Gleitschirmfliegen an der Mosel (mit Erläuterungen)

Yes. I am now here on the Moselle. Klüsserath – launching point Klüsserath. The wind conditions don’t look that bad. However, there is a little problem …
And this little problem is flying over there. This helicopter is now used to spray the vineyards. with any pesticides. Organic – of course. Yes, but of course it creates a lot of turbulences in the air. And it doesn’t make the whole thing so easy anymore. So you have to wait and see what happens. As you can see, I’ve now put everything on. Means I’m ready to launch. The wind has picked up a bit in between. In gusts, around 30. That means I will wait a moment again. Until I catch a quiet phase. In which I can start. Hmmh, yes it looks pretty good now. But maybe have a little patience. And then let’s see how it goes.
Then see you maybe in the air … Yes, as you can see, the wind is just too strong. I can hardly stand the wind conditions. I can do soaring … … screw up to 500 meters. But after that, unfortunately, nothing works anymore. So thermals… …we unfortunately don´t have at the moment. And the wind is so strong that as soon as I get close … …to the ridge behind me here … … I can hardly get anywhere.
So that means: Then just accelerate to move forward. So I mean – yes – I have to spend the time enjoying the landscape. Which is of course nice too. But definitely no longer distances possible today. Yes, the reason why nothing works thermally today is simply because of the clouds. We have a very high cloud today. Round about at a height of 6 – 7000 meters. And these are covering the sun a bit. So there can hardly be any sunshine. And the earth can hardly be warmed up. And that is the reason… … why we have dynamic air masses going uphill, but no thermals, because hardly any air from below … … is heated. Or is heated above the ground and … then can ascend. Yes, a bit of a shame, but it’s still cool to go this way and back for a while. It’s actually a pretty relaxed flight. A bit turbulent in between, but not essential. And it`s really quite nice. And yes, it’s almost fun to spend time here. It’s just cool. Yes, finely landed up here again. This is a real advantage, because then I’ll be right back at my car. Well, the wind has dropped significantly now. That’s why the conditions decreasing regarding the soaring. I could have landed over there on the official landing site on the other side of the Moselle… But of course I would have had the Disadvantage I had to go very far up there to the bridge, on the other side of the Moselle and back again on this side. So of course that’s a top story here. To land quickly on the top. Yes, great flight – I think nearly one and three-quarters of an hour … … the flight lasted overall. Very nice. Great flight, I am absolutely thrilled.

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