(soothing orchestral music) – Hello we’re at Kinnikinnick
and look at my outfit. I get a little coat, I have a hairnet, and I have a name badge,
nope it says Visitor 1. We’re gonna go on a little tour. Let’s do it. (bright orchestral music) – [Alexis] Can I like rent one of these for a birthday party? Whoa, look at those donuts! There’s so many of them. (soothing orchestral music) (mixing machine grinding) Wow, do you, do you ever
have like parties in here? You get in here, no?
– No, not one time. – [Alexis] Not at all?
– No. – [Alexis] Do you want to though? – It’s too hot, no. – [Alexis] Oh, okay,
but you want to right? – You’d lose all your skin. No. (Alexis laughs) (soothing orchestral music) – [Alexis] This is the freezer. Whoa! – This is a tote of our donut blend. So this one tote will be used
up on one line every day. – [Alexis] Who gets to carry it in? This is donut, donut right here, donut! I just wish I could like stick my hands my hand and stump in there. It’s so beautiful. I just wanna eat them all. Oh, there’s flour on my
face, how did that happen? (soothing orchestral music) ♪ Stump Kitchen, Stump Kitchen♪ ♪ Gluten free, vegan
eats, stump-tastic treats♪ (soothing orchestral music)

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