Getting Into Acro Paragliding (on the Niviuk F-Gravity 2)

I have been flying for over 20 years, and
I’m comfortable doing reversals, SATs and fullstalls. But the new wave of acro moves
have been beyond my reach on the competition wing and small sites I fly.
That was easily sorted out: I bought a NIVIUK F-GRAV2, and I’ve come to LAKE GARDA. Now,
if I can just avoid falling into my glider we can get somewhere on this video.
I’m no acro expert, and I have huge respect for the acro stars. But most of the acro videos
show a level of piloting that can only be reached after years of practice. I thought
it might be useful to you to share what it’s like to be a pilot who is still puzzling things
out for himself. So here I am flying out to get into position
for a single run. There’s a useful block of time here to prepare the sequence of manoeuvres.
Going to try: Left SAT to left helico
(stop, twister, who knows?) Right SAT to helico
(stop, twister) come out
right, right, SAT to the right right, right, clean SAT to the left
throw in a
dynamic full stall when I can Wow! much faster than a normal wing, much
more energy. I’m not getting the timing right here to slip it into a spin. I was surprised
at how hard the helicopter manouevre is: I thought I’d get it chop chop.
It’s very disorientating but it gets easier with practice. The brain learns to cope with
the extreme angles. With the high speed I’m really battling to overpower the wing to change
a SAT to a spin. The brake force is immense. Maybe you can help by turning your screen? whoa, not like that! The F-grav is helping me here by pulling out
of the stall, it really wants to fly. on with the routine. These half-spiral turns
on the same side build up speed, but the difficult bit is doing a strong SAT
without spinning the wing … I’m finding the asymmetric spiral turns tricky
to synchronise here, so I do a few more until I’m happy with the timing and energy.
Right, THAT feels good, so I smack on the other brake I’ll be honest, I have no idea where the horizon
is here and the F-GRAV is saving my butt by losing
energy nicely and pulling out of the manoeuvre if you exit a spiral and bury the brakes,
you get a dynamic full stall whoops, I didn’t go in straight enough Whew! We survived all that without even breaking YouTube Unless you’re doing acro a lot, the adrenalin, G force and disorientation are very tiring.
Two runs a day was more than enough for me, but you could get four flights out of your
25 euro day pass on the cablecar. Using a freestyle wing like the F-grav helped
me get into acro because its reactions are simple and predictable. Its apparently tamer
than the pro N-grav wing, so I suppose it’s like trying to get a housecat into a plastic
bag instead of a tiger into a teacup. Thanks for watching; visit our website for
more articles and great gear.

10 thoughts on “Getting Into Acro Paragliding (on the Niviuk F-Gravity 2)

  1. This is nice! Thank's! And yes we do need more of it. Pal and friends are cool heros, but sometimes they make it seem easy… 😀 Fly safe'n'fun!

  2. I was born and grew up on lake garda, been on that mountain so many times! And soon I'll do my EP+CP and I hope to fly it!!

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