and laughed about it. Calm down, he’s cool with me. JayForeman: It’s true I am cool with it. (deeper) I’m not really cool with it. Anyway, time for Pakistan! (POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY) Pakistan, Pakistan… It’s interesting because even the name which means “Pure land” is even an acronym for the five formal regions of British India that joined together: Punjab, Afghania Kashmir, Sindh and BalochiSTAN PAK-STAN! Later the ‘i’ was add to just help with prononciation. Anyway, the map! Pakistan is located in South Asia surrounded by Iran, Afghanistan, China and India with the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman in the South. The country is divided into 4 provinces and 3 territories including the capital Islamabad that acts as its own territory. Keep in mind, the Northern territories are administratively operated under Pakistan’s government but India still claims parts, or most of them. The country’s largest city and former capital though is Karachi in the Sindh province with about 15 million people. It holds the largest and busiest airport: Karachi Jinnah International and the largest shipping port, the Port of Karachi which handles about 60% of the nation’s cargo. However, the largest deep seaport in the world is actually here in Gwadar. Recently, it has been going massive renovations and constructions funded by the Chinese as it means to help with access to the Indian Ocean. The nation’s second largest city is Lahore in the Punjab province which hold the 3rd busiest airport: Lahore Allama Iqbal International. The country has a vast wide rail network extending from Karachi to Peshawar in the north with branch lines extending to Iran, Afghanistan, and a proposed line that goes up to China. However, it would be very difficult considering that there are incredibly high mountains up further north and today, there is only main road that crosses over from Pakistan into China: The N-35 highway, otherwise known as the Karakoram highway, the world’s highest paved road at over 4,000 meters above sea level. This one little road is the life-giving artery on the 523km wide border that gives China access to the Indian Ocean and Pakistan access to the east, circumnavigating around India which otherwise blocks them both. Yeah, I mean it’s really not hard to understand why China and Pakistan get along. It’s like: Rep. of China: “GIVE ME ACCESS TO THE WEST!! UGH!” British India: “Nope.” (Can anyone figure out what’s going on here? I have no idea what they are posing about) And now my favourite part of any episode: Territorial ANOMALIES! Yeah, you can see that there is a lot of backstory hidden within the valleys of Pakistan. And it goes waaay back to the very important river which brings us to: (PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY) Pakistan’s landscape is incredibly diverse. If you look at Pakistan above, you’ll notice it has some prominent and distinctly contrasting features. And it’s very interesting how Pakistan used these features to their advantage. For one, Pakistan is kind of precariously situated right at the convergence of of the Indian, Arabian and Eurasian plates zones. This is what has created the dry hilly area known as the Sulaiman Range and the Baluchistan plateau in the southwest. Despite the Baluchistan province, the largest one taking up about 44% of the country’s land, only about 6% of the population lives here. This effectively made Baluchistan and Azad Kashmir the “earthquake capitals” of Pakistan. The capital of Baluchistan, Quetta was nearly destroyed in 1935 yet rebuilt. In the north, you can find the tallest peak, K2 or Chhogori, the second tallest mountain in the world, straddling the border within the disputed Shaksum Valley that both India and China claim. Keep in mind, 5 of the 14 tallest peaks in the world known as the “Eight thousanders” club are located in the north of Pakistan, 4 in the Gilgit-Baltistan territory alone. From there going south, you see the one iconic powerhouse lifeline of the entire nation: The Indus River fed by snowmelt from the mountains up north. This is the longest river in the nation that has dozens of branches and tributaries that essentially feed the entire country. In fact, the Indus River basin is the world’s largest irrigation system with over 58,000km of canals, cultivating over 230,000km of land. Further south, you find the largest natural lake in the country, Manchar along the edges of the Indus valley that flows into the Indus river delta (DEMOGRAPHICS) Thank you, Noah! Now the weird thing about the entire South Asia subcontinent is that when you look at the people, many of them look exactly alike, and you would just assume they are basically relatives. I mean, you have Pakistani Punjabis and Indian Punjabis. Pakistani Kashmiris, Indian Kashmiris. They have the same languages and same cultural traditions and history and customs. And in most cases, they really are family. But when it comes to nationhood and worldview, the dichotomy makes a clear boundary that splits one side from the other. DPRK: Mmm. “Keep talking, we’re listening.” (Friend Zone) Now you have to understand, Pakistan was kind of like a constructed state to consolidate religious communities in the former empire. So that means with Pakistan, a lot of their diplomacy depends on strategy. For one, even though they were a former colony, they still have a somewhat neutral-ish kind of amicable relationship with the UK. The UK has the largest population of Pakistanis in Europe, many come from the Mirpur district and you can still see much of the cultural influences in their societly such as cricket and driving on the left. and even go so far to support Azerbaijan’s side in the controversial disputes with Armenia. In conclusion: Pakistan may have been formed in the 40s, but you would have millennia of backstory with this place. Pakistan, it is what it is, go for it. Stay tuned, Palau is coming up next

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  1. Geography Now
    Pakistan is not your average "Asian" I mean where else can you find blonde-haired blue-eyed Ancient mountain tribal animists, and dolphins with no eyes? Welcome to the Indus Valley. #PAKISTAN! And HUGE thanks to Geograpeeps Asiya and Maha for sending in your videos and BEING IN this video! You two rock!

  2. Love and respect for everyone who loves and respect 🇵🇰 .We love you too. It’s a magical country with loads to share and explore. By the way we highly regard our Eastern Punjabi brethren and rest of Indians. 💖 🌎 . Thanks Geography Now. 🙏.

  3. Love you Pakistan from China🇵🇰🇨🇳🇨🇳🇵🇰 . Now stop enjoying our pigs and stop begging😂😂😂🤣

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  6. Pakistan persecuting Hindus. Now hindus reduced to 3% from 30% ☹️ terrorism is the national game of Pakistan.

  7. If not for the political tensions, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal etc etc – the South Asia – could have been a force to reckon with in the world, giving good competition to the West, Europe etc.

  8. Yeah about expats (I am talking about Saudi Arabia), we were basically kicked out since taxes were too high and the benefits were small so most of us expats just moved. My friend told me something that Saudis will eat sand now cause most of the people working in restaurants are expats so yeah
    Was there anything useful here
    Guess not

  9. Pakistan has tension with:

    Pakistan itself
    Khaiber Pakhtunkhwa
    Aliens 👽

    That's it.

  10. I really appreciate that you guys are doing so much great and yes you told many facts and the history of Pakistan, I'm a Pakistani and from last 5 years people from other countries are visiting Pakistan to see it's beauty and landscapes, I'm a traveler i have traveled across Pakistan on my motor bike and have welcomed some friends from other countries and escort them for tourism, may be in some free time you can look into the facts about tourism in Pakistan.
    Valley's in northern areas cities across Pakistan everything has charm and great landscapes.
    Again Thank you so much and keep it up guys.

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  12. Similar languages (that are really the same language) that use different scripts and most of the differences are because of religion. Sounds familiar coughs in Yugoslav

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  17. The very interesting thing about the China-Pakistan alliance is that Pakistan, indeed founded based on religion, is the same religion that China considers a mental illness in its own borders and re-educates its Uyghur population for.

    FYI: your pronunciation is usually really good, but you made a fundamental mistake: "punjab" is pronounced with an "uh" sound, not an "oo" sound. Its more like "punch" than "poon-ch"

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