GM Mana DXM F4.5 Original – Cricket Bat Reviews

Another bat review from Kingsgrove Sports Centre. I’m Hamish, this is Stuart. Today, we’re looking at the awesome
Gunn & Moore Mana, currently on special, Stuart? Correct, Ham-o. So, this is the Gunn & Moore Mana DXM F4.5 Original. This has got a slightly shorter blade than
a standard bat, with a slightly longer handle. The overall dimensions are the same as a standard handle bat,
but the blade is just a little bit shorter. It’s got a Powerarc design, bigger sweet spot. Nice big sweet spot, so you can extend that. They’re all nice and light, generally. Pickup really well. You get, obviously, with that longer handle,
you tend to get that little extra leverage in it. So, a really great bat. And then, obviously being an Original,
premium Grade 1 willow, all made in England. So what’s the price? They were $750. Now $595. Alright. Now let’s give it a ping, Stu,
and see how that middle is. As can you hear, it’s got that nice long sweet spot
in there, which is really good. Righty-o. So, we’ve got plenty of these in stock on
special at the moment. We’ve got a new website, Check it out, and we’ll catch you later with
some more bat reviews coming.

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