GIANT Board Game Challenge! Winner Gets $10,000 (CANDYLAND in Real Life) 🎲 Game Master

– Hey ZamFam, it’s Rebecca and today we are playing
a Candy Land challenge. We’re not exactly sure what it is but we received this from
the game master with a note and it says “There is a giant reward when you play Candy Land,
meet everyone here,” and then there’s coordinates, so we’re thinking everyone
else from the game master network is going to be showing up. We had to let you guys know that this is going to be a Candy Land Challenge so we put the letters of the words in the top corner because we did not want the Quadrant or the
Red Hood figuring out what this challenge would be. I think we just need to get in. Zamfam smash the thumbs
up button right now if you were one of the ones that figured out that Candy Land was going
to be the challenge today. I wonder what’s inside? [Rebecca] Look, there’s Daniel! – [Man In Glasses] Daniel!
– [Rebecca] Daniel! – I just picked that lock. – Okay, so you got the message
from the Game Master too? – Yeah, all of us did, right? I think Rocky’s supposed to be coming. – We haven’t seen him yet. – Okay, let’s get inside. – Okay. – This one’s already open. – The Game Master must’ve. This is what we got from the Game Master. – [Camera Man] The game board? – Yeah, so maybe we’re
playing this game somewhere, like in a backyard or something. I don’t know. But there’s a note too. So the ZamFam thinks it
might have something to do with the word giant
because it’s underlined. – [Camera Man] Giant? – Yeah. – Hey Daniel, what’d you
do for lunch yesterday? – [Daniel] Oh I was busy editing all day. – Okay. – [Daniel] Yeah so. – Okay well let’s go in
and then Rocky can meet us when he gets here, okay. Oh my gosh. – It’s a giant Candy
Land game in real life. – Oh my gosh, you guys know
the giant board game challenge has been a trend on YouTube. So that makes sense why the Game Master would want us to play this. – Right. – The Quadrant will
definitely be coming then. – So we need to keep our guard up. – [Daniel] But then also just have a lot of fun playing– – Exactly. – Uh huh. – You need to keep your eyes open. Comment down below if you see any Quadrant members what so ever. – Yeah, at the three marker challenge, you guys and my cousin
both saw the Quadrant. We need to see if we’re
gonna see a Quadrant today. I think it’s gonna happen. Smash a thumbs up button,
give us good luck, ’cause we really need to figure out who Q is and if he is the Red Hood. – Okay let’s play this game. – Okay. The Game Master put out disguises, he must want us to dress
up for this challenge. – I wish they had my color though. – They have every color. It’s just like a Candy Land board. This is so cool. – So do we just pick
out what we wanna wear? – Yeah I guess so, I have
no idea, but it makes sense. I’m gonna wear this rainbow tutu. I feel like you like these kind of hats. – [Daniel] Oh yeah. – Oh Matt. You guys comment, Matt should wear this, if you think he should wear it. This is like, a romper, but for a man. What are these called? – A rompan. – Yes this is yours. There’s a bow tie Daniel. – [Daniel] Oh okay that’s for me. – You have to wear a bow tie. We gotta leave something also for Rocky. – Oh good point, okay. – So that would be perfect,
’cause there’s a jacket. – [Daniel] All right, looking good. – I’m gonna go change. – Okay so we are all dressed now, and we are ready to play
Candy Land in real life. – How do we even play Candy Land? – So you guys don’t know
how to play Candy Land? – [Daniel] It’s been awhile. – I’ve never played before actually. – These are the pieces. We’re each gonna have a piece. Oh look, there’s no dice, but this is it. And basically you’re gonna
spin the mystery wheel, whatever it lands on, you have to go to that color on the game board. However, if there’s an X, that means you lose your next turn. And if you get on any
of the special pieces, you have to go to that location. So like, the lollipop, if
you land on the lollipop, you have to go to the lollipop girl, which is way over there. – [Daniel] Oh okay. – So it could be good, or it could be a bad thing, depending. But my favorite one, you guys, is this right here. – [Daniel] Oh it’s windy, it’s windy. – Yep. – So if you land on yellow,
it’s not actually a good thing. But you have to slide down and go all the way to the start. The first person to get to the
castle wins this challenge. – Okay, it’s gonna be me. – So it’s gonna be really easy and so much fun to play
this giant board game. – But what do we win? – $10,000. – [Daniel] $10,000? – Just kidding, I don’t know you guys. This was the Game Master challenge, and the whole point of this is to get the Quadrant to come
and think we’re playing a challenge so– – Yeah $10,000 wouldn’t
make as much sense, right? – [Daniel] Yeah he never
cared about the money. – You’re right. Okay so we need something like a spy gadget or something to
find the Game Master right? – Okay do you have anything Daniel? – [Daniel] I got nothing in my pockets. – Daniel you usually have spy gadgets. – Hold on. A lollipop? Can we use this? – We can pretend. – [Daniel] Yeah say it’s
a Game Master spy gadget. – Okay ZamFam, so we’re gonna say the winner gets this spy gadget, which gets you in to unlock
the Game Master safe house. – Oh the super secret spy gadget. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Yeah. – [Daniel] I hope it win that. – I want the spy gadget. – Yes. So Matt’s gonna go put
this over by the castle. I guess we’re just waiting for Rocky, but I feel like we need
to get going, right? – [Daniel] Right. I wonder where Rocky’s at. – Yeah. Well, let’s just start this challenge and get it going and Rocky
can join in when he gets here. – [Daniel] So now we get
to pick our game piece. I’m gonna do red, like I’m the red one. – Okay I’m going with blue. Danny what color do you want? – [Daniel] I’ll do green. – Ladies go first, that’s me. – What? – I feel like we should. – [Matt] Okay fine. – Three, two, one, you guys comment what color you think I’m going to get. – [Matt] Oh really good spin, Beck. – No. – [Daniel] Oh. – [Matt] Lose a turn. – I lose a turn. – [Daniel] Already first try. You move to purple. You can’t go for two times. – Me okay. Here we go. Let’s give this a real spin. Green. Oh not very far. – Wow Matt. That’s impressive. – [Matt] Daniel it’s your turn. – [Daniel] Three, two, one. Taking a while. – [Rebecca] Wow, oh my gosh. – [Matt] It’s a giant board game. – [Daniel] It’s fun playing a giant board game thought right? – Yep. – [Daniel] Oh the wind is helping me out. – [Matt] Red! – [Daniel] Red. Oh one. – There we go. It’s my turn, since you lost a turn. – But wait, wait, we have to tell them. This is huge. Daniel knows, Matt knows, I know. Rocky aka Pumpkin Patch knows. ZamFam I am so excited because
we have officially launched So on this website, it’s
gonna have all of our bios and our ninja skills and
training on the site. – And it gives you the opportunity
to make your own profiles and get shout outs in videos. – Yes and the best part is if you watch a video here, we’re gonna
have a quiz on that page. If you get it right, you will
be one of the ones entered for a shout out in the next video. So make sure to pay
attention to this video and then go to this site and sign up. I’m so excited to have this, you guys, and have more of you guys
join the Game Master Network. Comment below and become
a Game Master ninja. This is gonna be so much fun. There’s gonna be so many
things on this site. I’m so excited about it. – Okay I need to go, it’s my turn. – Okay okay. – Here we go. So I gotta win this game. The giant board game, and I’m gonna be the giant winner today. No no no no no. Red. – [Rebecca] Red? – Whoa. Dun dun dun dun dun do do. – [Daniel] Oh the wind. Red again. – [Rebecca] Red again. – [All] Whoa. – Do do do do do do. Do do do do do do. – [Matt] How does it feel, Daniel? – Feels pretty good. But I think I’ll pass you very soon. – Okay you guys, so comment right now who you think is going
to win this challenge. Is it gonna be me? What? – Sorry. It’s a text for Rocky. – Rocky? – Yeah, he’s at the vet with Flip. – [Matt] Aw, is he okay? – He’s just not feeling very well, so he’s just getting him checked out. He won’t be able to make it. So it’s just us playing. – Okay, so Rocky’s okay, it’s just Flip? – Yeah. – Oh. – And I think Flip will be okay too, just check up at the vet. – I guess there’s only three of us. But that’s okay because
usually there’s only a couple of Quadrant members
here at the most, right? – [Matt] Exactly. – It’s usually just one. – [Matt] Daniel’s
basically super spy ninja. – Sometimes when I need to be. – Smash a thumbs up,
give me luck right now. – [Matt] What! – I got it. – [Matt] You got orange. – So in Candy Land, if
you land on a color with a design on it, that means
I get to go to lollipop. She’s way over there. So I get to skip. – [Daniel] Whoa, way over there? – I’m here. Now I’m winning! Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m
going to win Candy Land. Girls beat boys, yeah. – Five six seven eight. – [Daniel] Purple. – [Rebecca] That’s pretty good. – [Daniel] Whoa. – [Both] Green. – Aw one. – [Matt] Yeah one! Wah wah. – Let’s go, what do I want? Purple. Okay so it’s not that far, but I’m still– Do you hear that? – [Daniel] Pumpkin Patch? – [Matt] Oh hey Pumpkin Patch. – Wait, but I thought– – [Daniel] No no. – What? – [Daniel] We were waiting for you. – [Rebecca] Why aren’t you talking, Rocky? You’re sick, you can’t talk. – [Daniel] Sick, can’t talk. – You said though that– – [Daniel] Um no, remember
we were just waiting for him. So I’m glad you made it. I gotta show you something over here on the game board real quick. But you explain to him, yeah. – Okay yeah. – So you’re Pumpkin Patch today? – Weird. Rocky said he was fine, it
was just Flip at the vet. – [Daniel] That’s not Rocky. – What? If you don’t think it’s Rocky, who is it? – [Daniel] Look, look at him. Tall, dressed in black. – Actually, Rocky’s a little bit bulkier. – [Daniel] Right. – Like he was long and
lean and that kind of looks like Q or the Red Hood. – [Daniel] And Rocky said that Flip was the one that had to go to the vet. – Yeah. – [Daniel] He’s sick? No. – Comment if you think that is actually Q, pretending to be Rocky. What should we do? – [Daniel] We have to pretend anyways. – Yes yeah. – [Daniel] We need to track him down. – Yes exactly, that’s why
we’re doing this challenge. The Game Master wants us to figure out where the Red Hood and
the Quadrant are going. – Hold on, let me see what they’re doing. Oh, he’s showing him how to play. So you remember the prize, a lollipop. – Yeah. – Okay I think I can put
a tracking device on it. Then we just have to get him to win. – Okay so we’ll just change the rules and we’ll make it so that
he wins no matter what. Q loves sweets, ZamFam, right? – He’ll be so excited – Exactly. Okay and then we’ll be
able to figure out where Q or the Red Hood, whoever
that is, is going next. – Right, you’re going to have to tell Matt what’s going on though. We need to fill him in that
we’re gonna let him win. – So maybe we have Q,
I mean, Pumpkin Patch, I mean Rocky I guess, why
don’t we have him go right now and I’ll whisper to Matt
while he’s doing it. – Great idea. – Okay okay, let’s go. – Two spots. And you are going to be yellow or gold. Whatever this is. Like gold, right? – Yeah and you know what,
we just decided Rocky that you should go next
because you’re behind, we’ve already had a couple of turns. And then Matt, here, come here. – [Daniel] So you get to spin. – [All] Let’s play. – Oh we forgot to tell you
what the winning prize is. It is a Game Master spy gadget. Yes, it’s a lollipop that you can use to hack into his safe house, yes. – For real. – Yes. I mean, we’re part of
the Game Master network. The Game Master would only trust us with this spy gadget device. So why don’t you spin and Matt come here. – Wait, since we’re all here
we should do the Game Master. – Wait. What was that? – [Daniel] What was that? – Okay ready, three two one– – [All] Game Master. – He got it. – [Daniel] Good luck Pumpkin Patch. Oh he got purple. Guys purple. – Yeah whoo! X oh. So this X means that you
get to go to the next X, which is all the way over there. That means you’re in the lead. – We call this the connect the dots X. – All the way on this game board. Look you passed Matt and Daniel. Wow, Rocky, you’re
really good at this game. You get to go right here. – [Matt] I think he wants
to be Pumpkin Patch today. – Oh Pumpkin Patch. – [Daniel] Pumpkin Patch. – Are you sure you don’t wanna do a face reveal and show your face? I mean you’ve showed it before
to the Game Master network. I don’t want to get you guys sick. – [Daniel] Oh. – Because that’s why you’re not talking or doing a face reveal. – [Daniel] Matt’s up. Oh let’s see what did you get, hold on. – [All] It’s a red. – You’re just at red. – [Daniel] Oh two, darn. – Daniel’s turn. – [Matt] Should we talk about
the ninja gadget at all? – Yeah the ninja gadget. I can’t wait. I wanna try to win it,
because I wanna get into that safe house, right? – Yeah. – Yeah the only one that has a lollipop is gonna be the one that– – To get into the Game Master safe house. I wonder what’s in there. – I don’t know. What do you thinks in
there, Pumpkin Patch? He doesn’t know. – Yeah okay. All right Daniel. – Lets find out. And now. And I’m on orange. – Oh Daniel. – Darn, I landed on the lollipop. – It means you lose a turn. – Lose a turn, that’s right. Are you sure this is how you play? Yeah. – Yeah, trust me, I play
Candy Land so many times. I definitely know how to
play this giant board game. – Trust her. – [Matt] Pumpkin Patch,
you like like you got a little taller. – No? – No. Oh ’cause he’s been sick. That makes sense. – Yeah when you’re sick, you get taller. – [Matt] And a little thinner. Like Rocky’s pretty muscular, you know? – Yeah, yeah you still are,
you still look muscular. Okay my turn. No, his turn. – [Matt] Yeah. – Yep it’s your turn. – Yeah it’s your turn. – Yeah! – [Matt] Purple. – Wait but, so you were here. That’s so funny because– – [Matt] Oh you know what? The person behind him is on
purple, you get double purple. – Yeah because I’m on purple. So you’re all the way up there now. Okay ZamFam, so comment below right now if you think Pumpkin Patch
is buying this right now. Matt, I think we’re doing a good job. – [Matt] I think you’re doing awesome. – Yeah, we just have to
get him to the finish, so he wins this game. Okay it’s my turn now. – [Daniel] Get it. Yellow. – You guys know what that means. – [Matt] The chocolate lady. – [Daniel] What’s the chocolate lady? – It’s like Ro Pansino. It’s the baker of chocolate,
this could be like her grandma. – Okay. – All right so you guys,
I got to yellow right? So since we’re here that
means that everyone has to do a spy ninja move on this game board. – A spy ninja move? – We’re gonna do a spy ninja move and it’ll take us farther in the game. – Yes. – So whatever move you do, you
get to move further, right? – Man these Candy Land rules are fun. – Yeah exactly. – [Matt] Keeps on
changing sometimes, but– – It’s perfect for spy ninja training. – [Daniel] Are you– yeah. – Yeah. Okay so I’ll do my spy ninja move first. The spy ninja move that I’m going to do is a ninja kick because
I think that’ll take me the farthest and I really
wanna win this game. Yeah! – Whoa. – I’m on yellow now. – My spy ninja move is a bat kick. – [Rebecca] Okay. – Ready. Hi yeah. – Kinda wanna go far. – [Rebecca] Matt. – You gotta trust me guys. – Okay. – This one I call bridge jump. Over the bridge. – [Rebecca] Matt. I guess so, yup. – Isn’t that cool? – [Rebecca] Yeah I guess that’s okay. So Pumpkin Patch I guess it’s your turn. – You have to know something. – You gotta know some moves. – You’re Rocky aka Pumpkin Patch. You know so many moves. Give Pumpkin Patch some space. He’s a big guy. On the count of three do
your ninja move, okay? – [Rebecca] Yup. – Three two one, go! – [Daniel] Ninja move. Whoa. – [Rebecca] What? That was a barrel roll. I’m just gonna go over here real quickly. ZamFam comment below
if you remember who did a barrel roll before. I’ve seen that before,
I know you guys have to. I don’t wanna say it out loud. I think I know who’s pretending to be Pumpkin Patch right now. I just want to remind you
guys what we are playing for. At the final castle, it
is a spy gadget lollipop, and this will get you into
the Game Master safe house. Only one of us is going to win. The first to win it will be able to go in and look you guys. – [Daniel] There it is. – This is it. This will get you into the
Game Master safe house. So I really hope I win this. – [Matt] I really want that. – He says he really wants it. – [Matt] Okay you’re getting pretty close. – I’m gonna put this back here. – [Matt] Q’s up, I mean sorry, Rocky. – Rocky’s up. – Shh, you gotta be quiet. – [Matt] Daniel do you wanna film? – You should really film right now. – [Matt] Okay. – Yeah yeah, okay. – [Matt] All right you ready for this? Okay you got this. This could be it. – You got red. – [Matt] Oh you got red. – Wait wait we gotta tell the
ZamFam thumbs up the video. – [Matt] Yup, subscribe,
turn on notifications. – Oh it’s time okay. You guys know what the gingerbread means. – We all do. So tell us. – [Matt] Tell us what it is. – The king loves gingerbread cookies. So when you land on this, it automatically lets you go to the king who
is almost to the castle. – Yellow. – [Daniel] Yellow. – Matt you know what that means. – [Daniel] What does it mean? – Triple yellow. – [Daniel] Triple yellow, no. – Oh yeah. – [Daniel] Oh man, you’re
right at the beginning. – [Matt] You got this, Beck. – So that means everyone gets to move up to the next red space. – [Daniel] You’re only
one away from winning. Well you guys remember the rule that if anybody rolls green now, because he’s one away, then we lose. – Oh yeah you’re right. – Anything but green now. – Anything but green, you guys. – Anything but green. Oh. – No, wait did this just happen? – I got green. – Well Rocky at least you rescue dogs and you’re a good person
so I guess if anyone is supposed to win that
lollipop, it would be you. – [Matt] Yup, now you have access 100% of the time to the Game
Master’s safe house. – You just won. – [Matt] Nice job. – You won. Oh my gosh, okay. Here you go. – Here’s the lollipop. – [Matt] The lollipop. – So Rocky, I know that
you are sick right now and you’re saving your voice, but I want you to just say one word to the ZamFam to describe
how you feel right now, winning this giant Candy
Land board game challenge. Three two one. What is it? Where you go? No no don’t go. – [Matt] What? – [All] Rocky. – [Matt] He took off his mask. – He took off his mask. Face reveal, face reveal. He’s gone. – He’s gone. – It was definitely not Rocky. This challenge actually
worked out perfectly. The Game Master wanted us
to do a trending challenge and it did bring the Quadrant here. – Well I think it’s more
than just the Quadrant. – I think we’re all on the same page here. On the count of three, let’s say exactly who we think it is. One two three. – Q. – Red Hood. – Game Master. – Game Master? – Red Hood? – Well Q and Red Hood are the same person. – Okay but why do you
think it’s the Game Master? – He set this up, I thought
he was just playing with us. – No. – No Matt, that was definitely
someone for the Quadrant. Let us know which one you think. Do you think it’s Q, do you
think it’s the Red Hood, or do you think it’s the Game Master? He set this up for us so that we could get the Red Hood or the Quadrant. – But I went back there and I placed a tracking device on the spy gadget. – So whoever it is, we can track now. – Tracked him now. Right here, got him right here. – And we tricked him, we
told him it’s a spy gadget, and it’s just a lollipop. – Do you think he took it from Rocky? – [Matt] Is Rocky missing? – What if the Quadrant has Rocky now? – We can track him now. But what’s the plan once we trapped him? – Well we need to track them and take off the mask, do a mask reveal,
but most importantly, we need to do a lie detector test, like you guys in the ZamFam have said, if this is Q we need to see
if he’s telling the truth, or if he’s possibly framed by someone. – I don’t know about that. – No I do– – [Matt] Daniel we still need
to talk to you about Subway. – Subway? What are you talking about Subway? – [Matt] We’ll talk about it tomorrow. – Okay ZamFam so I need you to go to
and go and take the quiz and become a Game Master ninja. I’ll be shouting out some of the ninjas that scored 100% on the quiz,
so go and do that right now. Make sure you are subscribed, have notifications on
and check out the video that is right here. Shout out to these people that made it to the end of last video. I can’t wait to shout you guys out that got 100% on the
quiz in my next video. We’ll see next time. – [All] Game Master ninjas.

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