Get Hockey

ABBOTT: They’re young, feisty – I think I
can probably say – have a bit of sex appeal. HUGHES: Now do you feel jealous at all? Has
he ever said that about you, Joe? HOCKEY: Yeah. Tony says it to me often, that
I’m a sexy guy. In front of my colleagues, he said that I look like the parliamentary
George Clooney. BICKMORE: Is that one attitude we probably
need to change, Joe? HOCKEY: What? That Tony Abbott says that I’m
sexy? Yeah, I’d like to change that. KEATING: Like the story of the modern Australia. The opinion polls are winning. It keeps the parties spinning. The voters simply won’t stop swinging. We’ve gone too far to give up who we are. So let’s raise the bar. We can’t pay for more cars. We’re up all night to beat Rudd. He’s up for a new pledge in blood. Can I just say… we’ve got stuck in the mud. And he’s up all night to get Hockey. I’m up. All right, stop the boats. We’re up. All right? Count the votes. Now’s the time for men in white coats. So, I’m up all night to get Hockey. I’m up all night for Joe Hockey. We’re up all night to get Hockey. We’re up all night to get Hockey. He’s up all night for Joe Hockey.

50 thoughts on “Get Hockey

  1. How many hours of video did you have to go through to make this? I definitely wouldn't have the patience to do so. Nice work Hugh!

  2. How many weeks diod it take to put all that together Hugh? Well done mate, I'm an editor for a network myself and I appreciate the effort.

  3. Cheers mate – started making it a bit over a week ago. Had to squeeze it in and around my day job, which made for a few long nights.

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  5. I love how you made it sound as though Abbott/Pyne/Gillard etc are holding a note by extending their voices out hehe. Loved your work since the Chairman Rudd videos!

  6. Hugh! What are your thoughts on Abbot being ousted? I am so curious because I love this video and sing it randomly sometimes hahaha

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