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♫ Stump Kitchen, Stump Kitchen ♫ Gluten-free vegan
eats, stumptastic treats ♫ Yeah (laughing) – Did someone just fart? Did you fart? ♫ Stump kitchen, stump kitchen ♫ Gluten-free vegan
eats, stumptastic treats – This is my friend Robyn
and Robyn is a fantastic ASL interpreter and is going
to interpret today’s episode. Hooray! – Woo-woo. – And we’re gonna feed her. – Food. – This is Lauren. – Hi. – What are we gonna make today? – Okay, so today we are making … This is called papas a la
huancaina, but a vegan version. So basically papas a la huancaina is one of my favorite Peruvian
dishes that my mom makes and I wanted to try a vegan version. And a gluten-free version on top of that, which I’ve never tried. So I consulted with my mom
and she gave me some hot tips and some really good
advice on how to make it. So it’s gonna be a little
bit of an experiment because we’ve never made it before. – That’s what Stump Kitchen is all about. – Exactly. – Experimenting and breaking shit. – First step is potatoes. – Potatoes … They look like stumps. – We have to boil these. – Okay, how much water? (laughs) Okay, so while the potatoes are boiling we are going to do what? – We’re gonna put all of the
ingredients in the blender. – For what? – For blending. (laughing) – What are we gonna make? – Oh. (laughs) For all you Stump Kitchen fans out there. – What are we gonna make? – The saucy sauce sauce. – The saucy sauce sauce,
the saucy sauce sauce. (laughing) – What’s that throwback to episode two? – Yes, wow, holy cow! – You can put as much yellow
pepper sauce as you want. – How many, how many do we want? – Oh my gosh, probably most of this. – We want a lot of it. – The more you put in, the hotter it gets. – Wow, science. So what goes in here? – Okay, so we have slight variations. Your mouth, number one. – Try it. Say your dreams and secrets into the … – I wish to be on Stump Kitchen. (laughing) (sound of a record scratching) – We forgot an ingredient. – Oops. – Hi, I’m just wondering if you
carry vegan Parmesan cheese. It’s I think the Earth Island brand. Thanks … They’re just
checking to see if they have it in stock, but they do normally carry it. You got lots? That’s great, we’ll
probably get the big one. We’ll see you soon. Thank you, bye. – [In Unison] Rock, paper, scissors. – Split. (laughs) – Stumps beat all, I’ll go get the cheese. – Thanks, Lauren. (laughing) (sound of a clock ticking) – A third of a cup of coconut milk, which we will use instead
of evaporated milk. – Oh yeah. What’s happening, what’s happening? Do you want me to get the
rest out with my stump? – Yes, good technique. You are a pro, nice. What is next? Half a cup of vegetable oil. (cups clacking together) So half a cup of vegetable oil. – I have to fart. I’m so sorry. Okay, we’re back from the fart. – Yes. – Okay, #VeganProblems. – Yes. – Half a cup of oil, in. Now what? – Um, one garlic clove finely minced. – Do you have garlic? – I do. – Yay! – Chop, chop, chop. – Stump technique. – Perfect. – Smell. (deep breathing) – Yeah. – And there’s also lots of
garlic on my stump, look. It’s just covered, it’s
just covered in it. Covered. – First, yeah, that’s … yeah. – It’s getting hot in here,
don’t take off all your clothes I am getting too hot, this
is a family show, yeah Okay, so what’s next? – Okay, so we’re gonna have
our vegan Parmesan cheese. – Which is our feta replacement. – Yes, and we’re gonna put … – A lot in. – Yeah. So you can do about two cups of this, however cheesy you’d like it. (laughing) Nice. – Can I smell it? Oh, nice. – Measure it out just in case. – We have a little less than two cups but we’re just gonna roll with it. – That’s what the
nutritional yeast is for. – Yes, what’s next? – Okay, so now you put your amarillo, your yellow pepper paste. – Spicy dream paste. – Yes, you can smell the spice. – Holy shit. – Yeah, careful. – Oh, wow. – Yeah, it’s spicy. It’s great. Put in as much as you like, regardless of what the recipe says because sometimes it’s not as
spicy as you need it to be. True facts. – Yeah, true facts. – So you can also, what’s
really great is as you blend it you keep adding more and tasting it to make sure that it’s spicy enough. – Perfect, okay. – So you blend your sauce
and what you can do is if it’s a little too thick,
you add a little water. If it’s a little too runny,
you can add some crackers. – Let’s do it, blend it up! – I’ll put it over here because I don’t have
any plugs around here. – The potatoes are ready! – I think this is good. – You think so? – I feel in my heart it is right. – It’s right? Okay, let’s follow your heart. Always follow your heart. – And the fork. (laughing) – Hot potato, hot potato,
hot potato, hot potato. Let’s make it go! One, two, three, four,
blend it up, blend it up, blend it, blend it, blend it up! – This is starting to look
like how my mom makes it! – Should we try it, should
we try it, should we try it? – Yes. (laughs) Mm, this tastes exactly like it. – We did it! Thanks, Lauren’s mom! What’s your mom’s name? – Yeah, Wasee. – Wasee? – Yeah. – Thanks, Wasee, Lauren’s mom. – Momita, that’s what I call her. – So good. – Oh my God. – Should we add a little bit more spice? – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. (sound of blender) – Good, it’s so good. This is pure magic. – Show us the magic, Lauren! – Okay, so we got potatoes. – Potato time! There’s some sauce on the cutting board, I’m just gonna lick it up. Oh yeah, I gave you the
non-licked side. (laughs) – So you can slice up your potatoes like, what is that, a half inch? – Yeah. – Because the sauce is the main … – [In Unison] My sauce brings
all the labas to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better than yours, and they’re like, it’s better than yours. – Labas, labas, sauce, sauce, sauce. Like this-ish. (hiccup) Pardon me, that was a hiccup. (laughing) What do we do? – Some of the best part
about Peruvian cooking is in addition the presentation. So you get some lettuce,
you can use like romaine, you can use iceberg. – Ruffly … ruffly lettuce. – Yeah, ruffle lettuce. And you wash it. – Mm, cool. Just give it a shake. – You create like a plate
base because this is where your potatoes are gonna sit on top. Get your sauce … and you pour it on it. (dinging noise) – Way to go, I can’t wait to eat it. (laughing) Can we eat it? – Papas a la huancaina, let’s eat it! – Let’s eat it! – Yum! – Let’s go in! – Yeah!! Oh, so much sauce on mine. There’s some more sauce over here. Yeah! – Thank you so much. This is my new favorite meal. – Really? – Yes, it’s so good! Lauren, thank you. This was the best. – Thanks for coming over! – Yeah, for sure. Delicious, make this, eat it. You’re gonna love it. Robin, thank you for being
here and interpreting. This was such a pleasure. – Thank you, it was really nice to come. – See. – You. – Next. – Time. – On. – Stump. – Kitchen. – Yeah! ♫ Stump Kitchen, Stump Kitchen ♫ Gluten-Free vegan
eats, stumptastic treats – Now it’s in my hair. It’s in my hair.

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