Gilli Danda Competition – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

I would be the champion if this competition had been in my childhood. Hey Ghasitaram, I used to play tip-cat a lot. I had hit many billets of wood. And had broken many sticks, the entire colony was amazed. Ok big brother, I played it in childhood and forgot now. Tomorrow is the competition and I want to win so we need to start practicing from today on wards. Motu, I have twenty years of experience of playing this game, come on I will help you in practicing. None other than John will win this competition!! None other than Motu will lose the competition!! Wow boss!! What a poetry!! Hey, leave the poem, let’s think about winning the competition. Look here, hold the stick like this and place the billet of wood like this on the ground. Now hit the stick on this billet like this. Sorry, the stick fell by mistake. Look, you need to hold the stick tightly and then have complete attention on the billet of wood. Don’t wander. Ok, I understood, now let me try. I will take this away. There is nothing to worry once its not there. Where is the billet of wood gone? Now how will we know the distance covered by the billet? The rule of this competition is that, the one who hits the billet of wood farthest will win. Hey Patlu, my friend, I have made a high tech billet of wood for such an occasion. Look here. The maximum distance covered by the billet will be shown on this meter. And it will go faraway in speed and come back again. Look here. Hey look here, this meter shows that the distance covered is 100 meters. Wow! Big brother, you have made such an extraordinary billet of wood. Give me, now I will practice. Oh! I forgot that if the billet enters somebody’s house then it won’t come back. The billet has gone into boxer’s house. Who will bring it back from boxer’s house? The person who stroked it, will bring back. Big brother, going there is like getting in a clash with Boxer, please make another one. Hey Motu, my friend, it is impossible to make another billet instantly. Now it’s going to be fun when boxer will gives them punishment. Idea! Listen. What is the matter sister? Sir, I am selling a detergent, this is our shining detergent. Dear sir, your window is broken, I repair glasses. No brother, it is not broken. It is broken. Have a look once. Hey, I told you it isn’t broken!! I won’t see, don’t dare to harass me again. Yes, you say Miss detergent. Madam, wait a second. Hello sir, if your ceiling is broken then please let me know. I repair ceilings. It isn’t broken. Look, I don’t raise hands on women, please don’t mind. You are my guest, this is my salute to you. I suggest giving a punching bag to this boxer for practicing. He always considers us as his punching bag for practices. He has broken us. Let me see whether this billet is proper or not. Everything is fine. John wait, give that billet back otherwise you will have to suffer. I will suffer, right now it’s your time to suffer. You hit the billet of wood on my head, not once but repeatedly. I won’t let you win this competition, John will become the don!! I won’t let you take this billet in a good condition, I will break it into pieces, I will destroy it. John, before that I will destroy you. Take this!! Let’s check whether this is working or John has destroyed it completely. I guess John has destroyed it completely. All our hard work has gone in vain. Big brother, please do something, it is giving out current. Hey Motu, my friend, I guess there is some problem in it, wear the rubber gloves to avoid the current. Ok big brother, I wore it. Wow! This is wonderful, the billet has covered one kilometer yet It isn’t falling down. It is coming, again it will hit me on my head, it has already seen my head, run!! Why is this billet of wood bothering only me, why only me? No!!! John you have smashed the billet many times and now it will take its revenge properly. Brothers, today in this tip-cat competition, the first prize goes to Motu and Patlu. It is strange that the billet hit by them has not landed on the ground yet. Look, this distance measuring machine is still measuring the distance being covered by it. I have no clue when this billet of wood will fall down. Hey, wait, where are you both running? Who will remove the billet from my stomach? Please wait!!

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