Glove Guru Aso: How To Break In A Baseball Glove

Hi, I’m Aso from Wilson Sporting Goods and
I will tell you how to break in a new glove for Normally, I use hot water so I prepare hot
water here with a temperature between 150-160. Not boiled water. Boiled water is not good. Make it hot but keep it so that you can still
touch it. With a cup, do it like this way and the backside
as well. Actually, this is a SuperSkin back so you
can’t put too much in. So, you’ll need a soft mat so that you don’t
damage much. Some players don’t like a bend here but some
players will. I will do it this way first. You need a breaking point. Move it back and forth this way until you
find the breaking point. Move it around this way and that way. Now, break in the web. Be careful of your hand. You don’t want to pound yourself. To pound, you need some kind of cushion so
that there’s no damage. Make a pocket this way first. Make sure the pocket is good for you and play
some catch with a baseball. This is very important as well. Once you do this, you can find this mallet
from You can do it this way. Stretch out the fingers. That’s it for now. After a little while, it will be better. You should do it again. Pound it and squeeze it like this. I will sign this one for approval. This is signed by myself. Aso approved for

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  1. aso could be pounding a flank steak and I'd watch, be entertained, learn something new and subscribe

  2. Is this method ok for all brands of gloves? This water method is ok for Wilson, but idk about other brands of gloves. The water might react differently to other types of leather used and slowly ruin another brand. IMO

  3. If only i had a FRIGGIN BOWLING PIN AND A MINI BAT WITH A BALL GLUED TO IT!!!! SERIOUSLY? How about some real-world suggestions ?

  4. He is an expert to be sure, but I do feel we tend to overthink things in the modern world. As a youngster, I did what all you older guys did, oil the glove, wrap a ball inside and tie it up with a belt, under the mattress, next morning, bend and stretch the way you want it to shut, play catch, repeat for a week. I was an All Star player in The Bronx in the 70's, led my league in hitting and if you wanted a hit, you prayed it didn't go near me. Like Springstein said "Glory Days"

  5. i just play catch and put a softball in the pocket and wrap it with a rubberband to hold it's shape when im not using it.

  6. I have an A2K that i used for 1 season but its about 75% broken in. Can I still do the hot water method even with a used glove.

  7. What i usually do is soften it up with some hot water, then hit it for a bit, to tenderize it. Then you just keep it simple, with some salt and pepper. You then take a normal oven tray, lay down a bed of vegetables, put the glove on top, then fill it up with stock until it just touches the glove. Pop it in a preheated oven at 350 degrees, leave it until golden brown and crispy. Serves 4.

    Sorry… i could resist making the joke.

  8. Nononono.
    Some people say just use a microwave
    or try that run it through hot water technique
    They can gloat about the time they saved
    til they gotta buy another glove next week.

    Who gets the reference? 😛

  9. Ok. Go to O'Reilly auto parts and get 10-40 oil. Make sure it's Mobile. Put all 6 quarts in a bucket. Put entire glove in bucket. Soak 2 days. Pull it out and get a bucket of water ready. Light glove on fire and let it burn 20 seconds before dipping in water

  10. I've always liked using glove oil it does take way longer to brake in but with light brown leather on gloves it makes it a nice dark tone

  11. QUESTION: this one is for all the Wilson glove collectors… what is the best way to store a glove while it is not in use? i have heard that anything from 12" and under is best to keep it standing on its thumb and pinky opened with no baseball's inside so that it may keep a nice open bowl shaped stance and anything from 12.25 and up, it is best to.. some say keep multiple baseball's inside, some say only one baseball inside, some say a softball inside, some say wrap a belt or rubber band around it. Are these things so ? if so.. what about for catchers and first base mitts ?
    please help…

  12. I mean obviously Aso knows what he's doing. He's the Glove God.. But that to me looks so violent. Ive never done anything but simply use them and throw a ball in them in my room at night. but i love ask

  13. Do you also use any type of leather conditioner? The water seems to bead when you pour it onto the mitt. I’ve used this method for 2 of my sons gloves successfully. I just purchased an A800 for him,I’ll be using this method as soon as it comes in. What about Nokona glove conditioner? Yes/No? I appreciate any opinions You wanna leave

  14. Make jdure jew beat gee glwove as hardj as jew can while jdure entire hand is in gee glove as jtoo break in gee glove and all jdure flangees!


  16. I soak mine in hot water and then put it in the microwave for about a minute and 20 seconds. It steams the hell out of the leather. I then place softball in the pocket and wrap with large rubber bands. Let sit over night. Repeat the next day.

  17. This was filmed in 2014. Just last Tuesday I went to these batting cages and some Korean guys was beating the shit out of the same glove. Except the water was cold now.

  18. It would be good if he explained why he uses water. I think saddle soap is the best way to break in a glove. Will the water weigh the glove down?

  19. I don't want to start a fight, I just want to make an observation. And I think I have the pedigree to backup what I'm saying. Are you a pro player that gets new gloves or mitts on a regular basis? Sure, get them broken in by methods like these. But if you are a mom or a dad and you buy a new glove or mitt for your player, Please avoid all of the boiling and beating and baking and all that other nonsense. A best way to break in a glove for long term use is simply by throwing and catching. That's it. That's all. My son is not an MLB player, And I'm not sure how often they get brand new leather. But for kids, I have made all the mistakes. Don't pound out the Palm, because then that leather stretches and when you try to close the mit there's a wrinkle that will kick the ball out. Don't over oil or cream, because it will be too heavy. Put a ball in the mitt, Put it under the bed mattress and let him sleep on it one night. And then, pull it out and use it. Throw in catch come a throw in catch, throw and catch. That's how you break in a glove or amid that is going to be used for multiple seasons.

  20. Some people say just use a microwave
    Or try that run it through hot water technique
    Well, they can gloat about the time they saved
    'Til they gotta buy another glove next week

  21. Jeez,where was YouTube 20years ago when I was tying my glove with a ball in side and throwing it under my mattress for a week???

  22. Kinda crazy to think that this is my childhood friends dad. Never really knew how famous he is. Kinda just got me some Wilson products anytime I would go over to my friends house.

  23. Screw this, too much work. After seeing my wife's Macy's credit card bill, I took her head and pushed it into the glove 50 times. Glove is broken in great now.

  24. Where are all these comments saying that this guy doesn't know what he's doing? Chill dudes. Why do people love getting mad? Chill

  25. What is this nonsense? I have been playing baseball since i was 4 years old and have owned countless of gloves. The way to break in your new glove is to simply go out and play on the field and get it adjusted to your hand etc. You dont need this crap lol

  26. Any ball player would pay this guy to break in a new glove. He does in 4 minutes, takes me a week of non stop catch

  27. So the impression I'm getting is that you run hot water over it, then beat the devil out of it. That basically it?

  28. after pounding a black glove my mizuno mallet is stained dark so if I pound a blonde or camel glove its gonna turn dark. is there anyway around that?

  29. His Method here is the best way ofbreaking in any New Glove & after your done make sure that you Treat the leather with a good Glove Leather Protector I like Picard Paste leather Conditioner You can find it on E Bay etc.

  30. All these people who think they know more than the company and master craftsman who make the gloves… The guy breaks in professional ballplayers' gloves… Go back to your 9-5.

  31. I used this method for 3 gloves now (Wilson, Rawlings, And Louisville Slugger) And they all broke in perfectly.

    Only one that looked weird though was the Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove. There were some small ripples on the finger side on the top of the glove. But nothing to freak out about. The pockets and flexibility was awesome

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