(laughs) – [Red] Ow! (laughs) – [Red] Get up and fight me like a man. (upbeat music) – Yo, what’s going on guys? -It’s Preston here today
back with another modded hide-and-seek video playing
with once again with RedVacktor and SGCBarbierian. -Two very handsome gentlemen. -You can check them out down
below, in the description. -That’s right. -I just did a shout out. -Today we’re playing a
Ghostbusters themed hide-and-seek. -And if there’s any different
kinds of movies or games or something like that you
guys would like to see us play, for the next hide-and-seek, make sure you comment them down below and I’ll take some screenshots
of the top-rated comments and we’ll get those
maps built ASAP-aroonie. -But yeah, anyways take care. Enjoy the video and I’ll see you guys, seeking and hiding. What? Why am I always the ghost? – [Nick] Well, you know, you’re just, you’re kinda a spooky guy,
Preston, I’m not gonna lie. You really. – [Nick] You fit the ghost theme. I think that’s why you’ve been selected. – No I don’t. This is bull shrimp. I’m literally made of lava. I emit light. Okay? – [Red] Are you like a booger ghost? I like it. – Oh okay.
– [Nick] Booger? Yeah that’s kinda. – [Nick] You know, that’s kinda funny oh wait, I think that I’ve got a
good spot that I can get to. – No I’m not gonna let you guys. Okay can we, I just wanna stop Red
this time, that’s all. – [Red] No, no Preston
you’re staying away, I have a great hiding spot. Oh man, actually I see you. – [Nick] Oh I see you too Red. – [Red] I’m hunting him right now. – What do you mean you’re hunting me? You’re the ghost. I mean you’re the hider. – [Nick] Red, Red, you
can’t hunt the ghost. That’s not how it works.
– Oh! – [Red] Uh oh Nick.
– Oh, oh. (laughing) – Yo Red I fell down the hole! You’re kidding me? Come back here Red.
– [Nick] Hide, hide, hide. – How did you not see me Red? How did you not see me? – [Red] Yo Preston you
snuck up on me real good ’cause I did not– – [Nick] Red why did you lead him here? Why did you lead him here? – (laughs) I see you guys! I’m coming.
– [Red] Jump out the window! – It won’t work.
-[Red] Bushes, aim for the bushes. – It won’t work. (laughs) – [Nick] Maybe he won’t see
me, maybe he won’t see me. (screams) (laughing) – [Nick] Wow that was all
the Ghostbusters, guys. That’s all of ’em. – [Nick] No need to look for anymore. – I think there’s.
– He’s lying, he’s up there. – [Nick] Uh, no I’m not. Just look, you guys need
to just go, just go away. Okay, there’s no need to, no need to. – [Red] Preston you watch,
I’m gonna jump off the. – I’m watching, dude, I’m watching. I’m so confident in you I can fly. – [Nick] I will give you, look I will give. – [Nick] What, no! (laughs) – [Red] He’s a flying ghost.
– [Nick] I’ll give you a cookie. – What? Ghost can’t eat cookies. Are you crazy? We’re lactose intolerant. Yes! – [Nick]What?
– [Red] I got you the drop shot man. – [Nick] Red, you betrayed me. – [Red] That’s okay, oh I died. – Oh my. (laughs) – [Red] You Know what Preston, you were always just meant
to be the booger ghost. – [Nick] I’m okay with Preston
being the booger ghost. That’s fine with me. He can stay there. – [Red] What?
– [Nick] Red! – What!
– Red! No. No, no, no. (laughs) – [Nick] I don’t like
the way this is going. I think this is. I’m really scared now.
-[Red] I think we broke the game and now we must find you Nick. – I’m not gonna lie, yeah dude I think the game was just like, Preston can’t be a ghost twice in a row and it just freakin’. – [Red] Just gave it to him. Just instantly just gave it to him. – Like instantly. – [Nick] No, no, no, no, no. – No, shhh. – [Nick] Okay we’re hiding together.
– Yeah we’re hiding together. We’re hiding together. – [Red] You guys are both ghosts. – [Nick] Look Red, Red. I might not be a ghost but Preston and me we have
and understanding here. – We do, we are, uh,
you know how people say, you can’t be together if
you’re a lion and a bear? Well, no you can’t. – [Red] People say that?
– Yeah, you can’t. – [Nick] I mean, we’re
not really lions or bears. We’re you know.
– You guys are lyin’. – Oh (laughs) You’re lyin’? (laughs) So funny dude. I love you, come kiss me. – [Nick] Red I’m not gonna lie, I think you’re, I think you’re not gonna
be able to find us. – No you can’t find us. – [Nick] Completely wrong area. – [Red] Completely wrong? – [Nick] We’ve got a pretty
solid, you know, hiding area. – [Red] I thought we
were ghost partners man. – [Nick] No sorry. You’ve been replaced Red. And you know, it’s not the
lack of trying, it’s more just, you know. Who could resist these goggles? I’m mean, come on. – They do look pretty good. Do those work in the dark? – [Nick] Yeah they actually do. So like if I put them on, I can see you even when it’s dark. – What?
– So yeah I mean. It’s pretty awesome living
the Ghostbuster’s life. I’m not gonna lie, but. – I don’t know it’s pretty boring dude it’s like there no ghost anymore. Like what happened, they all just went. – [Nick] Yeah right? Why don’t ghost come and visit anymore? It’s always just–
– Guys? – [Nick] Ghouls. – I don’t know they used to dude. I don’t know what happened. – [Red] Guys, where are you? – [Nick] Nowhere. – Just doing things man, doin’ things. – [Nick] Big, big, big things – Big plays over here y’all. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Preston, no, no, no (laughs) – [Nick] No you don’t see me. You don’t see any one okay Red? Just shhh. No.
– Nick I tagged you already. – No I didn’t get tagged.
– Now we’re beating you up. – I think you got tagged. – I’m going back in here.
– [Red] Is this where you were? – [Nick] Nope but this is
where I’m gonna be now. – We can’t tell you our secrets Red. Come on dude. – [Red] Preston’s the ghost again. – [Nick] Preston, I feel
really bad for you man. I don’t know what you did
to anger the ghost gods, but you just. You gotta be a seeker forever. – [Red] They chose you, this is destiny. [Preston] This is so bad. Red, can you stop taunting and teasing me? I’m the ghost here I’m
supposed to be doing that. – [Red] Hey man, I’ll be on your team. – Get outta here, get outta here. – [Nick] Red, there’s no teams here. It’s the living versus the dead. We’re the Ghostbusters not
the ghost team-er-uppers. – [Red] I thought I joined this club to be friends with everyone. – [Nick] Honestly, I’m not gonna lie, I can’t decide on where I wanna hide, ohh. – [Red] Me neither I’m climbing. Oh, he’s, run, run Nick. – [Nick] Ohh. – What are you guys talking about? How do you guys know where I am? – [Nick] We don’t we don’t know anything. – Sure, sure you don’t. – [Nick] You could just, you could be a spooky
ghost some where else. – I don’t wanna be a spooky
ghost somewhere else. I wanna be a spooky ghost inside. – [Red] No, no, no not inside. Go outside.
– Outside. – No, no, no but I wanna be inside. Yeah? – No, no, no.
– Why? – Because it’s the air
conditioner’s in here dude. Come on, it’s getting hot outside. – [Red] You’re getting real green, I think you need some
fresh air, go outside. – I am outside.
– Yeah, yeah. No that’s the thing, that’s the thing. Go out, you should just. And also find Red, don’t find me. – [Red] No, no, no, no,
no, no, find Nick first. That would be great. – [Nick] Hey, hey I know where Red is. I’ll sell you out in a second – Cookie bait!
– No! (laughs) – [Red] Oh cookie. He straight up, legitimately got me with the cookie. I am so mad. (laughs) Pres, I was like is that Nick? I saw a cookie, walk towards it, and nope there was
ghost around the corner. (laughs) – [Nick] You really fell for the old cookie around the corner trick? – [Red] I am so embarrassed,
like it was legitimate bait. – [Nick] Red, Red, that’s so old. – I can’t believe that worked. (laughs) – [Nick] Okay, well listen, listen, Preston no cookie is gonna draw me out of my hiding spot, okay? – Oh, you can think that right now. – [Nick] Don’t even try that. – You can’t say that dude. Listen great-grandmas that are ghosts live a lot longer than alive grandmas so they have more time
to cook their cookies than your grandma. – [Nick] I don’t understand what the like. – Yes. – [Nick] No cookie is
going to cause me to. There’s no amount of cookies. – [Red] I see what
Preston was trying to say. His logic is sound. – Yeah it’s sound logic, ’cause my grandma has more
lives than your grandma. – [Nick] Is this like a
grandma lives measuring thing? Is this what we’re doing? – [Red] Our grandmas are
actually gonna fight right now. – [Nick] Okay, I’m down. I mean I’ll put five bucks on my grandma. – Tickets are five bucks each. – [Nick] She can handle
herself in the ring you know. – [Red] Oh okay, alright. – [Nick] Now guys I don’t wanna worry you, but you only have three
more minutes to find me and. I have a really good spot. – [Red] Hey Nick, I don’t
mean to worry you man. but you got three minutes to be found. – Glass half full, I like it. – [Red] Exactly, exactly. Alright so Nick, just show yourself man and we can be done with
these three minutes. – I think I know where Nick is. Nick, are you in the same
you were in yesterday? And by yesterday I mean last round. – [Nick] No I am not, but I do see Red. – [Red] You see me? But do you see me now?
– Yeah. – [Red] Do you really, are you lying? – Ah dude it’s psychology
it’s reversed man. Don’t trust him. – [Nick] You don’t know that’s the thing, it could be reversed but it also, I could be telling the truth right now. And you guys could. – [Red] No, you’re a liar. – Yeah you do seem more like a liar than a truther, you know? – [Nick] Listen, listen, what if I told you that I was outside of the building? What if I told you that? – I don’t know if i believe you. I don’t know. – [Red] I would say you’re lying. – [Nick] Then search
from the inside I guess. That’s your option. – [Red] I’m going to search
for you inside in the basement. Where are you Nick, show yourself. – [Nick] I’m definitely in the
basement that’s for certain. – Nick, where are you? – [Nick] What, Preston, look, I’ll tell you if you give me the cookies. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. These are my bait dude for Red. Because I know I’m gonna
be the ghost again. – [Nick] I guess with no
bait you don’t get any. No, Nick. – Okay if I give you the cookie, do I get the coffee? – [Nick] How many cookies? – Yeah, yeah I’m a
ghost that likes coffee. I’m a coffee ghost. That’s how I stay awake during
the nights I’m so spooky. – [Nick] I would prefer
if all the spooky ghosts just left the firehouse
that would be great. – [Red] You want us to leave? Okay we’ll leave if you show yourself. – [Nick] No there’s no need for this. There’s no need for that Red. – Red, did you open a door? – [Red] Yeah that was
me, oh wait I see Nick. – No you don’t!
– Well where’s he at? – [Red] You made a mistake
Nick, you made a mistake. – Go Red go, tag him, tag him, tag him. Don’t let him get away. Oh there he is, I’m here. (laughs) – [Red] Yay! – [Nick] Hey, but I got
a cookie guys so I won. – Oh my. (laughs) I told you this is why
I needed the cookies. I told you. – [Nick] I honestly feel bad for you now. Now it’s not just a little bit. It’s like, I feel full
blown bad for you, but, not bad enough to get
caught, that’s for sure. – [Red] Yeah no, me neither, but hey, I’ll give you this cookie back. – Yeah, yeah that’s right,
I can’t even grab it. Oh okay I got it nevermind. I just wanna warn you guys,
I’m not taking it easy. I’ve had a double shot of espresso. – [Nick] There’s no need
for espresso to be had. – Oh as the ghost of coffee, I had to. – [Nick] Why is there a ghost of coffee? Why did we let that become a thing? (laughs) – [Red] I mean why not? Honestly though. – [Nick] My thinking is
like if we had just say you have to be a ghost of sleeping, we probably would have had a better shot. – [Red] Yeah Preston, go the other way. Thank you.
– Okay. – [Red] I’m glad you
didn’t see me in the trees. – [Nick] You’re getting caught? – [Red] No, no, no.
– [Nick] Are you getting caught, Red? – Red, do not get caught.
– I’m on the run man. – [Nick] You know how
embarrassing that would be for me if you get caught? – [Red] It would be very embarrassing man, that’s why I’m running. – [Nick] Very embarrassing. So you know make like a leaf and. – And blow away?
– Fly away. – Fly away? I don’t think leaves can fly, Barbie. – [Nick] Hey man you don’t
know what leaves are capable of if they put their minds to it. So you know you just watch yourself. – You’re right, they might become a country like Canada. – [Nick] Exactly, leaves
are very important as well, oh God okay. – [Red] He’s in the firehouse,
he’s in the firehouse. – No I’m not.
– Evacuate. – I’m not in here.
– Evacuate. – It’s not me.
– Nick, evacuate! – [Nick] I can see you at
the firehouse, Preston. – No, that’s my brother. – Oh.
– Oh, Barbie, get back here. Where do you think you’re going? – No thank you.
– Nick, this way, Nick. – Where’d he go? – [Nick] I’ve already made my choice. – [Red] Hey Preston, I see you. – What the heck are you doing there Red? – [Red] I’m waving at you bro. – Oh my gosh. Did you see a very stick-like figure? – Thank you for that.
– Oh, I made it. – I’m away.
– Nick, he’s got me. – Red, Red, Red, listen, I’ll make a trade, I’ll make a trade. Show me where Nick is
and I’ll let you live. – [Red] Okay Nick, where are you Nick? – [Nick] I can’t let you do that Red. – [Red] I’m coming in Nick. Knock, knock. Here comes the wolf, man. – [Nick] There’s no knock knocking. I can’t let you do that, I’m sorry. – [Red] Preston don’t worry
stay with me, we’ll find him. – Alright, I’ll believe in you dude. – [Red] I’m a Ghostbuster
Nick, and you gonna be busted. – [Nick] No, no, no. Look there’s no need for
this, there’s no need. Absolutely none. – [Red] I ran away, I
ran away from Preston. – What, did you get away? What? – [Red] What, no, I would
never do that Preston. – I trusted you Red. – [Nick] Red run, run. And if you get caught, I’ll
pretend to be Preston’s friend and then trick him. – [Red] Preston, look,
why’d you go down, Preston? Look at that hole you came
down, so I can wave at you. – What! Red! Get back here, I’m coming for you. You hurt my heart, you hurt my heart Red. – Preston?
– Yeah. – [Nick] I’ve been giving it some thought and since Red was ready to sell me out, I decided I think I should
just sell Red out first. – Oh, I agree, I agree, I agree. – [Nick] He’s by the
stairs, he’s by the stairs. – [Red] Oh wait, I know where Nick is. – No you don’t.
– Hey, come down the stairs. Come down the stairs Preston.
– No you don’t. You don’t know where I am. – [Red] He’s here for the trade.
– [Nick] No, I’m not. – [Red] Hey Preston right here. Right here, look at this. – Oh! Red! (laughs) – [Nick] How did you
know I was in there Red? How did you know? – [Red] I was sitting here on this chair, just minding my own business, you know, doing ghost things then I looked up and I saw you in that door, and I was like there’s
Nick, and that the story. – Yes! – [Nick] Red, no – Yes! – No!
– Finally boys. – [Nick] Alright Preston, look, you better not mess this up for me. Okay? I’m a very experienced hider and you have to, you have to live up to that expectation Figure out your hiding
spot and don’t sell me out. – You don’t sell me out,
and I won’t sell you out. – [Nick] Okay, we have an understanding. More of an understanding
than that savage Red. He was already a ghost I think. – His name is Red ’cause he’s dead, dude. I gotcha.
– Oh, Red, dead. – [Red] Guys, I am the boogie man. Please refer to me as the
boogie man from here on out. – [Nick] There is no need
for a boogie man sir. I would prefer it if the
boogie man would go away. So go away boogie man, just go away. That’d be great.
-[Red] Okay, all right. Guys, guys, can you guys
just show yourselves? – No, no, no.
-[Nick] I’m also not gonna do that. That’s a terrible idea
of what I should do. – Sorry dude, I’m allergic to ghosts. – [Red] You’re allergic
to ghosts, Preston? – Yeah, I didn’t tell
you this before, but, I now will tell you now – [Red] And you’re a Ghostbuster. A Ghostbuster that’s allergic to ghosts. – Well that’s why I wanna kill them because I’m allergic to them. – [Nick] And that why
you’re hiding right now because obviously, if you were alive, or if you were near the ghosts, I’m not sure what I was
trying to say there. – I know what you were onto. You would say I’d be sneezing. So you’re not close Red. – [Red] Nick were are you man? – [Nick] I don’t know I’m confused. I don’t know if I’m
supposed to be sneezing at these ghosts or hunting them. I’m just, I’m really having a hard time. – No you’re not allergic to them, I’m allergic to them Nick. – [Nick] Oh. Oh, I thought that was like
an all or nothing thing. – No, no, no.
– Oh, Nick, no, you missed. – [Nick] I missed, yeah, I
totally missed the thing there, but now I’m on the same page, and Red? – Yeah man, what’s up?
– I have a question. Where are you? That’s my question. – [Red] I’m downstairs in
this little sew-y thing. – [Nick] Oh, downstairs
so nowhere near me. – [Red] Oh, wow, so you’re upstairs? – [Nick] Cool, no,
definitively not upstairs. – Hey Red, can you not dude? – Oh wait, are you in here?
– Hey, Red, Red. Don’t do these things to me. – [Red] I’m so confused. Where are you man? – Red you are so cold, like
and icebox and a ‘frigerator. – [Red] I don’t believe you! – [Nick] Like a spooky refrigerator, or like a normal, everyday refrigerator? – No, super spooky. One that has no coffee. – [Nick] I really don’t
know about that Preston. – I know, I don’t know about it either. – [Nick] It’s like already
two o’clock in the afternoon. I have to sleep soon. – Dude, it’s freaking 4:00
p.m. here in Tehas, okay? – [Nick] Tehas, are
you guys in the future? – Yeah. (laughing) We are in the future. Two hours. – [Nick] Unless I made
this same thing last time in which case how’s it like
living in the future, sir? – It’s pretty cool. I know what’s going to happen, Red is right now going
to kill you, Barberian, in 32 seconds. – [Red] 32 seconds?
– Yeah, 32 seconds. – [Nick] No, no sir. – [Red] That’s so crazy how you can just guess things like that. – Well, I’m mean I’m from Texas, so I’m in the future. – [Nick] I’ll be honest, I
totally lost were Red was. – [Red] I totally lost
where you guys are so. – I think he shifted. – [Red] No why would I do that? – You totally shifted. – [Nick] Because you’re spooky. You’re a spooky ghost
and that’s what you do, spooky ghost things. Oh my God I am so gonna die. – Oh, Barberian unshifted. He’s in the firehouse,
he’s in the firehouse. I saw him, he’s in the firehouse. Red, he’s in the firehouse. You can see him Red. He’s there, he’s there. I saw him in the firehouse dude. I think he was in the first floor. – [Nick] Preston you said,
if I didn’t sell you out, you wouldn’t sell me out. – You don’t know where I am though dude. You can’t sell me out,
you don’t know where I am. – [Red] I’ve been looking forever.
– [Nick] My plan. My plan has a fatal flaw. – It was all a game of who
was gonna sell who out first. – [Nick] I wasn’t paying
attention the whole time. I know it is, I’m a
hide-and-seek veteran, Preston. I should know how this works, but, I let my heart get in the way. Never again will I lose a game
of hide-and-seek to emotions. (laughing) -[Nick] I’ll be honest, I actually
wanted to be a ghost now, because now I can exact revenge. – [Nick] Preston, where are you? Where are you sir? He’s definitely not where we
think he is that’s for sure. – [Red] Well, he saw you unshift, so he’s gotta be somewhere near us right? – I may or may not be in the sewers. – [Red] There’s no way
you’re in the sewers. I don’t believe you, man.
– How do you know, dude? – [Nick] Please don’t go in the sewers. I don’t really wanna go down there. – What’s wrong with the sewers, dude? The sewers are a beautiful place. – [Nick] It’s dirty, it’s dark. I’m more of a clean hunt, like you know, if you have a like say, I don’t know, a nice clean bedroom I’ll haunt that. – [Red] Is that what kinda ghost you are? – You don’t even have a nose! Okay. At 30 seconds, we’ll play
a game of hot and cold. Okay?
– Hot and cold, okay. – So, until then I can’t say anything. – [Nick] Am I hot?
– No, it’s not 30 seconds. Okay, and, three, two, one. You guys are very cold right now. So cold, brrr, brrr.
– Very cold? – [Nick] He’s not in the sewer.
– [Red] How about now? – Oh you’re gettin’ warmer. Oh, shoot, I can feel the nuggets. – [Red] You can feel the nuggets? Okay, are we getting closer? – Okay a little colder, a little warmer. – A little warmer?
– Oh man dude. People are gettin’ warm, people
are gettin’ warm right now. That’s all I can say, it’s toasty. It’s toasty, it’s hot. It’s hot! Oh it’s on fire! He on fire! Oh, you guys are on fire. You’re burnin’, shawty
burnin’ on the dance floor. Shawty burnin’ on the dance floor! – [Red] No! – [Nick] What? He had the cookie the whole time. – [Red] Was he hiding around
the corner right there? – I was in this door. – [Red] I feel, I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed with my
hide-and-go-seek skills. – [Nick] Preston gets to hide
once, and he schools us both. What does that say about our skills, Red? – [Red] I think that he cheated. – [Nick] Oh, well okay, that’s cool. Preston cheats, all right. – It’s because I rub myself
in cookies to mask the smell. – [Nick] As a ghost I depend heavily on my ability to smell things. – [Red] Genius, genius, genius. -[Nick] Thank you guys so much
for watching this episode of Minecraft hide-and-seek
with Preston and Red, guys. This is a lot of fun. Maybe we’ll play another time. – [Red] I’m down. – No, I don’t wanna play with you guys. – [Nick] Are you too afraid
of the ghost, Preston? Is that what it is? – I just wanna say, Red
didn’t put deodorant on and I can’t be around that. – [Nick] Oh, I understand. Well guys, if you want
to see videos with anyone except for Red, let me know. I’ll never talk to him again. Thank you guys so much for watching. As always, my name’s Barbierian. Peace out. – Oh my god, he’s actually crying. I’m sorry. (techno music)

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