GHC Baseball: ASMI Pitching Analysis

We’re here at the Andrews Sports Medicine Institute world famous lab to get our pitchers evaluated for delivery and conditioning. [MUSIC] TONY LAUGHLIN:
We’re using something called biomechanics to understand and to study the pitchers that have come in today, their mechanics, or how they throw the ball. This is something we’ve been doing for about twenty-five years. You’ve seen some of the reflective balls and markers that we put on some of the different body segments. With those markers we can identify specific anatomical landmarks, then we use our computer system to recreate their skeleton in three dimensions. So instead of traditional video analysis, which is really only a two-dimensional analysis, this is uh, we can see in all three dimensions at the same time. So you get a full overview of what their pitching mechanics look like, and then we can use those to understand how to help them throw better and more safe. [MUSIC] TYLER ELWER:
Of course, I think its going to be really helpful especially after coming off a tommy john, I can really pinpoint my, some reoccurring problems in my mechanics and improve my velocity and control at the same time. COACH MIKE MARRA:
I think its important that we make the investment of time and money to bring our staff up here to the lab and get these kids evaluated because it’s a huge, huge piece of player development, and that’s what we’re all about here at Georgia Highlands. We want the best players we can get. We want to give them the resources and opportunity to find their greatness, and being here at the ASMI lab is one of those ways that we do that. TONY LAUGHLIN:
This is definitely something above and beyond. We see a lot of individual players at the high school, college level. We see a couple of major league teams who we work with every year during spring training. We test a lot of their prospects and things like that. For an entire pitching staff for a college to come in, that’s above and beyond. And that’s a great thing because you really want to help these guys get better and make sure that they’re not going to hurt themselves at the same time. This is the best way to do that. [MUSIC]

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