100 thoughts on “Get A First Look Inside $70 Million Texas High School Football Stadium | TODAY

  1. Total waste of valuable bucks that could have gone to EDUCATION. But as usual, football is king and education takes a back seat…AGAIN! Pitiful!

  2. Build it for 20 million and then use 50 million for better teachers pay, scholarships for kids in need and funds in time of crisis for families and the hurting.

  3. Clear Creek Independent School District south of Houston opened a nearly $40 million, 10,000-seat stadium called the Challenger Columbia Stadium.

  4. A luxury box for a high school stadium? Good Lord.

    The bleachers at my high school stadium (I graduated 20 years ago) are crumbling today because they were built in the 1920s.

  5. Are we entirely sure this was built with tax dollars folks? This being in Texas it is very believable that this could have been funded by booster dollars. They'll shill out rhe money so everyone from themselves, the team, the school can make money in the end.

  6. Conservatives: We need to stop wasting tax payer money.
    Also Conservatives: let’s have the tax payers pay for a $70 million stadium for high school football.

  7. wow my home high school i graduated from was not that fancy. This must be a good playing high school team. Just think how much ticket prices would be just to see a game, on top of paying for security.

  8. 72 million? Why not invest in more teachers and programs to help kids improve in lives. What an absolute waste of money.

  9. Why is Texas a bottom feeder in education? This is one reason. $72 million that could've been spent increasing teacher salaries, investing in textbooks, hiring security, and scholarship programs. Just like Odessa Permian in H.G. Bissinger's "Friday Night Lights," these people do not care about the students, but only the athletes and the paying fanbase.

  10. Cool story bro meanwhile in New Mexico they have one of the most Winning high school football programs in all the US 30 state championships and counting since the 50s.

  11. What the heck!!!??? My high school's football stadium probably cost as much as a mobile home. Doesn't even have an official capacity because it's so small and most people just walk around and stand wherever. lol!

  12. If they are good and win championships then why not I think It's awesome they prob recruit kids outta middle school its insane…..but we all know south FLORIDA produces the BEST football players !


  14. We probably spend a couple thousand dollars on our field not a couple million we had a field some bleachers and a concession stand

  15. My school played there during the playoffs this year (Cy-Fair state champs baby) and I’m gonna be honest, i didn’t like the stadium very well at all. Horrible shadows on the field, lighting was quite low period, very bad sectioning for the student section as it was not big enough, and its very boring in terms of design inside the stadium (considering the price tag). I would’ve much rather been at our nearby stadium (Berry stadium), which in fairness is no simple set of bleachers, or the other not so nice Pridgeon. Didnt realize they payed that much for just a decent stadium.

  16. Boxes for corporate sponsors… corporate sponsors of high school football? Never heard of such a thing in my little town.

  17. 1:25 Lance, that guy is the worst representation of Katy Tx. He is a bully which had been well documented and also lied on his resume about his education to get the superintendent job in Katy. He should just shut up. He is on his way OUT!!? #Fraud Without the football players, there would be no bands, cheerleaders, etc. Bully link https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=42s&v=3yNllJ3W180

  18. 72 million dollars should have gone to the teachers an education.. Shows you Texas priorities are out of whack…

  19. My school doesn’t even have lights we have to bring in lights and we have a dirt track, metal bleachers for the opponents fans and wooden bleachers that our slightly larger for our fans and the field house is a barn

  20. Lol. That dismissive school superintendent Lance Hindt got owned publically by some guy he went to high school with for being a bully so he got launched.

  21. Lol I love in this school district and get so triggered when teachers say “we don’t have enough money” for something

  22. Filmed the Allen game vs McKinney at their new 70 million dollar stadium. Allen's stadium 10 million dollars less felt much bigger to be honest. Plus in the McKinney stadium they forgot about concessions only having 2 spots to get food for thousands of fans watching the game. Just a bad build I think

  23. For those that don’t know Katy has some of the most expensive taxes in the area so really this is a small price to such an economic giant

  24. This was such a big waste of money, I go to Mayde Creek High and played at this stadium. They didn’t even show any of the players on the Jumbotron. The only thing I can say about it is that’s it’s a fun field to play on but it was definitely uncalled for

  25. I love football and sports but really multi millions for a high school stadium for a bunch of white kids who won’t go pro when our education system sucks I get it they’re rich and have money for all aspects of the schools but help out the poor ones

  26. this is FU**ing stupid,,, most students cant spell/read/speak/find China on a map,,, but BALL is all the parents want for their Commie teachers,,, Blue Brains all the way,,, ole USN vet and a Texian til I die

  27. Nothing is better than Texas high school football, you have to be apart of high school football to know that it’s worth every penny. And by the way I’m not from Katy, Tx

  28. It's nothing fancy but I still like House Park in Austin, TX much better. Built in 1939 and now sitting among all the high rises in downtown Austin it just has a neat feel to it.

  29. unless Katy knocked down their original stadium they have 2 stadiums for 8 teams. nearby Cy Fairs stadium is nicer. HISD has 4 in a half stadiums for like almost 20 schools but they are rarely packed out

  30. 72mil for a high school stadium is such a waste of money cause they could have built a nice new but smaller and less high tech stadium for like 20mil and ppl would love it but this stadium doesn’t even look that good for 72mil

  31. Wonder how many college placement courses and/or honors programs they could have created with that $70 million. Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the stupidity of these small town school districts.

  32. Waco ISD was the first stadium in the state in 2000 to change the landscape of high school stadium building new turf, scoreboards #facts

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