hello everyone this is Feroz Khan
welcome back to my channel once again let’s play cricket
as promised that I have made you guys that I will show you some shops where
you can buy your equipment to start with and even professionally you know you can
buy and purchase from this shop so this is one of my favourite shop it’s called
only sports and you have a varieties of you know equipment you can find here
varieties of range it starts from shoes from bags and also
gloves you name it they have everything so today I’m going to introduce you the
owner of the only sports and here’s my friend also at least say hello to my
subscribers and he will show you around you know what’s you know you can give
you advice also for beginners as well for professional as well for the
corporate players which bat to choose and which gloves to choose let’s let’s
let’s hear from him avatar sec thank you can under make your start connecticut
and say co-op casa just getting a mid-range haven’t seen it
budgeted and then high range also my perspective at a very bad key Casa de ok
a marriage Oh bad so they will go up or logically balanced or mates a Kiwi but
chances are gap I duel again Charizard hydrologic oops sorry bad people file my
foot Bharat own factories jockey bus proper greedy total a gyaku battery
drains say K who see me fall a Giga okay bad for a different a megabyte oh so so
bad but do profile a bhakti book the toy has irked about of Picasa large about of
to parabola gamma and the reason I’m doing in English and
he’s doing in Hindi because I also target my audience which is based in USA
and in Canada has been Australia so I can tell you that he can also export I
would say you know yeah so this is a shop I trust this shop I trust this guy
you know he sells a genuine equipment here and and with the reasonable price
he will give you so I will show you around the store you know what else is
what else are available here okay so let me start with with the bollard the first
thing the main thing the bowler needs to have it’s the shoes they should not
compromise with the shoes so this is my basic and very fundamental advice to the
bowler those who wants to start their career never ever compromise with this
shoes look it’s very essential part of you know their career so they have a
variety ranges or varieties of brands here this is a brand new Balance this is
a very beautiful you know well-made design and very lightweight and what is
the cost of this washer is way this is ten thousand MRP I’m sure that once you
come here he will also give some discount as well correct yeah all right
this is a six very beautiful very beautiful you can see this very nice
very well designed very lightweight excellent and this is also a six
beautifully designed lightweight now coming back to the batsman basic for
again as I advise for bowler it should be the shoes and for the background has
to be batting a bat anywhere else you may find it a little
expensive but at only sports thus you will find a very reasonable rate it’s
the starting point this is the MRP of 6000 rupees I’m sure once you read the
stock shop you also get some discount well that’s it the first thing when you
buy your back was very important for a batsman should look how is the weight of
the bat I find this really excellent Moe is very nice so with this price I find
it’s very nice and then what you can do is there is a ball very impressed with
the price the kind of student that has and then they have the maximum range
which average man was telling me Marty Oh twenty-nine thousand rupee which is
almost thirty thousand but again you will get some discount this is a brand
SS should all this it’s very nice so how we check we have if I show you something
of multiple brands here you have adidas you have very calls you have New Balance
Beck’s s as newly launched retro looks which is quite in fashion right now so
very beautiful looks very nice then you have ESC range of that’s available that
only sports you have all varieties you can find you name it it’s there
well I haven’t found an idea and yet any other place the best place you can find
variety of SD for short let to look of a again very in fashion nowadays this is
the bat which right now Jael Rahul is endorsing which is getting quite famous
also he’s inform all of his life very nice that’s one of my favorites and not only that at only sports you can
also have customized option of customization specification wait you can
always get reverses this is an SM back a very beautiful back C so basically you
will find all range all kind of an oven ideal of bats here so what is the
difference what is the difference between Superbad and the high quality marks with it absolutely this is a
grading spoke leverage other part when you okay
Princip a three grains okay each whole grains okay or neat and clean so they have big glasses glasses now
we need a shake this was the best recommended glass brand which is Oakley
so the best and not right now so you have multiple options you can choose
from you can get edgy helmets you name it these are the gloves this is a brand
brand Grey Nichols this is SL gloves very nice very beautiful yes the grip is very nice
it’s very comfortable to hold the bat I guess grip is very nice and then you
have the brand SS also very nice little tight but eventually you know where you
practice we’ll get used to it that is nice finishing is very nice good and also you can get some whites facing
press we can start the bag you can have it plenty of space
inside you can put you bad couple of 90 of pockets excellent this is one of my
favorite this is what I will have for my okay yes you know again okay guys so
please suggest how did you like this video please do not forget to come to
this shop and give your reviews what we have liked what you have purchased in my
description please do not forget to follow my channel let’s play cricket and
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  2. I didn't know about the existence of Cricket before, because of you is that I am learning. Thank you so much dear Feroz 💕

  3. Very interesting! Why is the reason that gloves are so big? (I mean very wide) I think the gloves have like a big sponge on top (please tell Nana to help you with video edition 😅 ‘cause you are new to this)

  4. Nice merchandise shop for the enthusiast cricket🏏 player. Thanks for showing us the different quality bats available.

  5. Enhorabuena Feroz, te veo muy bien, me alegro mucho, tienes buena profesora tu esposa NANA, un saludo desde España.

  6. Beautiful shop. There are many beautiful bats. It's fantastic!!!…Someday I would like to practice this sport. Blessings to you, your beautiful wife and your cute little children. I love these videos. Blessings and good vibes!

  7. Feroz siempre tan guapo😍😍 me tiene enlelada con todo lo que explica.. es bueno siempre aprender algo nuevo espero puedas mostrarnos más de tus costumbres

  8. Hi Feroz …how interesting what is used in that sport. … Who are the current players representing India in cricket? I would like you to show us anytime ☺ greetings to you and Nana from Lima, Peru 😉

  9. Hi, hay que llevar alguna dieta especial al momento de la competencia del cricket.🙋‍♀️💛👣☕

  10. Al principio pensé que tal vez no me iba a gustar el canal siendo sincera (๑•﹏•), pero ya viendo bien ese deporte no lo conocía mucho y está interesante saber de él, saludos desde México, Bendiciones, que Dios bendiga su canal y su familia y que todo en lo que prospere sea de bien para su hermosa familia. Dios sea con ustedes. Saludos Sr. Feroz & saludos a mi hermosa Nana. ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ

  11. Could you please do a video playing cricket? So we can learn more about this sport! Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽 Thank you Feroz

  12. Hello Feroz!! This is a very big sport in your country coz I live in Uae, Dubai , and I see often kids from India in the garden and play crickets 🏏
    The shoes 👟 new balance look like golf 🏌️ shoes
    So my question is can I play cricket or golf with this shoes? Strange question but my husband say this is golf shoes

  13. I liked this video, congratulations. I think the shop is so complete, and have a great quality in their products. It was interesting to know a little bit more of this sport; and it would be nice that you could post a video of one of your tournaments. 😊🇲🇽🇮🇳

  14. Nana apenas mire tu anuncio de Feroz nuestro Marido daludos Amigos y hermanos de Dios .vere sus videos de Feroz ok

  15. Hi Feroz saludos desde tijuana bc.Mexico diles que te dejen vestirte con lo que promocionas ok te veras hermoso u are my married.jiji es broma

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