20 thoughts on “Giants’ Alyssa Nakken Is First Female Full-Time Coach in MLB History

  1. This is what a team does when the have no chance of competing for a championship. A female in the clubhouse, what a phenomenal idea.

  2. No offense to women but the baddest woman is still not as good as the baddest man. She’s going to be dealing with a lot of top level men who don’t just follow anyone. I hope she does good and this wasn’t just some publicity stunt.

  3. This is another attempt by a sports league to push that super liberal/“progressive”, super woke agenda. Why not hire based on merit ? I’m sure there are more experienced, more qualified, suitable male candidates, rather than this equality of outcome pseudo egalitarian claptrap. I mean what man in their right frame of mind will view a female as an authoritative figure ?

  4. The problem is this is just a liberal agenda push. This is a mens league. Women have zero experience playing in a mens league and they have their own leagues. I can see a physio therapist being female but coaches, players and any staff that is in the dressing room should be male. They are making a statement and its ridiculous

  5. I don't see how she's qualified other than the fact it's SF and they're "just a little more progressive than everybody else". She never even played single A baseball. How are PRO male athletes going to take her seriously?? It's all alpha males with big egos. I don't see this ending well at all…..

  6. She’s going to come in and change the clubhouse culture. Yay, girl power. Until some mega millions player tells her to STFU and get out of his face.

  7. Added to everything else, what an awful face to have to look at. The Giants has lost any respect they had left last season. Now to have to deal with this joke. Bad bad world.

  8. It's a advocate, activism, a shameful political move.
    Kaepernick was bad enough, now the Giants throw this strictly political shit into sports.
    Might as well make the San Francisco Giants into an all bitch team. The team is almost that lousy anyway. Might as well make it official.

  9. this is the biggest fucking joke on the planet. NOT because she is a chick, but because san fran thinks they are woke by doing this. I GUESS YOU NEED TO BE TOLD, SOFTBALL IS NOT BASEBALL.

  10. What is the over/under on when she sues over something? She sees a naked player in locker room, hears someone say a naughty word,..you know she's gonna be offended and only$$$$$ will make her whole again.

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