Gin BONANZA 2 (Paraglider Review)

Hi this is Carlo from Flybubble.
I’ve got the Gin Bonanza 2! I got to really know it in a variety of
conditions actually Tenerife is great for that we’ve had everything from
smooth soaring to punchy stable thermals on high pressure days to just this
evening we had a beautiful evening smooth soaring flight, you could fly with
your hands off, buoyant lifty air. we also got quite high over 4000 feet and
through the inversion so we were bouncing in and out of the inversion.
it’s had a really good feel of that. It seems very sorted, very well balanced and very good in turbulent conditions. I was very impressed with that and even on the speed bar it feels very solid and what French called ‘mono-block’, it
doesn’t twist and snake about, it’s very solid Three riser set up,
you’ve got your A’s, the B’s with a stabilo and the C risers with the
brake lines and here we got the speed system so this works, I’ll show how that works and see modern speed systems they’ve got
quite complicated to make the glider accelerate more smoothly and keep better
performance and stability. it’s one of the big features of the bonanza 2 – it’s
particularly designed for its accelerated flight and related to that
you will be using a lot of rear riser steering with the speed bar on. 18 mm Harkan ball bearing pulleys and running up we’ve got magnets on the brakes,
ceramic rings for the brake lines and the Maillons have got these small maillons with keepers It has a noticeable shark nose, air scoop,
whatever you want to call it leading-edge stiffeners, they are quite stiff so you can tell this is a glider that’s more orientated towards performance and
stability at speed rather than being more optimized to being lightweight and
easy to squash up and compress. The rods go quite far down the glider as well.
every third cell there is a bridge. that’s these parts here, then you have
diagonals, diagonals, and then in here the bridge. It adds more structural integrity and
more solidly especially accelerated. Isn’t that right? it’s Nancy I’m gonna try and film Carlo bear with me. I was very impressed upon
the inflation as well. similarly, in all the conditions I flew in, from very light
thermic variable thermal conditions through to a bit stronger, the glider
comes up very nicely, very easy. it comes up in a smooth arc not whipping
up. I was actually quite impressed by that I’d actually say that it’s easier
to launch than the glider which I guess it kind of replaces which is the Carrera.
Gin might disagree with that, but it actually feels more solid and more
uni block with less twisting. Considering it’s got a little bit more aspect ratio
that’s very impressive I think that’s down to the leading edge
is very solid with very stiff nylon rods to keep it in a good shape and it’s got
softer rods that run all the way back. I’ve just been getting used to this
glider for the very first time in thermic conditions and I’ve been in the
UK winter so not flying so much for the last few weeks and then suddenly thrown
into some quite punchy conditions in Tenerife. first of all I needed to get
into the swing of the handling. with any glider you need to get the point of how to get it to turn really nice and tight and bank the glider
around and get speed and energy and then turn it tight without spinnig it but
staying efficient as well and I’ve found the Bonanza 2 to be very intuitive like
that. I’d say the brake pressure is moderate it’s not light but it’s a
moderate but firm pressure you can you feel exactly where your brake pressure
is because of that I found as well that when you’re getting to the point of
stall or spin that’s quite easy to feel because the pressure really builds. it’s
not a glider that’s goes soft and mushy and you don’t feel the stall point, it’s
very clear which is very nice, I think, especially when you’re working difficult
thermals as we’ve been close to the rock faces and you want to feel confident in
your glider. the climb rate is excellent it seems to at least equal the Carrera
which pilots who have flown the Carrera know it
climbs really really well it’s exceptional for its class and the Bonanza 2 seems to climb at least as well. you do need to use a reasonable amount of brake to get it around to turn tightly. At first you feel (when you don’t know the
glider) to be a little cautious but actually after a while I felt I could
really use the breaks quite a lot and the glider responds nicely. Gin says you should use the speed
bar as much as possible so I was keen to try that out and test it out to see
if that’s true. yeah the glider is very solid
accelerated, especially it’s got a very nice system on the C risers with
some ceramic rings very smooth system very efficient and I found I
could really use this speed bar and the rear risers quite a lot. What’s that? Speed bar! You’re applying
brakes! yeah I could really use the speed bar and there rear risers very effectively
which to be honest I find on most three riser gliders just doesn’t work very
well because they don’t have a good system for connecting the C’s to the
B’s so you always feel like you’re creasing the back of the glider. on the
bonanza 2 – it felt very good. I really tried putting full bar on and pulling
the rear risers down a lot and normally I’d expect to see a lot of creases and
the glider flying badly but the Bonanza 2 seemed to be coping with that
very well. it’s a great glider for doing wing overs
with, a bit like the Carrera and very nice for doing wing overs builds up
energy quite quickly but very smoothly and in a very controlled way. obviously
with an aspect ratio of six point four four think it is it’s sort of a ‘mid
to high’ C … I was expecting with that aspect ratio maybe it would
actually be a bit hotter than I’ve been finding it. I was expecting to find it to
be maybe quite a high C to fly but the pilot demand seemed to be
more like a mid C similar to the Sigma 10, maybe a little bit
more than that but pretty similar, kind of level to that, so that’s where I
pitch it. I’m really looking forward to flying it some more in the UK in some
nice thermic conditions in spring where we can do some nice big cross countries.
great! So the Bonanza 2 – I think feels like a very
sorted mid-C glider for cross-country flying with excellent performance
especially accelerated. The big ears came in, they don’t have split
A’s, it’s got the two different A’s, they are split but they’ve got a little D ring
around them so they’re fixed together. I must confess I do prefer a glider with split A’s, just because I do use big ears and flying in the UK having to keep
underneath airspace big ears is a very useful technique to be able to do
and so you don’t have that, but it’s pretty easy to get the big ears in with
the bonanza 2 it’s quite a bit of pressure to pull them in but then
once they come in they’re pretty easy to hold and they were quite stable. whereas
for example another glider I flew a bit the Cayenne 5, they were quite flappy and
the glider tended to wobble around a lot the bonanza 2 – I’m really pleased to see
it stays pretty stable and you don’t have that thing of yawing around a
lot it’s quite easy to keep on track and so if that’s a very good behavior. to get
the ears out: they don’t come out on their own on the bonanza 2 – I didn’t find
they did it they just stay in – actually if you’re wanting to just stay
with your big ears in you don’t have to work hard to keep them in. to get them
out I needed pretty deep pumps to get them to clear out. not a problem for
the sort of pilot that’s flying that level of glider fine. Gin gliders I find they really have a very clean shape generally they have
got a very clean look to them and the bonanza 2 – I think is, they seem
to have taken it to the next level it’s got a super clean look to the
whole glider the leading edge the whole wing the trailing edge just looks very
taut and tidy and in all phases of flight as well I really noticed that
accelerated even fully accelerated the glider feels really solid and they’ve
obviously spent a lot of time getting that glider really tuned out and I
think that translates into the feeling of the glider as well, it felt very solid
and kind of uniform and not planky but just kind of rigid, taut. it’s a great
glider for ambitious cross-country pilots who want a very comfortable
glider that they can fly for lots of hours and feel comfortable on. I
think for somebody stepping up from a high B to the C class, it depends on the B, if you’re stepping up from Carrera to a bonanza 2, fine. but if
you’re stepping up from a standard high B glider or a mid B then
the Bonanza 2 is a little bit more ambitious. I really enjoyed the bonanza 2 –
really enjoyed flying it and the more I flew it the more I liked it and felt
really solid and reassuring very good performance and a comfortable glider to
fly and it would be a great glider to fly on a strong cross-country day going for
BIG DISTANCE! It’s Carlo from Flybubble, and we’re with Henri and Simonetta from PARA42, just to say thank you very much it’s been fantastic, and thank you Tenerife! We’ve had a great week. Bye!

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    And it's quite all right, Carlo. I, too, saw myself using the pedals when playing an auto simulator! (and leaning left and right at tight turns).

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    Tremendous production value! Thanks a lot!

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