Gillette – The Best a Fan Can Get | India Cricket Video with Rahul Dravid

My name is Mangesh Ganpatrao Kadam I’ve always been a cricket fan, Right from my childhood I was passionate about cricket. One day I decided to keep wickets,
too close to the stumps, and… lost my ‘sight screen’. In other words, I lost my vision. I retired hurt but I didn’t retire. Since then I have watched every match through Suresh’s eyes, My son, Suresh. In 83, I watched the impossible come true. Saw Kapil’s toothy grin and tears of joy in my eyes. On a Colour TV, there’s so much I’ve watched. One dayers being played at night. Suresh told me India wears the colour of the sky… sky blue.  One fine day, I watched a miracle being born. Dravid’s forward defense. Kumble’s fast slow bowling, I even watched India learn to field. In a few years, Indian cricket grew up so fast, just like Suresh. And I started to see all kinds of things. Helicopter shot, 6 sixes in an over. Then the day finally arrived… when Suresh had to start his own little partnership. After all, how long will
I keep going? Now I guess only the sky
will wear my sky blue. “Oh that was so close.” “Who’s that?” “I don’t think he grounded the bat,” “I think his bat is in the air.” “Dravid???” “Mr. Kadam. ” “This is… unbelievable.” “No, sir, you are unbelievable.” “May I watch this tournament with you?” I’ve watched cricket all my life, I think I’ll watch a little longer…

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