Globe Life Field: The Best of All Sports Worlds

What you’ll find compared to most
baseball facilities, especially the retractable-roof ones, I think is a lot
more glazing, a lot more glass. That gives the opportunity for light to come in. And the ETFE product, to my knowledge,
hasn’t been used in baseball yet, so we’re really excited to introduce that here. We tried to program things that were
very Millennial and things like that, which you hear a lot of people talk about,
but you also don’t want to stray too far from the core, people who are coming to
watch the event, to watch the baseball game. You want to make sure you have a
little bit of something for everybody. First and foremost, there’s comfort for
everyone with climate control, but there’s also certainty of our product
commencing at the same time. We haven’t had that many rain outs
in the nine years I’ve been here, but what we’ve had is weather-impacted
games, so when the schedule says 7:05, short of an act of God, God forbid, we’re playing baseball
at that time, so that certainty is very important. And then the different spaces. So our
lower bowl has about 6,000 seats. Not all of those map to a club. However, we’ve built
something beautiful that we’re calling The District, which is essentially a great diversification of food
and beverage offerings, beautifully appointed. For lack of a better term, it’s a very high-end concourse. But it’s something people have
not seen in a baseball venue. The things that I get excited about are
things like the fact that we have like seven legitimate row ones. Whether that
means you’re down at the field or in an upper level, there’s nothing like handing out row
one to your friends, your family, your clients. I think that’s big. Whether that’s baseball
or another event, it doesn’t matter. I think the fact that every seat in the house,
if you compare it to our current building, is wider with a deeper tread. There’s kind
of like a hospitality theme there, right? Folks have come to expect that, whether they’re
right against the field or they’re up top. And then you go to our main concourse,
which hosts over 15,000 of our guests. We flipped the way we designed our concession stands so that they’re no longer
blocking the views into the park. So now you have a 360-degree
aperture of the playing field, both on the main concourse and the upper concourse. So you’re never disconnected from the action. What you find is a taller building
that’s pushed closer to the field. And so, we think it creates a more intimate atmosphere. It makes you feel like you’re more on
top of the action, really close to it. It also creates some unique adjacencies. We’ve got the brand-new
Karbach Sky Porch. It’s in left field. It’s really more of a party area
for people to mix and mingle. I call it the best rooftop bar in Dallas-Fort Worth.
It also looks out into the Texas Live plaza, which is our entertain district. We’ve got
our new beautiful hotel – Live! by Loews. The first four-star hotel in the history
of Arlington. Really big deal. We announced at the end of 2019
that we’re more than doubling down. We’re adding another 888-room hotel with a lot
of convention space and things like that. So really excited about that. We love to build fans one at a time. If you can just
get them in an environment where they’re social, they’re enjoying themselves, they’re having a good
time, they’re being safe. We want them to think of the Rangers as a place to do that. Baseball
might be tangential to them. We hope to build that fandom, obviously.
But we have to get them out here first. And so in order to do that most effectively,
we have to have a broad range of products, broad range of experiences,
broad range of price points. We hope that what the takeaway is is
something that’s never been imagined. We took a stadium, an arena, and a
ballpark, and it came together to create this really unique fan experience
that’s kind of been unprecedented.

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